1. I heard her giving snippits of it on Ragga. and I tell you I feel her pain,she has come a long way. It also leads me to think if this was the cause of some of her issues such as Child bearing, as we do not know how severe of a damage was done. Is this one of the reason she held on to John John so long as he could be a protector in a sence, to her?. He probably gave her her that sence of family so she looked past all his issues. When listening to Ragga she did indicate on more than one occasion she left him. The fact that he downgraded and if her mate was”Lisa Hanna” she would have gladly accepted and own the baby” LoL Saw is too funny tho. I love her with her flaws and all, She is a Rebel with no Apology. :kr :heart: :heart: :kisss

  2. I wonder if her sexual abuse problem resolved itself over time, or if she seeked the help of an experienced professional. Either way, the effects of trauma do not have to last a lifetime. This foundation geared at assisting abused women and children is a good thing Lady Saw is doing. She is understanding the emotions and normal responses that follow a disaster to help the victims cope with their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors – and can help them on their path to recovery. Awesome!

  3. Victims of sexual abuse never forget the experience they relive it almost every day. Look how much pickney inna Jamaica get abused fi centuries and all bout. All i can do is give it to God.

  4. I heard her on Raga
    And also loved the fact that she done a calla talking bout he want a Lisa Hyper from Lisa Hype. She was livid and told him he is rude he don’t know what circumstances Lisa was under when that happened

  5. Good Morning Met, Metters, Peepers nd Others. …..
    Ishawna sud av taken dis route wid dr domestic violence issue she was under going.
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  6. Its a secret she kept and now decided to help others,thats the reason why I don’t ridicule the ppl for talking about Cosby after many years of keeping silent.When u ready u ready if a even 60 yrs after

  7. Is not the first she said this so I believe her. I even doubt she’s that sexual deviant we think she is. She’s using her music to cover her hurt

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