In 2011 the Jamaica Star posted an article on the murder of Latoya Murdock..the article is as follows;-
“Please don’t kill me, don’t kill me,” the five-year-old of a slain young woman repeated over and over yesterday.

The youngster seemed quite unaware of his mom’s brutal murder at her home in Queen Hill, St Andrew, yesterday morning. He, however, remembered her last words before she was killed.

Hours earlier the same words, “Please don’t kill me”, were not enough to save the life of 28-year-old Latoya Murdock.

Reports are that about 7 a.m., she was at her home preparing breakfast for her family when three masked, armed men entered the home.

When THE WEEKEND STAR visited the house after the crime, her grandfather said; “Dem tied me up and my grandson too and put us to lay face down for about 15-20 minutes while they carried out their job.”

Murdock’s body was later found in the dining hall area with her throat slashed. A torn blouse was evidence that Murdock was in a struggle with the vicious men.

THE WEEKEND STAR also understands that the men allegedly stole a playstation game and two car keys.

The gate to the premises was also chained by the men.

“I first got a call from the nanny that the men had tied up my grandfather and brother downstairs and so I called the police but when I got to the house with the police I couldn’t get in because they had chained the gate. I also broke down when I saw my grandfather and my brother crying,” Murdock’s sister said.

The pain that Murdock’s family was feeling was etched across their faces. However, her one-year-old daughter was seen playing, totally unaware that her mother is no longer around while her five-year-old son repeated what could have been her last words.

Murdock, who was studying law, was described as a jovial and outgoing person.

The St Andrew South police are conducting investigations into the crime.

*********I received some information yesterday that her death was carried out by the late Don Rooksie**********

Allegedly Miss Murdock’s older boyfriend who was an immigration or custom’s officer was upset that she decided to move on with her life and the ex contacted Rooksie to carry out the murder. Rooksie was to be paid $50,000 along with a visa . It is said that the first time Rooksie and his other two sidekicks tried to kill Ms Murdock, the neighbors got suspicious because the car they went in was tinted so they returned a second time and this was when they cut her throat. One of the murderers were caught and confessed that three of them went on the job with the promise of money and visa by the Canadian immigration/customs older boyfriend of Ms. Murdock. Word is that the boyfriend is still in Canada and has gotten off scotch free although the men confessed to being hired………and did not get the visa that was promised.


      1. Further clarification. Was the Ex living in Jamaica at the time of the death and was a Jamaican Custom Officer or living in Canada at the time and a Canadian Custom Officer? I ask because not delivering on the promised Visa would make him marked for death by the Don if he was still living in Jamaica (unless he compensated for the lack of a Visa otherwise).

        Also, I thought that granting of a Canadian Visa to A Jamaica living in Jamaica, was the sole domain of the Canadian Embassy in Jamaica (I might be wrong here), so how would this be possible if the Ex is living/working in Canada?

  1. So in the end this hit was not worth it.


    R.i.p to this lady and condolences goes out to her family.

  2. I love Jamaica it’s the most beautiful island in the carribean but it has become ruthless with criminals & heartless ppl amongst each other . Mi visit when mi feel like slip in ja & slip out . It’s not on my bucket list to returned and lived sorry not to mention my children them stay far from ja no one can be trust anywhere in this world anymore. Collymore story have me scared . Rest In Peace Simone!


  4. But I don’t understand.. because him name nuh good a Canada. So which airport him was going to in Canada? Him lady friend name Viva always come down n look for him because him name wasn’t good in my country….just a tell for a friend.

  5. I sure would love to see a picture of the dutty bwoy. The world big but it small same time. Canada would extradite his ass in a hot minute upon request. Wickedness just a increase soh. RIP Latoya.

  6. The Police have charged a man they say is a member of the Discipline Gang out of south St. Andrew in relation to the February 24 killing of a law student at Queen Hill in the Kingston 20 area.

    Courtney Grant otherwise called ‘Woody’ was charged on Thursday for murder, conspiracy to murder, illegal possession of firearm and robbery.

    It’s reported that the law student, Latoya Murdock, was at home when Grant and his cronies entered her home and robbed her of an undetermined sum of money then slashed her throat before leaving.

    In the meantime, the police say they have charged another member of the gang, 40 year old security guard, Noel Williams otherwise called ‘Squid’.

    He’s facing illegal possession of a firearm and shooting with intent in relation to an incident that occurred on March 27.

    The charging of Williams and Grant follows this week’s charging of the reputed leader of the gang, Uriel James with illegal possession of firearm and shooting with intent.

    The police say charges are pending for at least 12 other members of the gang who were taken into custody in the wake of 20 guns being seized from the gang’s stronghold

  7. From what i heard i think Rooksie have some affiliation in canada are was in canada before he was either deported are returned home. Some thing of the sort.

  8. Rooksie name call on Justin son death and it did not take the hit squad 2 days to take him out.#popo I heard there was some misunderstanding with Justin n Rookies ova contract work and Rookies make treat the son page him and he pay man from Marveley to kill the son. So him dead back. Heard tivoli men even know who the killers are.

    1. If that is the case, was it the son (or father) that set up the two men a few months ago to kill Rookie? The same two men who was caught by the armed guards?

  9. So far in this month, a 2 topnotch gunmen dem get killed already (Rooksie and Ratty). Dem gunman ya plentiful and come een like roach. Everytime yu tink say dem dead, and all is well, when yu tek a stock, nuff more of de “pests” dem still dey bout de place.

  10. Cat how you feeling. A who your nephew tek talk from, that him take it on himself to kill Kefa..dem money must rassclaat tall that him tek that hit. A now you big head ago huge..

  11. Gaza you’re correct he used to live in Canada.
    Him and bulbie whe dead over portmore dem did run Canada hot until time ketch up pon dem.

  12. Bad soh mi lost. Who is Kefa? Yes I remember hearing that Latoya’s bf was the one who got her killed. Also, heard she had some sort of engagement ring that was also taken.

  13. But met this is the same exact way tanya and splicer died in 2014 slash throat tie up the kids and stole a bunch of stuff including the cars and locked the grill with them inside.

    1. Amazing how time flies. When you said 2014, I thought that is not right, since I remember this story like it was a year ago. So I did a search and it was indeed 2014. Amazing that Splicer was killed in 2014, not 2017.

  14. Man dem wicked in a j.a u f**k when unuh kill off all a di woman dem a pure man ago lef unless is pure batty man a kill di woman dem

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