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Screenshot_2014-11-03-11-29-22-1I cant believe the nerve of this chick , why does she find it so easy to lie .lol Really bĂ—tch ? You gonna tell people you buy $600 jacket, since when she can do that lol ? Since she lef jmaica she cant who!re out herself to get things, what does this nigga buy for her ? Clearly not one ting.
Look ina the house how the furniture them old all rocking chair and heapa ol sinting, lol but you really a tell pple u a buy expensive jacket , lawd . Dont you see this chick is hallucinating! She and the old fat white man need it for rent. So B^tch staap ! How much u gi carola fi mek di free wig dem ? You pay mi friend yet ? since u a wear plastic weave now. This b^tch is so frighten, like shes never seen a mail man. Youtube dont make you no money honey ! $1 per 60 views. Lol
and she up on the web greenlighting herself talking about shes going to work an a buy work outfits, me no kno but did she get her greencard yet !!!? Man these chicks are dumb as f^ck and lieeee . If she coulda wok she woulda reach ya back in jamaica aready lol. Show the people receipts , working down the block on one of these old white people farm/bar serving beer, her vocal cords sound messed up too, i guess taking 2 much balls deep will leave u raspy. How she end up inna carolina anyway? she act like she in hollywood to hell, Oh I forget this b^tch still think she white, sad and disturbed child.


  1. she still own the ppl dem a musgrave ave rent she just cut out and nuh pay d ppl dem 3 months rent that bitch is broke all she do is walk n look ppl fi sponsor har thing

  2. Dude why this chick looking like a crackhead dave Chappelle with that lipstick. No bueno!! Her wrinkles are setting, nasty ho. And that nose keep growing Pinocchio=lie. Makes sense lol

  3. She always a chat bout har man dis n dat, The man look gross! You know dem raw skin looking white pple dey, him kin fava croaking lizard wid age spats ahn wrikle, lawks Me see a pic on the blog, she only put up him han. Ewww! But she affi gargle dat dik erryday …Sick tommoch

  4. Mi see him hand fi true pon har Halloween pumpkin post. She says she’s working sooo she betta wurk. I did really notice d crows feet at har eye side fi true in har close u pic. Fpreign is no bed a roses ya Mrs Lauren O Hrry up n get u green card n citizenship
    ya babs
    Sorry hon. Forever21 has no $600 jacket.

  5. Lmao at forever 21 jacket lol. A chu
    She only fooling people wey no travel or know farrin. Put 2&2 together, she buy jacket fi 600 an a wear cheap weave, she tun wall street executive overnight? .rass. she not making $hit . I know she think bcbg is life . Oh plz
    Welcome to foreign.

  6. If mi nuh know nutten else bout ppl mi know dis, some a wi wudda ded fi hungry, suffa wiself an all wi pikny tuh, run up an dung liikka mad ants from ppl weh wi owe jus fi buy a $600 jacket, suh mi naah seh shi cudden buy it.
    An senda, di tracing ting nuh mek it. Mi nuh know bout nuhbady else, but mi like mi suss dry, tuh di point an dash pan mi widdout warning. Suh nex time nuh mek it look suh personal, cuz it jus kill di effectiveness.

  7. Looool first off she’s lying because I’d assume she’s commenting on yandi wanting 60k a month so she been buy the jacket a min now not the day she claim to buy it……but I think she buy the stuff to return later after showing it to her viewers on YouTube like let us see u in them in January boo then we’ll believe…….and didn’t she said she work in the media over there? So how someone say is a farm/bar she working at looooooooool….and if she’s working does that mean green card come at lease temperary social and she get credit card and start running it up lol she been here almost two yrs now I think so she must get her stuff

    1. they issue them out for two years expiration date then the cardholder can apply to renew it for a lengthier one such as, a ten year card

  8. Ah doubt it, she nah work inna no media ova farrin . All she do a tek whole heapa picture, a di old man and her go park everyday hv photoshoot lol , who have time fi dat. Kmt she need fi bill,she out of shit to show,she re-hauling purses she did f**k fa bk in di day on old videos. If she buying jacket fi dat price ,But buy out the cheap bag n boot from justfab. Already bored of dis bitch, Yawwn NEXTTT!

  9. unu have it eeen for Ms Lauren eeh LOL
    met her a couple times , spirit never tek her
    her voice been hoarse
    HOWEVER i can never knock anyone trying to better themselves altho Lauren looks like she need to humble herself a bit
    she a try a ting , she look around mid 20 near 30 and i heard her body count high so she marry prob last man that she can trick who can get her a greencard which she will parlay into reaching further in life
    if she really working in a farm / bar ….guess what ? thats really her business .she a hustle – she shouldnt lie about it or maybe just not mention work at all
    farrin is def not a bed of roses – you gotta try every hustle to make a way so if school , farm /bar and youtube is hers – lets not judge
    if delusion is her way of escaping maybe her sad reality – guess what – thats between herself , her conscience and God

    1. Well she figured no one else is gonna wife her, gal a 30 now and pass chu nuff man .she slwz tweet bare rubbish bout man, but it look like she nave no choice now , A wanda how da man dey feel when him can go pn google n find all this shit bout her, lol. If is a old man, well him cant do betta. Woiie mi love me jamaican black man dem, me no that twisted dat me tink white is better.lmao! this dude look ol doe , she alwz a write say she a buy tings fi house, look like two old people live in deh, anybody hv no more tea?

  10. De ungle time dis gal is remembered is wen JMG give ar a chead fi harself me a tell yuh seh ppl nuh memba dis gal none tall…kmft
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  11. Unuh an da tuff big nose gal ya pn jmg, oi Lauren you not in your 20’s no more mum, the people are right. U passed ur peak, give this shit a break! Theres much more to life than saving up 20dozen diffrant purchases to show them all at once like a shappin spree u dey pan & acting like u having a blas when you not boo,yey fulla bag n bare tings, she face get older n dry up, unu sure a she dis? Strupps, I see right thru dis wanna be bitch.

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