1. Is she getting paid cuz each time something about her pusc get release here cums an interview like she is a real “Ghetto Sellebrity”
    And I do mean Sell..
    No I didn’t watch the video
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  2. Bwoy mi watch it pan fst fwd…mi nuh know wah QQ a smoke, not is not something from dis wurl. But to tell mi truth if mi nevah see, read and hear all di stuff dem wah dis gurl do all from har own mouth u woudah feel sorry fi har. She blame har mummer fi all har follies and bad behaviour…she nuh really accept that she is di ownah of har own destiny..she might have had a bad relationship wid har mom, but come on…grow up and tek some responsibility fi u actions. Lord help har, even though she nuh tink she need it pan di outside, caz she really need it and is only you can help har…no man nah put my pic up pan social media and mi tek him back caz is a wicked and vengefull person do dah, den him gi u racoon yei and miscarriage all innah di same year? Chile and u deh laff it off with di host/intraviewah wah look like she star struck and wouldah want a wuk offah QQ…dis is just nonsense and nuh tell us nuttn and or less bout wah wi know bout QQ, she only confirm seh she is one troubled young lady, a silent bomb waiting to go off..dah young man wah she seh hab from wappy kill fillup..ahem..sar be careful wah u wish fah..if u really into har..carry har guh seek di help she need..for she tek u to dah place where she is and it is not a normal place..runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, and if not may God guh wid u too.

    1. Thank you and thats my problem with her. She can excuse p-money but not her mother. At some point in life u have to take responsibility so mek she gwaan do wrongs n blame her mother she is a sociopath

      1. T, dat interviewer only left QQ feeling like all her actions and dirty behaviors are justifiable..the fava uptown hoodrat bout she ah wipe weh QQ tears fe ar smrch..Metty, QQ use tuh be pregnant fe Pmoney til one day dem ketch up inna bad fight an him beat ar miscarriage the baby…and you love ah man like dat??????????

        1. QQ is a sick person and everyone round her are enablers. P-Money was part a di reason why her baby father go prison because a him bring the boy ina wrong deeds..Pmoney don’t love anyone or know how to but she nuh feel fi har daughter whey fatherless because a him help she a talk bout love..Yep u nuh see say a sick person that?

          1. Yes Metty, I now see with my own 4 eyes, that summen nuh right with this young girl..she aught tuh seriously consider getting one on one counseling with ah professional psych…

  3. Metty/people, mi seh one piece ah sitten QQ fess up tuh inna dis 52 minute documentary..suh since Metty ask fe summarization and some people naah guh wa watch di long video, here goes….
    1. QQ ah 23 years old. One dawta name Bella. she was pregnant fe Pmoney at one point but him beat ar badly mek she miscarriage di baby *I’ll touch back on Pmoney ah lil later*…
    2.QQ use tuh live wid ar madda ah foreign til di madda deport ar back tuh Jamaica at the age of 2 fe live wid ar grandmother and uncles. Then di madda sen fe ar an ar elsa bredda when she was about age 7. Her dad is ah deadbeat cause him haven’t been in her life fe ova 15 years cause him have 16 other kids but she tales tuh her dad on occasions and is actually closer tuh him than she is her mom…
    3. QQ said she been ah get bullied growing up in New York since she inna 2nd grade. dem use tuh jump ar cause of her Jamaican accent. She use tuh run track in high school in New York but that was the only activity ar very strict mother would let her engage in cause she had tuh go home right after school and because of this reason, she became very rebellious and curious tuh do the things that her mother would not allow her tuh do.
    4. QQ and her eldest brother (now deceased) “felt” like they were the black sheep of the family and “felt” as if they were being treated differently so because of this, di bredda use tuh get eena nuff trouble ah New York so the madda dip him backa yawd. He then became distraught and would drink n’ smoke and not eat, thus causing serious stomach problems. He later passed away *reasons still unknown tuh QQ and the family; she also found out about her brother’s death thru Facebook*…metty, it really break mi heart when she start bawl ova ar bredda cause she really tek it hard, and still does*
    5. Said ar madda was very strict and also physically abusive tuh her growing up in the city…madda use tuh wait fe ar afta school an beat ar from ya suh tuh di nex block tr88 home so because of this, she puts up ah defensive mechanism tuh prevent ar feelings from getting hurt. She also states that she does not talk tuh her mom because of the ill treatment she received growing up as a child and she will have a close knit relationship with Bella *that’s her dawta* that she and her mom doesn’t have..
    6. Her Sex Life Now!!
    -Claim seh she neva duh 3sum yet..*that’s up for skepticism :nerd *
    -Yes she fuhck gal..
    -Has gone months wideout having actual intercourse..*again, dat’s up for skepticism :nerd*
    -Claim seh she have plenty sex toys *more dan me, I think not :hoax2*
    -She seh she nuh fuhck ar fren man dem..* :siul *
    -States she has been in a very abusive relationship (sexually as well ) *with Pmoney*
    7. Her Social Life:
    -She seh she nuh kip frens fe too long cause she get tyad ah people easily quick quick suh she change out frens like she do hairstyles..
    -States that she is always pre-judged based on lies people tell pan ar pumpum suh she party fe help avoid stress n’ weight loss..
    -Seh she prefa have friends w/benefits, a.k.a fuhck n’ duck tuh avoid any heartbreak..
    -States that when she try tek di friendship tuh another level wid ah guy, him decline cause of her reputation..
    -States she was insecure growing up as ah child but not no mo cause she luv herself..
    -States she is talentless but loves fashion…
    -Claims that is social media made her famous and also being ah very attractive party girl. People always ah ask “whose dat girl” :ngakak
    -She and Pmoney did deh inna serious relationship. It was love. It was hate filled. It was volatile. Sex wid him was on ah whole mother scale. Pmoney then became possessive, obsessive n’ jealous an start beat ar bad, all one time him give ar two big black eye mek people start call ar raccoon.
    *QQ seh alla wi ah freak jus like she but wi jus nuh get ketch pa camera..yet :hammer :hammer*
    So in conclusion, I do believe that QQ needs ah good psychiatric workup plus medication cause she has ah whole lot of unresolved issues that are still haunting and tormenting her…

    1. but her baby dad was a friend of p-money so wha she mean? p-money is sex nuff a har friends dem and she her mother was this and that but her mom has her daughter..Im so tired of she :travel

      1. Metty, mi ah watch QQ body language n’ demeanor during the interview, and something has had ah very serious, negative and damaging affect on this young girl *maybe the death of her brother or the physical abuse which lead up tuh her miscarriage*…summen nuh right…

        1. Yeppie the bredda dead last year one..As Tinan say she may be on drugs and people tell me the same bout her. So any body language u sense a di drugs

    1. Yes Simpy, and there is nothing funny about that or tuh be ashamed of either..she betta seek help soon before she have ah very very bad nervous breakdown/shutdown and completely lose it…

  4. This girl needs help. I honestly do think there are things from her childhood that has affected her in a negative way. This is someone who is screaming out for help…..there are a lot of women out there walking around with a lot of hurt just like this young woman. Hope she gets the help she deserves.

  5. If QQ needs professional help she is not the only one. What she perceives as abuse from her mother is understandable 2 me. I was molested by a relative at 7 and im in my mid 30s….the pain hurt and abuse i av suffered at the hands of my mother is unforgiveable and set the roots for clinical depression. It is easier 2 forgive other people bc u expect so much more from your mother. it really is undescribeable how wicked some mothers have been to their children. I hate how QQ lives her life but its her life. Abuse changes you and u have to fight every day to rise above it. I wish her the best and hopes she tones it down.

    1. Marie, I totally understand and agree with you on that, 100%…you’ll be alright ma..just continue thru with your therapy sessions and learn tuh forgive those that have hurt may not forget, but forgive them..your eventual recovery will be their pain and your gain..hush mums, sorry :peluk

  6. Hi MET this is a teaching moment why are u tired of her? Dont u remember the post about Paris Paradise and her meltdown on FB. MET there are mothers out there who tell their daughters “u 2 lie him neva rape yuh…”mi sorry mi eva av yuh…”mi cys stand u bloodclaat”” “all u good fa is fi tek man…some steal things from their children…some completely abandon their children…I dont understand your response to QQ. Her behaviour is beyond disgusting but she sees herself as ugly useless unwanted while i see an attractive person. I feel it for her bad. She does not some help tho. i blame her mother and whoever molested her. The bible say honour ur parents….honour dont mean tek abuse tek violence tek name calling tek abandonment…my mother carried me 4 nine months and a dey so it end.. im sorry qq but pray and ask God to help u overcome the pain.

    1. One question if your mother was a certain way to u would u leave your child there? People have tried to reach out to QQ to no avail and yes I feel resolved enough to say I am indeed tired of her. Tired of the excuses

      1. Metty, ah goodly all mental problems QQ have ana act out thru her promiscuous behaviors…Metty, mi watch ah ole time white trash movie wa day called (Bloody Mama)-true story…she was raped/molested and eventually had 4 boys, but she end up ah sleep wid ar bwoy pickney dem turn bank robbers/bandits…Rape, Molestation and Incest are serious crimes of passions and they do mentally affect the victims in the worst way…

        1. Yeppie believe it or not people are born with mental disorders that are not triggered by environmental factors..thats why u have some bad kids come outa good homes and visa versa

        2. Yeppie I won’t say no but QQ has studied the text book of excuses..Did she say at the end of the interview how she intends to make things right? How can she want the best for her daughter and continue on the same path?

          1. Man a go seh him tear out u batty and u get up and gone promote music fi him…Just fi get likkle attention. I will agree she needs help but she has to know this and proceed. If not she will never be helped

          2. Yea, da part deh confused me, I was like what?!…she seh Pmoney expose ar nude pics the 1st time cause she ketch him ana gal ah City Island suh when she dump him, him turn roun expose ar nudie pics and she did deh ar madda house at the time..she was so devastated til she grab knife walk go ah Pmoney yawd fe guh stab stab him up and feem madda an fe ar madda deh pan phone ah try sawt out di melee and dem work it out an get bank togedda..Metty, right afta dat, Pmoney mek the disrespectful scrum city song bout ar an den she run guh join video..she needs help Metty cause ar brain not functioning too rightedly…

    2. QQ’s situation and Paris Paradise’s situation are completely different. QQ was not sexually abused and its time people stop spreading that bullshit. She is emotionally distached from her mother which is how she ended up in the arms of Patrick. Paris mother didn’t give two shit about her kids. Ask anybody from Duhaney Park and them will tell you that QQ mother provided her and her brother with everything they needed (when they still lived in Jamaica) except for attention. Attention is what she failed to give them which is why this gyal started to seek it in the wrong places.

      1. But Paris is nothing like QQ. Paris is a broken person who a try mek di best besides her odds and u can see that, with QQ believe me her behavior was there from she was a child n it never get look after so she is a full blown sociopath

        1. I know which is why I stated its two different situation. QQ was emotionally neglected. When she came here Jennifer should have tried to create a bond with her and explain to her why she left her. This is why I don’t support the idea of people leaving their kids and migrating. Some kids get over the fact that their parents left them and others don’t. But that is no excuee for QQ’s duty lifestyle. Sorry but mi nuh feel bad Fi nobody who nuh feel bad for themself.

  7. You can blame the abuser/abusers for but so long. At some point you have to take responsibility for your choices, you choose to tape yourself you choose to sleep with multiple people, none of them don’t put a knife or to you and say f#*k or suck me or you die. No you as an adult choose to do these things and put all your business out there then get offended when people have an opinion. Girl Montefiore has a whole staff dedicated to helping people who want to be helped. If my mother was so horrible to me there is no way in hell she could raise my child.

  8. After watching the video I think its unproductive to bash someone who has evidently been victimized and traumatized. Behind that exterior I see a damaged little girl.
    She has flaws like all human beings She’s made, is making, and will make mistakes just like me, you, your parents, your relatives and your friends.
    I see a vulnerable young woman who has no one to turn to. Her grandma passed, her brother’s gone, her mother is alive but the fragile bond they had is broken. The structure and foundation that she needs for psychological support has crumbled.
    I believe the two persons could ease her pain are her parents.
    Her mother needs to face the fact that the physical and psychological abuse that she inflicted on her daughter helped influenced her negative behavior. Embarrassing and humiliating a child in front of his or her peers and siblings leave scars, that even after many years, are hard to heal. Her mom should make an effort to repair the damage no matter the cost.
    I’m trying to refrain from judging this young lady because the fact is I’ve never had to walk the road she walked and we weren’t raised in the same environment.

    1. You said it best. There is no reason to kick a horse when it is down. This young woman needs to go into therapy for an extended period of time. Dats why mi always seh it don’t matter what you fail at in dis life, wedda school, jobs, relationships, money or all the other things you can fail at in life; The one things you should never fail at is being a parent because you just get a one shot deal. Too many ppl take parenting fi just mean keeping a roof over the head, clothes on the body and food in the belly and once that is done their role as a parent is complete, pity dem nuh know seh dat is just di tip of the iceberg. Obviously she comes from a loveless home and one where the parent and child are complete strangers. Hope she can fix herself and perhaps help others who went through the same. She hab trust issues and no faith in humans suh her battle is great if she going to heal. Wish her and her daughter well

  9. Good evening nice an destent bloggers. Mek mi lay dung some ah di facts…..dis gyal QQ gwine mek dem deport she and har mumma Jen Jen if she kip up dem shegry deh. Jen Jen lef har and har bredda and come ah foreign. Instead ah Jen Jen sort out har status she breed fi people man. Smady bring up QQ and di bredda….memba mi seh bring up caw di only ting Jen Jen can file is har nails….di likkle bwoy start gi trouble an ah bruk eena people house. Him Mumma send him back cah beaten couldn’t tame him. Ah di same livity him did dung deh pon mek dem kill him. QQ too lie…Jen Jen used tuh beat out har claat cah she did ah tek more man dan har Mumma. Mi gaan cah dem ah crosses..:travel

    1. As tuh di interviewer gyal she…if she play wid di cheap cheap Yakki hair one more time :batabig Mi seriously ah wonda if she a beg ah wrerk offa QQ. Har mouth fava she woulda duh well wid likkle ah di gush ah sumting weh day……

      1. Fus she walk tell people bout how man did a molest her n di mother seh a lie now she a talk bout beating she get..ME>>>>>NOT looking :travel

        1. Mi did a expect har fi talk dat pan di video but the fact seh she a hide and talk show how she lie. I mean u tell this person she beautiful n truly deserves better she use that as a reason fi behave worse. How can she even mention Patrick when her child is right now without a father. Is Patrick mother did tek in Rasheed and him follow follow Patrick and end up ina wrongs. QQ knows all this because all she dem carry pan teefing escapade. The same Patrick whey cuss QQ seh she haffi wait till him done sex him wife fi she come suck him dick. And me now as a normal human being fi seh she broken n sorry fi she? noh sir

          1. Di curse weh deh pon har is real. One smady did seh Jen Jen get saved..but sadly it was a rumor…::sorry Dung tuh satan cry when him hear di rumor…..

          2. Dem end gwine be bitta. Bout a shed crocodile tears and mek who nuh knoe betta a drown eena it, Metty mi glad di rest ah we knoe wha hour clock ah tick……:travel

    2. WOW Yawdy!!!!!!!..thanks for filling in the blanks cause she neatly skip ova di bredda part ah guh str88 tuh saying the madda deport him an him dead wid no reasoning behind it…

      1. Yeppy, from di Mumma ship him teefin behind back dung deh, not one ah dem nuh lay eyes pon him. If she did love and miss him like how she ah act…mek she neva get ah greenas an guh look fi di bwoy. Dem is ah set, suh das why mi nah :maho

  10. SMDH @ some of these comments. I cannot bash this young woman because I have never walked a day in her shoes. Praying that she get some help because underneath that fa├žade is a broken soul……

  11. gyal stop lie bout you madda physically abuse you. She beat you so you wouldn’t turn out like her but you end up worse than her. At least she tries to correct her mistakes you DONT…you dont learn from your mistakes you just keep getting worse and worse. Your mother is not the cause of your problems, Patrick is but yet you “love him”. Patrick did not love you and he never will. Stop painting your mother to be the worse because if she was she wouldn’t have helped to raise Bella and justt remember where you end up every time you run out of places to kotch. You need help and a lot of it. This is my last time commenting on anything pretaining to this damn gyal. Every “interview” she does she pushes her mom into a deeper grave. Poor woman. Better she did Mek you gwaan like leggo beast and have your own way…if she was so horrible why did you allow your daughter to stay with her????

  12. Me can’t get how people so cold hearted. God know! She say she n R MADDA DONT TALK AT ALL BUT SHES WITH BELLY ALOT. HOW UNNU SO SURE SAY A D MADDA HAVE THE BABY! Me feel so sorry fi Qq. And me did a lik out gainst R Weh day when she squirted.. But watching the interview U can clearlyyyyy see that she is scarred and sumn nuh right deep down. Stop with the negativity and hate and try uplift the young girl man. Jah KNOW

  13. Suh tru people see likkle tears dem feel sorry lmfao ! Me Nuh give a damn bout QQ alligator yeye wata ! I cannot feel sorry for someone who cry wolf every other day ! This girl does not feel sorry for her own damn self she keep on a play victim like you’re an adult now move on QQ!! GROW UP you have a child and your own life to live now come offa yuh madda my girl yuh rebel like raging bull and yuh reach u destiny you wanted it so Tek it how u get it !!! You need to fix YOURSELF not your madda nor fadda u think a u one go through simple ass shit like this ?? I can name nuff ppl and dem nah behave like you! You need to push yourself and stop making excuses with your lazy ass self kmt it bun me fi da gal ya n d PPl dem weh a talk biout negativity qq gonna go back to doing the same things after what Patrick do to her Yall heard from the horses mouth this gal really tek up herself and a send Sally man videos lmao like Is it me that don’t understant met? Lmfao
    Qq GET A LIFE !!!!!!!!!!! Go look offa yuh pikny kmft

  14. I have never seen somebody so selfish in my entire life ! You want u and Bella to be best friends look how she aguh treat u just like u a treat yuh madda u are creating the same pattern instead of breaking it a lot of things you do and say are very contradicting you are mentally ill ! U need a psychiatrist not a fake ass reality tv on YouTube such as this that cannot help you that girl interviewing you is not a professional your life prolly aguh give her lshow a likkle fwd and thats it for YOU stop Mek ppl tek u tun poppy show qq STOP IT ! It’s like u NUH have no brain or something. It is clear that you are hurting but I still don’t feel sorry for you u had time to change especially from Patrick shenanigans but u chose the hype you didn’t think about Bella your mother your family ! They need to give your mother full custody of Bella if I were her I would fight for it since the only thing u wanna fight for is DICK

  15. Well as far as I see, if she has mental problems, how does it help to constantly bash her, that negative comments towards her seems ridiculous and invalid, because we should be more sympathetic to situation, mental illness is real, but I seems to me that more people is quick to say I don’t care, because she did it to her self, she loves attention, she loves being abused, this young lady has deep underlining issue, she is naturally beautiful, bet yet she ashes and not beauty, the more we that should know better go this hard on her, how are we helping ? She feels lost, she degraded on every turn she makes, if she is, she needs help, we talking nonsense and putting her on blast is only making her worst, she will further put on a defence mechanism, as she was being bullied as a child, never felt like she fit in, go over the interview, listen to how she sees herself, always feeling inadequate, not keeping friends for too, long, trying to emotional detach her self from feelings, these are ways of strengthening herself in her own. I will not be apart of a team that seems heartless against someone that seems to be sick and really needs help, what if one day we all wake up, and I hear that qq kill herself, how would feel knowing we help to inflict pain on her, clearly she’s in pain, we if you know God, please have a heart, show some Godly compassion. I am out peace.

      1. Yepie please don’t sigh..If QQ never shift when Patrick done her please!! All the other girls Pmoney did it to they shifted away except she. Her mother mi feel sorry for because she mus shame bad.

        1. Metty, this is not ah good situation cause mi strongly believe seh summen nuh right wid ar but she refuse fe get the help she needs..her demeanor says it all..why can’t someone have her involuntarily admitted for ah psych eval??

    1. The amount a uplifting things said about her here in terms of beauty and it never do a thing more than get her more hyped mi nuh see what me blaming her mother can do for her. People try help QQ move her out a di Bx QQ find herself back bout its too quiet please bammy QQ must speak truth and u really think after all that has been said about her people nah go try reach out to her fi help? Im sure many have. She is a sociopath and maybe learned to be this way as a means of self defense. The only person who can get through to her is her because she will continue to show us many different sides of her and we nah go know who is the real QQ to know what she really needs and that is the mental illness right there. We could preach and uplift , it is her that has to make the change so of course u like many can feel sorry trust me it will not help. Pmoney father dead side a him and I feel a piece of him died then too so is a dead man she did a look attention from sick leading sick and blind leading blind.When she can stop look attention then she will be able to focus on being helped whichever way. For now, the pursuit of shine is too much for her to refuse so she will continue

  16. This girl is pron to the abuse, qq case is very deep, the more she is being bashed, she makes another video, putting up a brave front, this her way of fighting back. I am sure we are dealing with a sick individual here, and this is not an if she is sick, she is a sick girl, just even the things the P Money does to her, shows how sick she is, so my point is, how is putting her on blast is going to her her mental condition ? Is doing her up, wanting Sally to beat her, is that going to help this sick 23 year old girl that is clearly crying out for help, but most people turn a blind eye and say she deserve it because she put herself into it, none take pity on this dying girl, again I ask, how is blasting her going to solve her mental issues that is staring us in the face.

  17. Met you still don’t get the big picture, if she is sick, she is sick, it can’t work two ways, there was a girl in my yard in Jamaica when I was a child that suffered from mental illness, so I understand a little about it, she can’t help the things she does, it not as simply as we think, when the mind is unsound it is dangerous, the individual as no control of what he or she does, I know of a mad guy that grew up with, the other day he turned around and sexually assault his own paralyze mother. A person with mental disorder have no control of the things they do, else they would not do it, neither have the power to get them selves better on their own. The mind controls the whole body, so when it cease to function appropriately every thing else is being destroyed. So she can’t just get up and change her life, like everyone else would like to see.

    1. Which picture? Not all people who have mental illness have no control. That is why the system here is able to charge some of them and others they put away. A sociopath starts off with a behavioral it disruptive or a form of manipulation they eventually grow into it. Yes it is considered a mental disorder but by right they fully well know what they are doing. There is a difference. They will not have the power to better themselves because they are stuck in an illusion that they know and we may know many illusions that they are in and one of those illusions may be the true them but deep down only they know that. No one can get up and change right it takes steps to do so. But whatever part of her that died neither u nor I can awaken.And that is what u should know before assuming that people want to see her get up and change. 90% of Jamaican children were borderline abused by beating but the difference with many is that they will acknowledge what they did even when they think the beating was excessive they will admit to some wrong doing. The day someone cannot take responsibility for any kind of action they do believe me, there is nothing u and I can do to help them because they have taken on something that is bigger than them and are lost inside themselves. First she needs to stop taking whatever it is she is taking that will be her start.

      1. And I want to add that the fact that she saw her mother demanding for her to come home early as abusive show she has a warped sense of reality. Dat nuh normal , and it mean all when the mother nuh wrong fi QQ she is wrong. There are people in the world like that, they believe that in order to love them you must agree with everything they do and with Pmoney I don’t think it was love. She needed a place to stay

      2. Metty yuh nail it :rate Nuh matta how di Mumma turble……weh she woulda want QQ fi come home early right afta school fah???? Dat gyal wayward from long time. Di Mumma talk tuh all ah dem wid badwud eena har mouth….suh she fi tap lie like ah she one get it. She knoe when fi tun on di crocodile tears switch, and when fi tun on di big smiles switch. She’s ah big DUTTY disgrace tuh di likkle gurl weh she hab and up tuh dis day she don’t mek one effort fi betta harself jus fi Bella sake. Ah di same ooman weh she nuh chat tuh ah raise har dawta. Tell me if dem tendencies nuh befitting of ah sociopath…..:travel

  18. Dem can luk into iyalah fix my life dat wud be a gud start for her cuz she luv being interviewed as tuh de smaddy weh a ask how wi suh sure a jen jen the mada have bella guh ask de sch children dem in England cuz dem knw more dan yuh tink
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  19. I just finish watching qq interview met i don’t see anything wrong with what qq said she doesn’t seems mentally I’ll. Qq was just talking about her past. Qq. Seems to be a honest person. U people bash people too much. She was in a bad relationship with p money and she said it she act a fool because she loved. Him. All who bashing qq also need to take her age into consideration. Come on now metters we all do dumb shit wen we young and even now some big ass fully grown woman a neck man use and abuse them. U all need to give qq a break. She is a very honest person and I don’t think she is a whore as how the*m wannabe Bronx goodas girls them portraying her. Qq f*k just like all of uno. Nuff a Bronx gal them have have 3 and 4 Pinckney for 3 &4 different man. Nuff gal a Bronx a under cover sadamite, whore . Leave the girl. Sally teck nuff man a Bronx the man them just use to hide and sex Sally. Kerryann born less have 3 Pinckney for 3 different man only hue icon own up kerryann man use to talk how kerryann vagina stink. Dibble fr Payne use to sey kerryann vagina nuh smell good. Short man sey Sally too ugly so him hide and sleep with her because she used to thief clothes and give him. Sally f**k man and woman she be f**king Tina taste like skittle a nuff 3sum Sally do .Apple was Bronx mattress .apple sleep with man and woman a nuff 3sum she have to be giving j icon . She and j was just f**king dice pineapple aka Christine stone love baby mother. only j icon own her up. Mis Lou f**k all the little boy them a Florida she never even sure if a the man that she was living with or the little boy breed her and from mis Lou breed the little young boy don’t look back on her. Mis Lou was just f**king footie man wey f**k mis Lou and duck her . Samar nuh have no pussy principle she sleep wit he she and the old lady. Every one a uno so call goodas done unto time all a uno hide and f**k and suck so now uno find man fi own uno up . Qq time will come also she just 23yrs old. I believe every word qq said in her interview. Qq time will come wen you will get a really nice and respectful man to threat you and ur princess Bella right. Go get ur papers through the obama program and get yourself back into school or college and get a career and fend for yourself. God soon lift u up qq nuh worry about the haters them.

          1. Mi ah dead ova ya!!! :hammer :hammer :hammer ..but what ah gal *Wat is this* love faaaas inna people business; Kermit nuh have nutten pa she tuh raaas!!

  20. Night everyone… Lawks Yep mi glad you sum up the video cause I wouldn’t watch it. So Ty. So from what am getting is her mother pretty much is the cause of all this young lady problem. They both need to go get counseling. QQ is never OK for any man to beat you worst while you are carrying a child an you stayed with him because you think he loves you…. just how can that be love? You stated that you rather to sleep with random or different guys because you don’t want to be hurt…. Who would ever wife you with a track record like yours. You stated that you want to have a relationship with your daughter one that you never had with your mother stop switching man up is not a good look… You don’t want her to grow up thinking is to sleep around an even if you don’t bring them around her…. This an all the other crazy videos you have out there might reach her later in life. Go an get help with or without your mother. Sorry to hear about your loss.

    1. Well, Metty dem ah seh the likkle girl live wid QQ madda suh obviously QQ madda or even QQ, realize seh QQ living environment not conducive fe Bella *dat’s QQ dawta*…

  21. morn met…this is a serious topic and mi a beg plz rethink the stuff u posting. how the hell u can expect a immature perhaps uneducated perhaps abused and untreated young girl 2 make smarter decisions….met mi respect yuh opinion most times but u r dead wrong and u need 2 stop it….u go as far as calling this girl a sociopath/phycopath….she neva get wey she reach by arself…this is not black or white there is a grey area…I av a 7 year old daughter and like i said earlier mi suffer at my mums hands family memba molest mi at 7 and my mumma say mi a tell lie…my daughter spend time with my mum…but mi overprotective of my child…met think it through this post not about entertainment…it nuh funny or amusing…when mi see the squirt video i hated it but mi a tell yuh this girl a go commit suicide if ppl keep talking f**kery on here. qq if u reading this all sin a sin…PRAY tek a break from this bronx life get a counsellor to talk 2 leave fb and ig alone. `ur 23 000+ followers mean u no good…tek ownership ova u life….mi done comment pon dis story cause some of u acting heartless why unno nuh tek on child molesters and rapists who set turn ppl like qq and myself into who we are. kmft

    1. I told u yesterday that I won’t take it back. Nothing has changed this morning, and stop call down the spirit of suicide on her and right what is wrong with you than pointing fingers at people for her. Sociopathic people are real and they are quite popular , u claimed I said mental illness and I explained what form I think she has. You keep using bits and pieces of things to make excuses here so I can say that something is wrong with your thinking , don’t reprimand me Im not your child, if we are agreeing or disagreeing those are two different things but do not reprimand me I am way too old for that.

      1. You said your child stays with your mother and? QQ’s daughter LIVES with her mother , I am wondering if you really intended to see the similarities or differences between the two. Please read up on what a sociopath is and don’t type what I did not say because I didn’t put psychopath . If we are going to discuss anything read what I say and if you do not understand anything feel free to ask or ask me to make it clear do not take anything I say and put your own meaning to it then put it to me. You have thieves till this day who will justify unwarranted stealing and be upset about being punished for it not taking into consideration their own actions.There is a part of our culture that seeks to justify and when you try to justify every single thing you will get to a point where you cannot anymore, then those things will begin to haunt. Your mother was an abuser-YES, did it affect you?-Yes, What is the next step after that even? At which point will there come , I will do or I will be? How long will you continue to use this excuse and how long will one have to go over them and they not work? People have commented that what she is saying is not truth in its entirety but you refuse to see that so Im asking you kindly this morning fi leave me out of your discuss and continue on with anyone who wants to carry on with you because I do not have time today or tomorrow. QQ will realize her own strengths and use it to uplift herself when she is ready and I will congratulate her when the time comes, without malice. Have a good day now

        1. 10 signs for spotting a sociopath
          #1) Sociopaths are charming. Sociopaths have high charisma and tend to attract a following just because people want to be around them. They have a “glow” about them that attracts people who typically seek guidance or direction. They often appear to be sexy or have a strong sexual attraction. Not all sexy people are sociopaths, obviously, but watch out for over-the-top sexual appetites and weird fetishes.
          #2) Sociopaths are more spontaneous and intense than other people. They tend to do bizarre, sometimes erratic things that most regular people wouldn’t do. They are unbound by normal social contracts. Their behavior often seems irrational or extremely risky.
          #3) Sociopaths are incapable of feeling shame, guilt or remorse. Their brains simply lack the circuitry to process such emotions. This allows them to betray people, threaten people or harm people without giving it a second thought. They pursue any action that serves their own self interest even if it seriously harms others. This is why you will find many very “successful” sociopaths in high levels of government, in any nation.
          #4) Sociopaths invent outrageous lies about their experiences. They wildly exaggerate things to the point of absurdity, but when they describe it to you in a storytelling format, for some reason it sounds believable at the time.
          #5) Sociopaths seek to dominate others and “win” at all costs. They hate to lose any argument or fight and will viciously defend their web of lies, even to the point of logical absurdity.
          #6) Sociopaths tend to be highly intelligent, but they use their brainpower to deceive others rather than empower them. Their high IQs often makes them dangerous. This is why many of the best-known serial killers who successfully evaded law enforcement were sociopaths.
          #7) Sociopaths are incapable of love and are entirely self-serving. They may feign love or compassion in order to get what they want, but they don’t actually FEEL love in the way that you or I do.
          #8) Sociopaths speak poetically. They are master wordsmiths, able to deliver a running “stream of consciousness” monologue that is both intriguing and hypnotic. They are expert storytellers and even poets. As a great example of this in action, watch this interview of Charles Manson on YouTube.
          #9) Sociopaths never apologize. They are never wrong. They never feel guilt. They can never apologize. Even if shown proof that they were wrong, they will refuse to apologize and instead go on the attack.
          #10) Sociopaths are delusional and literally believe that what they say becomes truth merely because they say it! Charles Manson, the sociopathic murderer, is famous for saying, “I’ve never killed anyone! I don’t need to kill anyone! I THINK it! I have it HERE! (Pointing to his temple.) I don’t need to live in this physical realm…”

  22. i watched it from beginning to end and can firmly say she needs nothing more than God and a good dose of maturity.
    a psychiatrist wouldn’t hurt either.

  23. whoa …met u asked me if i would leave my child with my mother andf i answered u…im calling down spirit of suicide???? hmm i hope not!!!..I am a work in progress arent we 4 reprimanding u IT WAS MY HOPE for u 2 see that u have a platform here to educate on serious issues instead of reducing qq issues to wreckless behavior. If I felt I was reprimanding you that was not my intention. What QQ has experienced and the destructive behaviour she shows is not exclusive 2 her. It has touched my life and the lives of many other families..Quite a few bloggers tried to reason with you and it just SEEMS as if u very dismissive. U say ur too old 4 certain things u neva 2 old 4 listen like really listen and rethink your position MET….ur site is entertaining funny and educational. The seriousness of this post has been reduced to f**ken drama which is wrong. anyway sorry if u took what I said wrong

  24. whoa really MET??
    Your mother was an abuser-YES, did it affect you?-Yes, What is the next step after that even? At which point will there come , I will do or I will be? How long will you continue to use this excuse and how long will one have to go over them and they not work?
    MET dont assume anything about anyone. Speaking about a negative childhood does not mean that me or anyone else walked the same road as QQ. Through prayer, therapy, supportive people I am doing better and quite successful all things considered.. so not sure what the hell u mean by excuses.
    People have commented that what she is saying is not truth in its entirety but you refuse to see that so Im asking you kindly this morning fi leave me out of your discuss and continue on with anyone who wants to carry on with you because I do not have time today or tomorrow.
    Will do MET. Statements like this put u in a negative light. mi ago lef it dey so. and good day 2 u as well

    1. And that negative light is fine again as I said u will continue to pick out what u want n put ur own thing to it. But u can’t blame all the time just like how u can lay down all the time u have to get up. I will do a post on beatings people get n we all can compare notes

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