Dutty Natalee
long time mi know natalee dutty and tacky. From mi see she a run dung ppl weh miss her party fi $20
but she reach a all time low
so at Paula baby shower sunday shawty spendas was there and she get big up for serving in the army. which no matter what u think about anybody you have to respect anybody weh put dem life on the line and serve
dis dutty wretch ago bawl out
Jamaica a fi har country and ray tay
ok all a wi bawn a Jamaica yes big up Jamaica straight
But bitch u live a America donkey years u cant even guh back a Jamaica
u bredda dead and u couldn’t even guh
I am sure she get welfare from American government
and besides it wasn’t the time or the place
she just get under mi skin wid dat
sick stomach

0 thoughts on “LAWD—MESSAGE TO NATALIE 106

  1. Dats a shame,then again she nuh know nuh betta…big ups young lady fi u bravery cause this scary cat couldn’t do weh u do

    1. Fe real!!…NUFF respect tuh all military personnel who served and are still doing duty in the military. I have nutten but the highest respect for them all..

      1. Yep mi a citizen and mi tek oath seh mi wudda do this and mi wudda do dat just fi get di lickle citizenship.Any day name day weh dem bring back the compulsory draft,not a raas mi tekking the first flight back home even if a even di deportee plane mi gone pon.Mi nuh dat brave a just di benefits mi did want work wise.Suh kudos to her

        1. Anon, the fact that these military men and women take an oath tuh serve and protect, is upstanding and very honorable…they sometimes have tuh survive within the worst conditions and see the most horrible of devastations, come back home after being separated from their loved ones *some don’t even make it home*…and after being faced with all those unfortunate of circumstances, they put on a brave face and a smile for us…I always salute them because there is a soft spot in my heart for them…may God protect them all…

  2. Mi nah like shawty spendah either, BUT real talk …she ah protect and serve and put har life pon di line in a big way and good minded ppl will always respect that… these miserable duncehall wretches that live off a uncle sam dont deserve come a farrin …they just want TEK ALL THE TIME …cho tek weh you bloodclaat self dutty tranny lookin natalie and YES she breathe STINK

  3. Shorty ain’t fighting any war for United states of America she a train down a North Carolina.. She need fi stop tell lies bout she was over seas fighting for us lie lie..if she was how she came back so fast that little ole bitch is too lie..

    1. It doesn’t matter if she’s behind the battle lines or behind a computer desk…once you enlist within the military, you take an oath tuh honor, serve and protect your country and for that, respect is due..if world war 4 bruck out and dem need more soldiers pon di battle field, who yuh tink dem ago draw fa first???…SHE!!..because she is training or already trained…she has signed up for military tuh put her life on the line fe protect some ah unu weh nuh serve nuh raas purpose tuh mankind…

    1. A must the ppl dem place of business whey she thief out a day time u a talk but if she own non tell har don’t run when the security dem a come damn germs

  4. Met shorty too mix up .a pure mix up she cost wey she go . Natalie reach far Paula baby shower did she bring a gift .she no give wey nothing an she no buy nothing thieft everyday goverment food stamp free goverment money money fe are handicap big son them a live easy an nice

  5. This sound like shorty send in dah story yah … Dwl dat tuff gal love attention kmt … Can’t stand Natalie either Dwl dat gal love give har shape bad self too much trouble lol both of these stay bad bitches need fi put inna 1 barrel and roll Weh …. Note to shorty … Cause I know u reading … Stop walk and look man Weh look better than you!!!! Di man dem a chat u say dem wouldn’t f**k u cause u too ugly !!!! Lmao

  6. 1 a di man dem say dem woulda gi shorty a backas but him woulda bag har face … And him would have to be very drunk … Then him would lef di scene quick quick cause him would Neva want fi wake up next to her …. Lmao … Dwl … Lol … Shorty u man friend dem a chat u bad lol

  7. All a unnuh bloodcloth dancehall ppl need fi settle unno drugsy self, everybody a look a hype and hype don’t fit them, so all dis talking bout stinking mouth Natalie or ugly duppy Shorty,dem all a look fi buss, unuh no name gully man, because a him alone a buss inna dancehall now a days.

  8. Leave di girl pickney alone bout handicap.yuh too rass wicked n evil.di child id 100 percent normal drink bleach

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