16 thoughts on “LAWD WI DUS GET DIS?

  1. Shows you how pathetic that bitch is . I heard that Usain told her not to ever admit it so apparently he knows that she was his brothers side piece…. she has no self worth whatsoever.. disgusted… I guess that bitch really has some serious daddy issues…

  2. But she did put Australia caption on her photo, somebody ask how is Australia, then she removed caption, kasi lie bad, delusional.shes what u call real submissive to a man.

    1. She has no shame, if she was in Australia we would be seeing one million pictures by now, Usain goes to Australia every year with someone and it’s not her and everyone is catching on to her lies. Remember when she went to Panama and said she was in Rio? LMAO

  3. I would rather admit Sada the Usain! Atleast Sada look like he bathe regular. No matter what Bolt wear he always be look like he is musty

  4. She did not say no though, all she said was stop believing everything you hear. If it wasn’t true she would have said “NO, I WOULD NEVER DO SUCH A THING”. It’s out there now and more people are finding out, Kasi you better pray that this doesn’t reach Daily Mail because it’s beyond disgusting.

  5. Yes that’s why she remove the caption , on the photo, because she was trying to fool people she in Australia! Cancer people lie bad and live in a fairy tale, I know cause I’m part cancer, and we can’t tek shame we will try cover it up.

  6. She didnt say no..everytime they ask her that question she answeres indirectly…never a no or a yes…she think she smart

  7. Underage sex kitten lied to protect cradle robber and their illegal affair. 12 yrs her senior. Statue of limits gone by. Yeah he’s famous.

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