1. WOiiee lawd mi nevah wahn laff but mi drop a dutty…Beenie head look like dem senseh fowl weh live innah dirt hut. Mi love u still, but don’t tek no mo pick wid u head tan suh again…dwl. Don’t put no more “bun” up pan deh eidah caz it look like it a pick out di hair..ok den woieee sah!!

  2. Met u hussy a icon tell him is time to go bald. Mine you mek Apple call you out say u a hypocrite, cause when u ready u a done har scald face man a fi u man head come in like them run lawn mow through it.

  3. Metty, maybe he decided tuh get ah shaved dread mohawk…yuh know like when dem peel off dem 2 head side, maybe that’s tha look he going for..yuh think so mummy?? *sips tea awaiting Metty’s response*

  4. What a piece a bloodclaat starvation tek up dat JOHNCROW stomach dat it fly dung inna beeine head yet agen wid out mercy, cut and done Moses dis yah nuh rite at all big man yuh nuh haffi mek it luk suh dat a more dan stress, a wonda if afta de JOHNCROW done nyaam out him head him piss and shit inna it weh cuz stunted growth :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak
    Admin tell yuh man cut and clear yah man dwfllllllllll
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  5. Beenie bawl yu need a bawl head forget the rass ras ting a nuh fi yu ras nuh nam pork or porky an dem sey yu guilty of both .

  6. big up Beans age comes with alot of stuff mi srry fi some a dem wha feel sey dem get younger everyday,everybody shribble up time a come because yuh can’t stop the clock nor the hands of time form turning AND AS MI GREAT GRANNY :thumbup :thumbup SEY FROM YUH PASS 30 YUH START GO DUNG DI HILL..

  7. What gives you broken down women the right to criticise people, is that how you get through your life? Pretending that you are something? I guarantee that not one of you look good, overweight, overmade up foul mouth uneducated women. Beenie man has down something with his life, what have you done????

    1. English, ah poke wi ah poke fun wid Beenie Man..we all love him on here, so calm ya nerves boo boo..it’s really not that serious an issue :nerd

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