Deportees Dip – 20% Reduction In The Number Of Persons Deported To Jamaica Last Year

In this September 2016 photo, a Jamaican deportee from the United Kingdom leaves the Mobile Reserve police post in St Andrew, while family members and friends look on.
The number of Jamaicans deported back to the island declined sharply last year, with almost half being sent home for having overstayed their welcome in foreign lands.

The 2017 Economic and Social Survey of Jamaica (ESSJ) released by the Planning Institute of Jamaica last week showed 1,393 persons were deported to Jamaica for the year.

This was 364, or almost 21 per cent, fewer than 2016 when 1,757 deportees hit the nation’s ports.

The ESSJ noted that 80.3 per cent of the deportees last year were males.

Just under 50 per cent of the Jamaicans deported were found to have overstayed the time they were allowed in the foreign lands, had entered the country illegally or were guilty of an illegal re-entry.

Drugs infringement was second on the list of reasons Jamaicans were deported, accounting for 26.1 per cent of the deportees.

“However, a destination country analysis showed that involvement in criminal activity was the main reason for deportation from the United States of America and England, with 78.6 per cent and 53.7 per cent, respectively,” read the ESSJ.

Most of the persons deported from Canada were for overstaying and illegal entry/re-entry, while there were more persons deported from the Bahamas (181) than those deported from England and Canada.

The survey also revealed that last year, 250 persons were deported from the United States for possession of drugs, 29 for firearm-related offences, and 44 for murder, manslaughter or attempted murder.

Deportees Comparison

2016 2017

United States 666 649

England 278 147

Canada 146 110

Others 667 487

TOTAL 1,757 1,393


  1. While goods new for us, no bodda mek Uncle Donald see it n start a campaign targetting illegal Jamaicans. Mi sure nuff dey dey fi send home but wi nuh waan Unca Donald spotlight

  2. Look like Chopsuey scare dem into lessening their illegal activities…..hence the reason dem staying out of jail an out of the deportation line. Or maybe more and more women are straightening out di men dem suh dem can get greencard and then citizenship. Or maybe the visa holders dem just stop run off an start follow the regulations of the visa. I know that deportation can take place …as a result of a revoked green card but maybe…..just maybe …..everybody jus start behave dem self yah nung. Lol. Just thinking out loud. LOL

  3. Meanwhile immigrants are hating Trump, and more ppl were deported under Obama’s admin. Don’t hate the man, hate the sysytem. Trump doesn’t make law, he only enforce it.

    We live in a major corporation (America). What does all major corporations need? CEO (Trump), Vice President (Biden), and Board of Directors (Congress). Board of Directors run the company not the CEO, and who does the Board answers to?…investors!

    Until ppl understand how this system is set up. They’ll be clueless as to who is calling the shots. Obama, Trump, Clinton, Bush etc. are all working towards one common goal. They’re all on the same team…best of two evils!

    1. Biden is not the vice President nor would he be on Trump’s team/board.Pence yuh meant I suppose.

    2. Racist white people enforced the immigration laws rigorously throughout Obama’s presidency(sheriff Joe Arpaio for example)all because they were worried about some kind of amnesty.You should also remember that less people are attempting to enter the US.

  4. @ Qnz_finest… Only if it was that simple. I guess you just forgot about the supreme court (Jurdicial Branch)!! Hmmm. So let me just mention the three branches of government Execute, Legislative, and Judicial.. All have a separation of power. This was created for checks and balances by the fore fathers (never liked that term based on the fact his country was habitated by the Native Americans). So to say the lease it is not as simple as the President does not run the country. Single handedly no he does not because of the checks and balances, however he has an abundance of power that gives him the authority to use executive powers to make and execute laws. This will have to then be interpreted by the supreme court or implemented or changed by congress.

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