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  1. . _|\______________________,
    …/ `–||||||||———]POOOOOOOW POOOOOW POOOOW
    ._==o ______ _____________|
    .…;.),—.(_.(__) /.
    …// (\) ),——’.

    Work lexi a work,kill dem all and done muma,shots firedddddddddddddddddd

      1. What I’ve noticed with all of Kasi defenders, all of them avoid any topic regarding her f**g usain’s brother, they don’t want to admit that she is nothing but a WHORE and a glorified GOLD DIGGER or they’re hoping that she will be friends with them. Bunch of no self esteem bitches.

  2. SextLexy from Pinkwall academy fi real. Saw her here the other day. Gal yu renk tun-up :recsel :ngakak

    Josnow fi go position like chimmy fi true…watch har a tell lexxy second bout HIV when bolt cocky spread whey like sky.

    Simplicity yah bark de eagle tiday :ngakak

  3. met i might be wrong but r following kasi ? if i love my man and him carry mi go bora bora mi woulda happy like a lark but look at kasi no happiess she look sad bad only bolt happy what i read into kasi is only doing this because mommy say him have money, r am gonna get the custom car, she is not happy with him she a gold digger n bolt a fool fi no notice sey the girl no want him no loving in the public eye from she ,kmt me would a all over my man she just there for the money .plus she f** him bredda what happen to aj to talk some sense in him.. y’all go look at her pics n look at bolt snap n see if am lying she dont love him n more is gonna come out because she u cant force to love someone it will show she only there because the fool choose to carry her bolt need some counseling ASAP SHE A EVIL , AHOPE WHEN SHE A DO INTERVIEW THEY ASK ABOUT THE BROTHER THEN WE SEE WHAT SHE GONNA SAY BITCH

  4. A true Lisa I don’t know why these people are so mad and concerned over this man & woman’s life and they don’t know them u would think that Kasi and bolt are their kids my god can u believe this I just can’t I have to laugh Di people dem tek it to a next level a cuss Di girl over her life and what she wants to do everyday them dick riding the woman and she don’t know them. Big man ting u people cayliss bad me nah lie and want to tell the girl how to live if she chooses to kiss rotten mouth bolt why does it bother these people so much and if she eats pussy isn’t that their business u don’t know what kind of man ur daughter or man or son pussy or batty them a nyam or lick out U are actually gonna catch a nose bleed over people that doesn’t know I.. Smh

  5. Lexy empty the clip.and reload.Damn
    I am convinced Kasi and her minions are nothing but a big pile of dog vomit.
    Little girl go get some principle and morals.Money can’t buy you that.
    Them have sick stomach.
    Them should be concerned about the std that bolt a transport and the bacteria from him rotten teeth to her mouth then to him hood and batty since them into all kinds a nasty freaky shit.
    Ewww them nasty alike.

  6. @ side eye go get a life because it so dumb ur a not getting the point why U tek it up pon u head if she want tek a man weh a f**k pon har a fi har business not urs u know weh ur man a Duh him probably have a dick in a him mouth as we speak leave out Di gyal and har man mind u ketch AIDS before Kasi is m not Kasi minions but it bun me fi see how u naysayers and cyber bullies a tek set pon di gyal guh read a bloodcloth book or go bond with ur children or man if u have none u people get a belly full out of tearing down others shame shame on u leave people business and mind ur own. Go worry bout unu battyman husbands fu**ng disgusting ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

      1. Yuh a talk bout nay sayers and cyber bullies…did we send fi abscess swallower Kasi business? Was the business put out in the open?? Har man is a public figure so whey a go talk lappy dog Kerry. Do not come here and single out none a my bloggers if u want to mek a general talk do so, but you are nobody on this wall to single out none of the regulars here..Go get Usain some antibiotics cause him teet goodly a kill him deh now and Kasi cyah swallow no more germs…har belly 3 day full a it now

  7. Me say anything me want say and me address anybody
    Me want u people love negativity too much u guys have no love u are full of hatred everyday is pure hatred unu breed why y’all mad though Kasi a unu pickney bolt a unu son ?

    1. Go address yuh business u put seh yuh a entrepreneur go check off yuh register. Which one a we hate Kasi? It must be you

    2. Bitch f**k off you fine yourself over here read comment and respond. So you must f***g interested. Nuh body tell you we over here a pray fi people. Take your ass to church and get the duck outta here with your holier than tho attitude. Bitch SCRAM.

    3. So why you a tek Side Eye pon you head!? Wah you a do over yah!? Nobody send fi you!?

      And then you a come nuff up yourself and post again pon Met good good site!

      We deh yah fi entertainment! And due to how Kasi and Bolt mix up stale you tun di tonights entertainment! Don’t come for anybody over here!

      Know if you come over yah again we a guh done you!

  8. Kerry gal u need a rass beating!! Yes mi wah beat u till u blue…why u Nuh go over tmz and shaderoom and go loud dem up? U only have strength Fi wi! U deh pon Kasi payroll bitch? U a come nuff up yuh germsy self, Tek weh yuh dirty self from ova yah so… Har business deh ova yah so met

  9. Mi seyyyyy that girl Lexy mouthhhhhhhh :ngakak mi shame for everybody. What a gal can trace!!! She remind me of Love Trace. She rise 100 machine on top of machine. She still over Balleralert a done the gal

      1. Omgeeeeeeeeeeeee no sah she say Usain ova bora bora a keep 9 night fi Kasi deadhole

        OK mi doneeeeeeee :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

        1. Marie whey u a tell mi fah and u nah send mi nuttin_______________________________________________________ if a laugh a deaddddddddddd

  10. That gal name Entrepreneur Kerry want a slap ina har ole big saul wid one rusty bill….doan run een pon nobody over here ’cause nobody never send call you…Ole shithouse :batabig

  11. Met move u nasty bloodcloth and Gweh u and ur insignificant bloggers u make a living off judging others and blogging negative things a u fi guh suck out i come wen like Di abscess weh u seh Ina bolt mouth way u people are Obsessed with bolt and him life and what he does when he stays winning a living legend he did something that no other human being has ever done and as a Jamaican u should be commending the Man U a condone the nasty comments from ur bloggers move u raas wish U battyman man self.

    1. Commending him pan playing around wid people gyal pickney? Are you kidding me?? Go use yuh tongue and run 100 meter round di abscess ina Usain mouth and low we

  12. Battyman met all u dancehall whores share dicks all ur faithful bloggers get bun and tek back Di man and a f**k Di battyman dem Ina dance a u fi use ur tongue and suck Di abscess dry out of bolts mouth a U make me know say him hv abscess bcuz u nasty raas. having a field day bout smaddy abscess I hope ur mouth clean and ur battyman life perfect u clearly not getting the point talking to u is like talking to a tree one set of ignoramus and nobody nuh fraid a u nasty cunts bout dun done me blood cloth u dish it Suh unu suppose to can tek it me come over here fi Di entertainment but bolt represented our little island well and all u jancrow can talk bout a him mouth and his girl guh suck unu madda stop dick riding and guh find a man like Kasi love always win be inspired

  13. Anonymous guh slap di battyman weh a f**k u Ina u batty a nite time Di wul a unu wah put Ina one barrel and roll a Di bottom a Di ocean true me nah join in pon unu f***y me say we me bloodcloth wah say & me KERRY nah tek it back me say oonu still a debate pon Di man cocky like bolt did run way wid unu pussy unu same one including met a suck out her/his man tongue weh fulla cavity open ur man mouth now all a unu and look …unu up Ina bolt mouth I wasn’t focused on his mouth I was more focused on him running and winning his races and setting world records not his mouth y’all bitches are lame good nite gtfoh set a hypocrites

    1. A batteyman alone yuh can come wid because u nah mek it. We nuh business whey u waa focus pan him bout all of that is your business..jus get in line fi ketch likkle abscess water and stop tek up di comment section we a wait pan a next clip from sexy lexy and yuh nah gwaan wid nothing at the mo

  14. Hi all. I am not here to chastise or commend anyone. Evwrybody who posts on this lovely site has an opinion and based on freedom of speech have a right to say what they want say. No one should be responding negatively, the only people who should comment are kaci and bolt.

    I understand where the supports from kaci coming from. She is a big woman n choose to live her life the way she pleases. I also understand the people who are criticizing her.

    My husband n I are just 3 years older than bolt. He is a Petroleum. engineer and I am an CRNA anesthetics nurse. Wee have no chick nor child yet, and every year we go on exoctic trips. Went to Fiji, Dubai, Hawaii rent yachts. We came from humble beggings like bolt up in the bushes of clarendon and st. Elizabeth respectively . Parents coukdnt afford to pay for our cxc much less university we had to study hard got scholarships n excelled. So this hype about better she take ‘bun’ from a Rich man verses from a man without money frankly is rubbish. She has two degrees which means she has a good brain, use the degrees get some ROI ON them. Why wait for someone to buy u a high end vehicle such as a range rover.

    As an anesthetic nurse i make basic 160,000 US dollars a year I drive a 2014 mercedes g wagon bought n paid for by me.

    Women elevate ourselves please don’t solely depend on a man. Study hard, work smart invest wisely. It hurts my heart to see women with great potential sell themselves short as i said its your life to live n your choices to make.

    Peace and Love

  15. IM DONE________________________________________________ mi haffi a hold mi nose and a laugh sexy lexy tuddy worleeeeeeeeeeeee it nice :ngakak

      1. Marie all Kasi benz get done I kaint_____________________________________________________________________
        people fi bad but nuh suh

  16. Met my dear I am a happily married woman since I was
    25 boo I don’t need bolts abscess water hun we are good over here ur the one that’s always talking about the abscess so maybe u need fi join the line I see u I always come here occasionally to get a good laugh but wen me see u a dun bolt oh god man look weh him do fi we fi once we are not in the news fi thiefing murder, scamming , drugs etc.. Suh yes me tek it up pon me head fi run een.. Now me nah condone Di cheating bcuz believe me wen me see Di pictures on the internet I went ballistic because I was worried that they would frame him as they did with other black public figures on top of that he professed his love to the world about Kasi and woman to woman Him did violate big time now every relationship has issues every last one obviously they hashed things out and moved on its life we have to forgive look how many things we duh to God & him still shows us mercy now if it’s a case where a something him duh on a regular and Kasi keep taking him back den that’s another story give them a Chance & in regards to my previous statement when I said love always wins I was referring to ur hating ass bloggers that obviously spew hatred and feels good about it.

    1. Yuh married from 25 and lef yuh husband cockey fi play internet police? No man yuh shudda married from yuh ina u father seed.

      1. Aaaaaaaunty! Dem delisional nuh bbc! When and where did Usain professed such love??? Last time i checked it was KASI he said loves him o0oo him neva seh him love r oh kmt

        1. Mine u set snap chat pan fire oooooooooooooo wedda him love she harrrrrrrrrrrr not…what he did was not right and bora bora shudden justify that behavior

  17. Kerry u nuh see say we figet bout u and gone? No1 gives a shit bout the effery u spewing, low out the place man and guhweh, u come pon the woman site a cuss har then a tell we yuh life chronicles like we care. Go look something do, no shame u nuh have.

  18. Bitch get the f**k out of here that’s all u can say u always have some thing fi say bout people relationship u miserable hoe dont worry about me & my husband cocky we good over here in Orlando weh ur man deh bitch ur f***g retard why am I even here arguing with ur lame ass all hours a nite Up a respond to comments u lonely ass hoe who the f**k raised u asshole girl/boy bye !!!

  19. So dis Entrepreneur Kerry really come ova ya come write couple books defending Kasi and committing the same ‘sinful’ acts of negativity and speculation?! Mi have a question, “is wa batty man do yu soh?” One ting for sure what mi surmise after all dat soundless tracing yu and Kasi have something in common…yu could a never happily married and find time come ova ya come write one film, one screen play and a mini series. Yu life must boring like di people dem a Bora Bora.

  20. @entrepreneur kerry u come pon here and get run weh and u still come back wid yuh boring dun out hole. Is like u a live vicariously thru Kasi and the comment dem a mess up your whoring batty washing fantasy so u come pon the blog a harass people like a u gi met server and donation. F off cum bucket bitch, you husband dick wash from day? Him eat yet? U suck him buddy twice this mrng? U pickney dem homework do? U dog dem naah nuh ticks inna them ears fi u pick out? The lickle panty bucket weh u keep inna yuh bachume empty? Stop antagonize the people dem weh Met invite pon har site and go look something do.

  21. Why the f**k @ anonymous worrying about me and my husband and his coCk it’s not for u to worry about and who the f**k sent for u cocksucker y’all want to dish it & cant take it I will say what the f**k I want to f***g say apparently all u do is stay on ur knees allday everyday thats why u concerned if my man dick suck cuz thats ur lifestyle not mine U are garbage he is busy trying to build an empire u should try that someday instead of hating on people that don’t know u and clearly don’t give a f**k about any of u hoes as for me guess what I don’t know u & y’all opinion of me doesn’t count . As fi di last comment me nuh need to construct my sentences or grammar when me a address nobodys like u me done me cah badda me stoop to unu level and I feel like I want to regurgitate U people are pathetic, classless & egregious ✌️

  22. Kasi and Bolt relationship are typical western relationship. We cheat,we forgive we cheat again forgive again and repeat the cycle until we settle down,married then get divorce in our forties .
    Congrats to all you perfect people out there .
    Big up bolt and kasi.

  23. Met, lets declare tomorrow jmg haters day. When dem come over here come cuss , we either ignore them and rinse out under Kasi and bolt more. Fi every one post dem mek, we do two.

    Over here is a gossip site, just like tmz, shade room and baller alert. So how de one Kasi say her “fave” is baller alert but dem no like over here ? Double standard much ?

  24. True @ nobaddame .. they into ballersalert which is full of gossip but yet still dem a chat bout we! Mi love pink wall. Pink wall give me full details of everything more than observer… Met post alot of positive things here..mi love u met! U r the best!

  25. u know pon a serious not MET if my man was Bolt & keep up di same fkry u know say me a tek di flyout & zone out him ra$$ doh!!!! me nah gwan like me happy a ra$$ after him wait holda1+wk including birthday & groupies fi come bk home, after waiting happily!!! kasi fi nyam out him rass & lef him. Bwoy outa orda MET public bun is the worst, my hot ex man dweet yo me with the known community whore dem married now & di bwoy tun one big cruff dwl the hod thing bout bolt him look out for his family & friends financially.

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