Nuff a unnu bruk like dawg so unu don’t have nothing for nobody to nyam out. Look pon you too. Jamaican woman want money! Men must provide! Go find a Yankee that will split the bills 50/50 while allowing you to blow her back out at nights.

  2. Nobody neva tell yuh fi look ooman dat yuh know doh want yuh. Stay ina yuh lane. Next time yuh eating breakfast …. please order a side of common sense. Ole reprobate. Yuh look dumb yuh fukc. True di ooman nuh want yuh. Kmt. Nobody never tell yuh fi go play Santa Clause an a tek care of a next man pickney. Kmt Yuh lucky. Yuh should get worse. Bye Byyyyrrroooooonnnnnnnnn

  3. Big man, Sir, Mister, listen to me and listen good. I bet any money you were begging some front you think you should get it for free?? Woman’s front come with monthly expenses. Did you know how her front was cared for before you come begging. Suck your mother a thousand times over.The only chi chi here is you big rusty man. You hood probably dead that’s why you big mad. We have we money we just want yours too. You stink like dog. Yow big man me iggy for you I want to hawk and spit in your face

  4. Oh gosh smaddy pick up him remains.. him hurt! A which goodas nyam him out :ngakak :ngakak Yuh f**ka yuh! Sir a nuh you mi waah see a di goodas whey hurt yuh a she a di real star roun here.

  5. Yu si how him hand dem fit inna him pocket neatly ….. caw nutten nuh in de !!!! Yu really shouldn’t se nutten because it took me four viewing before I could understand what you were saying like yu tongue a do weight lifting ….. gut Fava 7 month belly an a cus Oman

    1. It is debatable, whether yours is worth its weight in gold, don’t you think? The verdict is still pending…… :recsel

  6. Go and get a ‘cyarear’. Omg does have down syndrome? Reminds me of those men who live in their mom’s basement and jerks off to porn continuously and calls women bitches when they don’t give him pussy. I would never beg that old ass reprobate money no day, liberty come through careless fi true.

  7. Like really nw…selling puse embedded into Jamaican culture..but you.ll make it’s like men’s are complete yo take of woman

  8. Based on the comments this video produced on this thread it’s safe to assume there is some validity in his sentiment, cause almost each and every one of the comments is affirming a pro-pu$$y selling stance, which is degrading and despicable. Sadly this whole prostitute approach that alot of Jamaican women seem to live by and have conned the men on the island to view as acceptable and normal, is in fact only viewed as bizarre and backwards when Jamaicans actually live amongst other people who view it negatively. If you’re expecting a pay-off everytime you lay down with a man (or woman) then you’re a prostitute which makes you a whore by default. This whore mentaility that wayyyyy tooooo many women on the island adopt is making it bad for Jamaicans everywhere. The decent Jamaicans need to take back every aspect of Jamaican culture away from the waste men and groupie whores who through their brain dead behavior is trying to permanently ruin the reputations internationally for all Jamaicans. Jamaica is a land of pride you bottom of the barrel peeps need to be jettisoned quick and fast from the land of the black-gold and green.

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