0 thoughts on “LIGHT OR GET IT RIGHT?

  1. good morning met,metters,peepers nd others….

    dexter mi like how yah tek time own up who yuh be wid the hashtag GAY suh ppl put it in yah wan a de many weh cum up

  2. Simply……good morning teacher. Mi not ignoring yu gay guy inna di poce, but please to help me understand the bubbly bayding inna di parties. Is it a turn on? What is the purpose? Please nuh laff affa mi.

  3. yuh c how bad yuh iz inna de early mawnin yah…is best wan a de participants dem ansa dat cuz a wata nd flour de i use tuh or even two egg

    1. U haffi own it lol…muss fashan ican fi himself cause trust me, 3/4 of the outfits that I see him in look like foolishness, him a try but the outfits keep coming out as a fail.

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