met little miss is at it again with poochie from orange villa d one 3rd from left she say she in love a wonder what british have to say about his look alike



19 thoughts on “LIKKLE MISS IS IN LOVE

  1. Nuh wah day yah she baptize and inna di church?

    Orange Villa man dem love likes so she drop inna the right camp.

  2. Likkle miss a long time wicked gyal any mN she deh wid them endup dead or inna prison suh mek the 1 poochie him gwan shi have the whole a ken tings a bare obeah she wuk fi try catch yung bwoy a front mussi grey up now dat wicked ass bitch a long time smaddy fi kill har mi hate di bitch

  3. Why da ole ooman deh nuh retire and put har ole jezzibell self inna park . jah know she ignorant mi i saw her the other day in some shit weh look like dawg did a draw har .. Ma dem big ole black tire weh shi have inna har face she need fi attend to not even make up can hide it shi look ole and pop dung nuh rass are batty big and fava bug own She need to cut out the bagga foolishness now man

  4. Laad a yu nice nasty likkle miss u nu ave gud pussy su mi nuh kno weh dis ya nice boy yuh a do wid yuh but any way dem love sweets a sweet bar dem all pussy sucking dem name cal pan but u soon hear bout him an r like weh she try do wid nuttsy she help deh boy an tru him nuh want r she pay man fi kill him now shi gone pan deh one yah but its a sad story cause a something him a look cause him mussi hungry but god guh wid him cause him ago need Jesus ,likkle miss a walk an a dash out the money pan young boy an gal 4shi guh dash it pan r mother weh nuh ave nuh weh fi stay in a foreign yes likkle miss Yuh nuh si how German baby mother hold on an Yuh Fren man an nah let him guh


  6. Him no hungry a blood cloth. And it burn the sender that send it in. Any thing she want do she do. Uno to bad mind. Kiss out Likkle Miss good pussy and him want her bad. Wait uno don’t see nothing yet. She ago give uno more to talk. Sender go look a new man because him want up Likkle Miss badddddddddd a dead you a go dead and drop down. It hurt you me know but a so it go. She and him all over you no get no time with him

    1. Bitch go mumble pon likkle miss batty hole some more yu de yah a type fawt!

      She ago breed fi de bwoi? :hoax2

      She ago engage and marry him? :hoax2

      She ago move him inna de DEAD house? :hoax2 ?

      She ago buy him a car? :hoax2

      Him a go give birth to hoggart?

      Bitch quit! cause nothing that bloodstain gal do is shocking.

      Go back go wrap up unda har like jacket cause not a soul who know she badmind she fi har ticket to eternal damnation…bet yu Neva know dat
      :hammer :ngakak :ngakak

  7. Nusty deh a Farrin look gud ya see she couldnt hole nasty cause him affi walk n f**k like dog likkle miss fi guh try live a gud life now wid r kids dem n stop walk n f**k now d woman face tan bad yuh si omg mi hate d old bitch dem, eat pussy boy dem love sweet bad a now dem na walk and do d ting fi gal money I guess dem a get old su dem wood na work su gud ya kno lmao laad god we need u but I’m going to pray for nasty likkle miss cause she need real help all wen she ave r money she cyah comfortable cause a bay wickedness she do wid r money Likkle miss if I were like you I give Sasha Poochie cause a gal shi a f**k Ina foreign but its your fault cause Yuh f**k all a the man dem an nuh leave nun fi r Yuh pickny dem cyah do nuh betta you an Yuh downsyndromn pussy guh seek god now and like how Yuh want a man fi Yuh self Carry de likes lover behind you

  8. Romie shut up yuh dutty bloodclaut bout him want up likkle miss bad who inna dem. Gud mind waa da ole bat deh ! A obeah shi obeah di poor bwoy another bits the dust . suh just shut up yih stinking mout weh mi hear yuh nuh stop mek bwoy pup up inna ole dutty battybwoy. Poochy dem seh Romie a walk and a tell people yaa him FADDA woooooiiieee mi head a tek mi how yuh seh yuh a bad man and a battybwoy yuh tun son

  9. Hello nobody na dead d only person ago dead a Poochie r Likkle miss n u n mi kno sa no man in d world nu wan DAT old ass lame bitch OK d only reason he is with d old woman is d money d money cause it about d money n him need it fr d old beat out dog shit likkle miss cause all she with r money is pay to kill ppl su she can pay kno n guh him it d shit pit woman uncomfortable like what Poochie play out like play boy kno such him affi run in pan d bank ya kno cause him ave a lot off ppl to take care a n she ave like DAT such him a run on pan mama tan bad face lol it burn u eee yu Fren wan god a long long time she deh pa earth before mi born n still a tek man fr one to a other o plz she a sick bitch all HIV ca pan d old bitch name real u link me miss sick any time mi see r Poochie mother look better don’t link me miss she is a hot mess r family need help farrin n yard yu fi she fi help den n stop do wicket time Ina life shit house old woman hate stink old shit house

  10. But a English money what him left to invest in the apt them she have a spend like is hers and she rich . Willy money done longtime . English a fool .
    You start f***k him look alike because you salt pussy send him a jail.

  11. Boy the old woman a madddddddd uno ehhhh. All when the face stay bad him want her. What a way uno have nuff to say and when uno see Likkle Miss uno all in her black face. Money talk bullshit walk. And Poochie have him things. All when uno a talk them na left. And him love the pum pum. What a way the old gal have uno a hate. This no look good. A uno need God that hate Likkle Miss so much. Go chuck offff

    1. You still living in a de morgue? Nice place fi a faggot call home being that you and ms. likkle pay fi kill done dead lunng time, a money a keep onu alive……fi now.

  12. The 4 boy dem love sweet like who kno dem kno dem is all sweet bar n suck gal pussy fi dem ting Poochie will do any ting fi get likkle miss money all eat r shit jus for d money him is a like head long time suck pussy Poochie eat shit him nu ave no sense him head jus big n nth nu Ina it yu nu see d man weh Ina him crew who nu suck pussy a batty man n wasta Poochie y is a big wasta boy long time pussy mouth Poochie a deh su yu reach likkle miss is a no body long long time old bat suck yu muma pussy Poochie a wan bus a shot Ina yu mouth batty man Poochie suck wadl cock

  13. Boy sender you sound hurt bad. Poochie hurt you bad. Why you no talk about how you a mad and want to go mad house. Come suck Likkle Miss and Poochie when them cum. A so it go. Get over it dead dog. Lord Likkle Miss a mad the young girl and Poochie na left.

  14. Likkle English want him tings dem u luv gwan like a a ur money a nuh fi yuh di bwoy want back him tings suh u an yuh likes head man guh try build apartment together dwlb

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