1. Likkle Miss should realize seh her money put her in a top a top position NO NEED to be a Matey no more

    MAYBE that’s why Likkle buy Romey a new BMW X6 ?

  2. From Willy dead little shoulda move on to a next man out of bad man league , but she attracted to gangsters , she shoulda settle long time and she have her money , what’s the point sleeping as a side woman likkle you bigger than that , you know your worth , stop follow behind the woman man , Pooh is with you and tanya plus the other side roaches them , that bwoy don’t deserve you he is a user , trust me you turn one clown

    1. her 1st baby father was a bad,am from Spanlers/ Matches lane who get killed in the 80s ?

      Maybe she too old to learn or change

    2. I keep saying it, Poochie is using her & I hope Likkle
      Miss wise up & cut all ties. Let him & him beggy beggy friends & families go. Let him fend for himself & Tanya can keep him.

      1. Little Miss have all the money…all she want a SEX…AN DA BWOY. DEH GOT THE REAL DEAL…ITS JUS THE DISRESPECT…HE LOVE FCK BOTH A DEM

        1. there are many other youn play boys who can do the same SEX or better..she just want him bcuz him a DON N BADMAN like her previous men

    3. Money enable you to live an easier life, it cannot buy you happiness. Not because you have money means you can call all the shots. It don’t work like that. There are multi millionairs who have you plays matie role..

  3. Little Miss, woman to woman. Spirits attract spirit. Don’t allow some hyperactive ADD man without much come into your life and ruin it. You have your things and if a man cant add on to it let him go. This isn’t about making a next gal have him or take him. Most of the TIME let the other bitch have them. Like attracts like. Look at this as a blessing in disguise. It’s up to you but let him go. Most of the time we don’t want the next woman to win.

    I had a relationship like that. I didn’t want to give up pon the man because of the other girl. Guess what, IM GLAD I DID. The blessings I got after I let that asshole go. Some people come in your life blocking blessings. They come in like dark clouds blocking the sun. Their spirit is stagnant. Once you release them, trust me blessings will flow.

  4. lol, nuh Likkle Miss money Poochie use to spend on Tanya and the other girls ?

    Likkle Miss must go talk to a Therapist or psychologist to level her emotions and mind cuz she dont see that Pooh dont like her him just a use her fi things

    1. Well well well.its about time likk miss stop do your body to get shape u still big and fat its in your jeans just look at all your kids especially your son have so much sugar in his tank it OD on him wearing all them fake clothes and cant travel u done for ..all u have old foot woman drive you around and have to pay them when reach home day of sporting round town .no man dont what to have to climb up on you .your batty look llike wet old are u not even a granny as yet ..smh something wrong man.

      1. If the woman want to buy fake clothes and save her money it shows that she is sensible. Clothes is clothes as long as it looks good. Cuh pan some of unno whe talking bout fake clothes, I will call you ‘ new kid on the block’ you know where loads of millionairs shop? Primary! !! You know why? Wealthy people dress by the seasons , what was wearing last season they stop and look forward to the next season. This is why black people caw get rich, you are like the jones’s. Shall forever playing catch up. Go to Thailand, China, Turkey and Dubai, and see if you can readily tell the difference between real and fake.. Idiot.

  5. Morning wall.. Poochie have him money FACTS number 1..Poochie don’t need little money they do business together uno stop lie. Know the fact before uno talk. If me talk they will know it’s me. But mi hate the lie

    1. Suh if him dont need Little Miss money. Whe him a do with a big woman at that. Out of all the woman him choose to be up & down with Little Miss. Just like how we discriminate against young girls being with older men, we should do the same. Because Poochie is with her because of funds. Him licky licky, plus as far as I see both Little & Tanya are the same, just that one woman has more money than the other. Both women are surgery botched. And affi mind man to keep man. Tanya you not better than Little either.

  6. Pochie have him money mi done talk.. business keeping home and little together mi done talk!!!!!!

      1. That me want know unless a Little money him a use mind Tanya. Tanya say she rich, suh idk.
        Also Tanya a your man suh how Little Miss have him all over, although him nuh want her. You’re too comfortable with those disrespects. It must be the money whe Little giving him & yuh get your shares out of it.

      2. u have different levels of rich..from money Mike yacht owning rich to tanto blacls/La Lewis

        …where Tanya or POOCHIE house pon the /hill located? what kinda vehicles DEM own ? where business or apartment complexes located ?

  7. Poochie have money? A mus extorting money unless a hol a help little build up apartmentsbut wait no some a English money little a use little how you no send non of the money go give English a prison but u have it a giv poochie to giv tanya, your camera woman Weh get dip that is always behind you she caan lick sense in your head, a time now you wise up , poochie buddy can stay I am sure you can do better,

    1. English stupid to give her money knowing he had a potential murder charge that will lock him away for decades..him shoulda give it to his Mom or sister..bcuz likkle neva really like him or him neva really like her neither

      God laugh when teef teef from teef

  8. Bright them bright bout Poochie have money compare to Little. I don’t support licky licky men much less Poochie. Who supposedly was with a next woman first but step out to another just because she can take care of his financial needs.
    Grown women acting a fool for young cocky, both women are the same thing, differences are that one boisterous than the other & have more money than the other. Tanya was doing the same before little came in the picture.
    Tanya big woman like you gone go tattoo man alias name, you & that big dirty tongue ring.
    Thought that was for the younger folks, classless ewwwww
    Little & you are really his type. Two old bleach out, ugly,hamper donkey with no class or integrity.

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