0 thoughts on “LIL KIM GOIN IN STILL

      1. mi excited ….lil Kim timing wicked a like it now mi did seh she fi gwaan but di song sweet mi a rocks wit it

          1. Dem dishing out NOT ONE RASS! Same ole recycle bin crap of imitation and bantoning.

          2. dem need fi tek a page ooooooooooooooooo see kim lite fire under nicki bumbo deh and light it hot and heavy dem need fi tek a say she nuh good fi argue wid…n she neva did..str88888888888 mi a skin puppalick whey mi deh sweet mi bad mi neva know di song hawd so

  1. falla fashion boil good soup fi minaj in terms a dollars, but har recognition of Kim was never genuine and “ole, has been, rah rah” Kim lyrics are authentic. Minaj have lyrics a diss de ole schoolers whey set the pace/stage fi har barbie bullsh!t.
    Minaj write har lyrics dem yes AFTER LISTENING TO KIMS…lol

    1. mi did a root but mi switch gone today *makes sign of the cross* forgive me
      Lil Kim a gwaan good I in suppote

    1. mash up harself bad..self hate is a bitch but it ina di white people dem design..a dem get michael fi mash up himself same way..and di whole jackson family..

  2. Goodmorning mi nuh care whea nobody waan say kim voice is much betta than nikki voice me vex how she mess up harself but mi still like har,she just have that real thuggish voice and mi love it nikki lyrics coming like too much nursery rhyme to me just my opinion

  3. fi real man nikki really copied kim and ran with it. no originality. as much as how im a fan of nikki.. fair is fair

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