How long and how many times can I ignore one person?? This guy lives on my name like I was his woman and I cheated or I tarnished his life in some way last time I even saw the imf was a billion years ago in CPAC IN BROOKLYN before I even had a child and not even then did we speak. It’s far past obvious that I won’t ever see this stupid individual again, this morning I woke up to a screen shot of a post with a story that made no sense, I contacted the person who controls the web site to remove the post and it was removed but only to be replaced with another, I understand these things are entertaining for a lot of people, I refuse to not address the shit only because it went past the point of the post. Being it’s from 2010 and we are in 2013 I see “Slice” AKA “THA BOX SMITH” is obviously fascinated with me, he’s always posting things about me out of the blue, let’s start from the beginning many years ago, this kid I do not know him personally, I haven’t ever had any relations with him what so ever, how ever as there is a God as my witness, one day on twitter he felt as if it was okay to tell me how sexy I was and expressed ON TWITTER how he wanted to perform oral on me, several times I told him to stop and I didn’t think it was funny I thought it was disgusting of him to even say that on the internet, at that point he said he was going to drag me through the dirt, entertained by miserable people like himself he would confine in Lisa who I will not claim any relations to her because I find her just as disgusting as him! I will not hide and talk because if I read your rights today God come and your world will be over at that point, anyway at some point there was an altercation where a photo of mine was stolen and my head was replaced with someone else’s and it was taken very out of hand, it to was on the web site for the entertainment of others, around the same time there was a mixx up story involving a bag which till this time I’m not sure where it popped up from and I don’t really care about that because I know what’s what, I OWN many bags of luxury brand clothes, shoes, jackets ETC which I earned/paid my MONEY to buy so whether I worked for it, got it as a gift it’s MINE it belongs to ME!!!! I do remember the conversation when disgusting Lisa called me and I was busy and obviously distracted, when I called her this morning she first claimed to know nothing about it then she called me back with the truth saying Slice sent her the screen shot of the first post then the recording and she told me she asked him how he still had that. Listening to the second recording I laughed because I don’t get why Lisa nasty ass was going so hard for what???? Anyone who knows me knows I wouldn’t ever allow anyone to speak to me as if their bading me up and Lisa She KNOWS BETTER! LISA as I said on the phone how does that make you look and you have the nerve to say something in regards to your god child, my child, WE KNOW you know I am very use to name brand and I am not frighten for it! So I’m happy you found this amusing… As for things about my daughter and child support and me having money and living good, I don’t get why that is a discussion for you and infested mouth Slice to have but I can discus facts about your personal life that these people would find amusing as well but I don’t find spreading peoples business amusing nor would I lie and make up stories and or TARRY senseless BULLSHIT! I also would love to know what my other family members have to do with you and Slice why is it a discussion? As you said this morning, and I QOUTE “IT WAS JUST A JOKE IT WAS FUNNY AT THE TIME IT WAS JUST SUPPOSE TO BE A JOKE WE WAS TALKING ABOUT IT IN A CHAT ROOM IT WAS SO LONG AGO” yet your boring friend keep tarrying the same boring ass story…. Next Slice it’s time you come out the closet because no str8 man don’t do this, I do nothing to you, we don’t know each other, we don’t speak, we don’t run with the same people, we have no affiliation other then Disgusting Lisa, here is something for the two of you to do together BACK FLIP INNA FIRE AND BURN IN HELL!!!! You Lisa don’t ever ever ever Speak to me or even look my way again, I should of cut your disgusting ass off a very long time ago, you need to get your life right and stop chat people and stop being mixx up, you have very disgusting ways inside and out and you need to clean yourself up and stop the bullshit…… Slice you mentioned I look like a man and I’m a fake model and all this crap and then you said I model to get free clothes and blah blah blah, you don’t know me…. I don’t want to know you, get off my name and give other people a chance, your stories aren’t ever facts or true, it’s always full of shit stories, just come out the closet already, you are gay and unhappy, there is no way you have a life sending stories in early in the morning, why am I so important to you???? Lol why is my baby father even important to you? Or my family? Why???? Lol you mentioned something about AVENUE N AND A MARRIED MAN, get your street and marital status correct and come again, your just all over the place with your fabrications!!!! LEAVE ME ALONE ALL OF YOU IM LIVING MY LIFE AND NOT ONE DAY PASS WHEN IM THINKING ABOUT ANY OF YOU LOWWWWWWW ME!!!!


  1. wat a story whooooooooooooooooooooooooo yuh noe how long mi a read ok now, yuh seh yuh n lisa nuh hav no affiliations but a yuh child godmother, yea or nah? dis is one set a ex-fren “ex man” drama :hoax2

  2. Obs me nuh sorry fi har causen she love attention. A she send in story before say zulikah obsessed with her and photoshopped her head in her body. Any story reach yasso about her she a one of the first to post. It is quite suspicious. While your friend Lisa is wrong I think it’s high time you stop run down the fake party and Internet celebrity life that you have chosen. Make sense out of your life. You nuh own house in America but have time fi run down hype bout bout leg magazine and luxury things that you are supposedly not frightened for. Unno under 30, get your life in order!

    1. I don’t sorry fi har tuh! Attention whore fi true. All the gal do is walk and beg man money and dash out har community p*ssy all bout. Stop look fi hype and sort out yuh life fi true. Cause if your “checks” was cutting it you would have a stable home. so “your line of work” nuh suffificent enuff my girl. Humble yuhself

  3. Smh, do you see me in any party?? STFU, how do you know if I own a home or not? Yes I know people that come on daily and fwd me the link just like just now, so I respond because it’s referring to me and if I want to party I can if I want to model I can it’s my life mind your fuccin business, I’m far from a internet celebrity before you run your mouth check the facts checks are cut for my line of work sweety now have a seat with the rest of the people who don’t know me because your just as bad, your saying I don’t own a home do you know me??NO, where do I live? Huh stfu you too knows nothing your just another CHATTY MOUTH chatting what you don’t know!! As for Lika that’s old news and past tense as you can see I DID NOT CALL UP HER NAME IN THIS POST!!! I see people have comprehension problems so I’ll ignore the first response in regards to my affiliation with Lisa.. Fuccin ANNOYING!!

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