DEN A WHEY DI ROSE STAND FAH? DI SWEET ROSE OF SHARON???? :ngakak Lisa come on yuh have picture pan di work whey yuh can use oo..we know yuh a rose long time


4 thoughts on “LISA HANNA FOR VP

  1. Dem nah stop ram Pretty Dumb dung wi choat? LeeSir, weh yu new gyal deh? Yu go RichErd a grine affa har yet?

  2. Inna Lisa head ah Pageant she ah pree suh das why di rose :ngakak Unno lucky she neva inna two piece pon horse back :ngakak Fi har reality nuh in touch nonetall.

  3. :ngakak No man, the rose red – party colour red, the rose pretty with thorns – Lisa pretty with thorns.

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