Dear Met,

See lisa mek her move ya fi power!yessiday I heard ppl saying she darkskinned on the post wid fool fool kaci…so is what this filter..check out her foto!


Lisa Hanna has announced her bid for vice president of the People’s National Party (PNP) via social media.

Hanna, who is the current chairman of the PNP’s Region One, made the announcement on Instagram this afternoon using the hashtags #IAmRunning and #LisaVP2016

The MP for South East St Ann says she will be running in a bid to strengthen the PNP and make it inclusive. She says she wants to build a party that is more accountable and transparent to delegates and Jamaicans, as well as uses modern management principles.

Hanna continued in her message on Instagram that she wants to build a party that practises “build of politics rather than a ‘tear down, cut down, stab you in the back politics”.

Another prominent MP, Dr Wykeham McNeill, the representative for Western Westmoreland and former tourism minister, was also expected to make his announcement to run for one of the four vice president slots in the party today.

He is expected to be supported by Derrick Kellier, who will not seek re-election in September at the PNP’s annual conference, former MP and PNP stalwart Dr DK Duncan and Richard Azan.

Former national security minister and PNP general secretary, Peter Bunting, has also given strong indications that he will be contending for president in September.


  1. Yes,she a Dark indian! Do unu research she was neveeeerrr light skinned when crowned! Its either the photo quality or she iz toning like Porsherr..

  2. Now SHE need fe sit down because as children’s minister I didn’t see her do a damn ting fe de yout’dem ‘cept post half naked picture an’a show arf har marning. She needs to have a strategy other than looks and good shape.

  3. To me, her success in running for vice president will depend on who gets to vote. If the general public gets to vote for vice president of the party then she will likely win (because many jamaicans are blinded by her social media campaigns). If it is only elected party members/MPs then I doubt she will win

  4. She would pass for a browning in Jamaica.In Europe and North America she and even Sean Paul would be considered black.

  5. Pretty Dumb guh siddung one side…weh yu do fi yu constituency or the children when yu had the oppertunity. Power Hungry eediat gyal guh post pon instagram, a dat yu know how fi du.

    1. Well said. I recall her recently taking pictures of her making sweet potato pudding. Why she didn’t take a few kids from Kingston children’s home and let them spend a day baking too and hopefully learning some life skills in the process?

  6. Lisa is quite successful as a person and politician .Nothing you guys say can take away from that fact .

    How about Andrew’s billions ?

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