S3xual overtures, s3xual innuendo and just plain raw s3x’
1,084 Internet porn videos on Jamaican school girls shock former youth minister

Former Youth and Culture Minister Lisa Hanna says she was shocked to find 1,084 pornographic videos on “Jamaican school girls”, evidence of the prevalence of s3x on the Internet and involving teenaged Jamaicans. In her latest blog, Hanna wrote the following:

Sometime ago, I gave the Norman Manley Lecture at the University of the West Indies (UWI) looking at the S3xual Harassment Bill and how the Bill could be understood, accepted and achieve its full objective in Jamaica, especially since some of our cultural norms have become so infused with s3xual overtures, s3xual innuendo and just plain raw s3x.

Surveys conducted have shown that the first s3xual encounter for a boy and girl in Jamaica occurs at 13 and 14, respectively. When I was minister of youth with responsibility for children, I was always struck by some of the body language and conversations coming from many of the children with whom I interacted. Some of the children in our residential care facilities were forced and coerced into s3x from a very early age because of carnal abuse, rape, and other forms of s3xual violence.

We have approximately 810,000 children that make up 30 per cent of our population. Today in Jamaica when a child is born, he or she will have a 97 per cent chance of surviving beyond age five, an almost 100 per cent chance of enrolling in school up to the secondary level, and will go on to live, on average, 73 years.

There is another reality that children face when they are born in Jamaica today. Many will be immersed in a technological world exposed to more information than the previous five thousand years.

The United States Department of Justice came out recently and said that never before in the history of telecoms media has so much indecent and obscene material been so easily accessible by so many minors in so many homes with so few restrictions.

Today there are 68 million pornographic sites on the Internet (many of them free and unlocked). Additionally, 2.5 billion pornographic emails are sent each day. The Internet p*rn industry is worth $3 billion annually, with many sites being unrestricted.

Like everything else, if you search “Jamaican Porn” we have our own porn stars. According to data from P*rnhub’s blog highlighting statistics from viewers located in Jamaica – the most popular day is Saturday and the least popular day is Friday. What stood out for me was the most popular searched keywords on the site: “Jamaican School Girl”. There are 1,084 videos under this heading.

So I decided to search Jamaican dancehall recently on Youtube to access a dancehall playlist while I worked on this research. It was just as shocking!

YouTube is the second-largest search engine on the Internet with over one billion users. Teenagers 14-17 make up 82 per cent of its users. They spend hundreds of millions of hours watching content while generating billions of views. Furthermore, 80 per cent of

YouTube’s views are from outside the US.

Once I clicked enter, I was greeted by several images the top four with women standing up, their bottoms and other parts exposed up in the air and their heads between their legs. Men jumping, ‘stabbing’ and bumping against women as if they were some hostile takeover, seemed to be the new normal.

I was greeted by very similar lyrics and images of women ‘skinning out’ very comfortably to demonstrate their flexibility and abilities to be good with s3xual moves. The videos were more than seductive; they were instructive. It seemed that almost every song and image spoke definitively to the need to give a man good s*x and how to do it.

So I got to thinking as to whether or not our current dancehall music coupled with the Internet and technology have overtly seduced our children into having s3xually aroused values systems and social mores? Have the lyrics and visuals, over the Internet been strongly influencing our children to pursue s3xual activities that they cannot manage?

Four-year-old girl gyrating on top of her head

I no longer have children dance competitions in my constituency as any part of fun day activities that I have as Member of Parliament. Why? Because I remember having to take from the stage a four-year-old girl who was gyrating on her head, while three other little girls dropped to the floor in splits demonstrating some of the very moves I saw in the of videos I watched.

The truth is that you cannot stop the flow of information or these images or lyrics especially if wifi is available and if they have a smart phone or tablet, but what you can do is to talk to your child about being responsible about how they receive the information.

Last year CISOCA received 1,094 reports of alleged s3xual intercourse involving underage individuals.

I draw your attention to these glaring statistics as we are still attempting as a country to solve a modern-day problem which is of gigantic proportion with band aid solutions that were maybe sufficient and effective 30 years ago.

We need to get real about this problem, and honest about the solutions, one of which starts with adopting the recommendation of changing the definition of s3xual intercourse in this country. We cannot stop s3xual violence and abuse if we are not honest about the different forms of s3xual advances now being made on our boys and girls.

Furthermore, we must look seriously at how we teach s3x education in our schools. The church will be quick to say ‘no’ I am sure. However, if what Superintendent Enid Ross- Stewart said is true, that the majority of high profile perpetrators of s3xual offences against underage individuals are pastors (and policemen), then it is time for our Church to acknowledge the hypocrisy of reconciling this data with their stance over many years of not supporting s3x education in schools and amending the definition of s3xual intercourse.

The reality that ‘Jamaican School Girl’ is now a prime search for porn sites is a serious wake-up call for Jamaica to recognise what is truly at stake. If we are to seriously confront and combat the horrors of child s3xual abuse, we must first rid ourselves of the notion that this problem can be solved in the closet.

12 thoughts on “LISA HANNA YOU ARE A FRAUD

  1. In regards to her sudden urgency to highlight the problem that’s where her fakeness n hypocracy lies because she barely even recognize there was indeed a problem when she was in charge.

    It’s the same ridiculous charade going on for jlp ppl remaining silent on the crime monster ravishing our country but were calling for portia n bunting heads under a pnp government. By the same token none of us saw a single finger being lifted in protests re crime by pnp ppl when they formed the government but now they want to burn bobby montague to ashes!

    The research n all Lisa no honour highlighted is spot on the God’s truth.No better herring. .no better barrel!

  2. So all this data just come bout? Mek she never so knowledgeable 2 years back when de rape and head inna bag did gwan?

    The post title true to form.

  3. these people are mean u would not believe its the same country all of us come from, anybody see the police man dat did bawl out the coolie don name re the gun smuggling, anything him lef smaddy a continue not saying the tedda side innocent like the talk show host say today the PNP was in power more than the other party most a the gully come dung nastiness was promoted unda dem, dem teef mi furniture wid Michael manley pon it in 79 a brook valley so it no mek no difference who u be dem suck out u yii speaking from inside the party mi get all visa go U.N, 78 not to mention people dem breed more capturer dem raise land tax 150 per cent ded unda finsac, and dem mumma wid the wusss constituency in Kingston a talk bout no come call her when dem want win another election them have no shame. JOSHUA TUN EENA HIM GRAVE TILL HIM CANT TUN NO MORE there are labourites who think manley was a good man

  4. At least she took the time to do the research and wrote this informative article . I found it very interesting and these facts can be used on the university and social services levels to further help endangered youth.

    This article shows she has academic intelligence and not just physical beauty . One person cannot save the plight of the youth, it takes an entire community !

    For those that have researched NOTHING, or done nothing for the cause of the youth at all, I suggest they remain silent.

  5. Is this bitch delusional. Is she from St Ann where ochi high school girls go catch sailor as ship come in? Where the f**k has she been?

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