0 thoughts on “LISA , LADY OF THE NIGHT…………NOT BY ME….

  1. OK!!! That mad/dunce just call her, “woman of the night?????” No sah unu bad no banana trash. Wooiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I can’t! All of a sudden everybody have haters and a cuss fi get a forward, fi big woman unu nuh think that shit played out??

  2. birds of iron batty, flock together.

    iron batty bird one is sticking up for iron batty bird two, awwwwww so sweet :babygirl

  3. An nuff a dem weh a comment luv run in unda every fukkin ting cause dem know say she is not a pretty girl. Nuff a dem comment pan every puss dawg an ratbat status. Kmt. She not cute and har body is f***ked up wid dat surgery.

  4. She tough yes. But she made a valid valid point. Beauty is inward. Nuff pretty woman are ugly and nuff handsome men are Jerks. So for that point, and that point only you get a :2thumbup

  5. To “NO” me is to love me. Mi always wonder why suh much a unu cah decipher the English Language but have no problem spelling name brand. Mi know unu all rich and happy but sometimes tek up a book and leave out the social media, after all unu rearing the next generation.

  6. MET what I wanna know is if a just 1 girl she a talk causen say she say dutty gyal?? I think she should be corrected causen say a no just 1 smaddy say she UGLY a d whole entire world :hammer My girl or should I say Donkey of the night if u did tink u beautiful n all dat u would hvae never paid a blind doctor fi f**k up u body more dan how u did. just own up to d f**king ugliness n dun….N TEK UP UNU DICTIONARY B4 UNU SENIOR CITIZEN GO PON SOCIAL MEDIA causen say me understand say bk in a days (100 years ago) dem just did invent book

  7. Met…..would you conduct an interview with a man dat slam up one of deze cement battam woman?
    Odder dan fi full out di clothes, what for is they doing this to demself?

  8. And the one star Barbie a run in bout when she come do her hair. Swear to god sherece u hair never look professionally done u jus mek Tina wigs loose plenty customer

  9. Met is ar baby father pony hype put it up pon Instagram say she ugly . We’ll a guess him was blind all this time because him have one next gal a breed she change the door lock. Pon him. Pony like batty it not all the time him want the middle part of a lady. . But the true she uglyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Badxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      1. Yes Simplyyyyy….please direct dem to Shani indox pls. Mi really waan see if a Pony really say she ugly and if soooooo A Pony she a call “gyal” or him new baby madder. Come talk up pls. Dash it dash it dash it. Plssss

  10. Lisa Lisa Lisa THEY SAY DOUBLE THE ACTION DOUBLE THE FUN (twins) BUT IN THE CASE OF YOU AND YOUR SISTER Its more like DOUBLE THE BLOODCLATH UGLINESS :ngakak :ngakak :mewek2 :mewek2 :mewek2 :mewek2 UNO two is the UGLIEST SET A TWINS IVE EVER LAID EYES ON DEAD ASS!! :ngakak UNO face and body FAKE I REST MY CASE JUST A BUNCH OF UGLY ASS BITCHES . WHEN GOD WAS GIVING AWAY PRETTINESS HIM MISS YOU AND YOU SISTER FOR SURE SURE SURE… :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak if ugliness was a crime you and your sistah woulda been in jail long time. Dwl

  11. Accomplish, Ugliness, know, Alright, within…<<<<<<correct spelling of those word.. #Spell check!!!!!! She to f'n old not to know how to spell… smdh. She busy worrying about how pretty she is, she need to be worrying about learning how to spell correctly

  12. One question for Sexclipps, is the same Plastic (literally) Surgeon yuh guh? Causen sey your body looks just like thiers #ja. Sherece stop lying causen sey is not Lisa duh yuh hair. Lisa can do hair and if she really duh yuh hair shi need to stop, causen your hair never look like it is done.

  13. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!! y’all need a life this lady dose nothing to most of y’all but y’all want to come and slander her name,how wicked is this what is with the woman of today this is how we behaved to each other in such disrespectful manner, who cares about beauty when you don’t have any self-respect ,love, compassion,morals ,dignity,loyalty to each others as woman we should come together as one ,not trying to break each others down we get up every day and work our asses off just to take care of our family and do right this is what this woman dose, why is it that we are always trying to defined each other by breaking each other spirit with such harsh words please ppl the time we take to make one feel so low we should think about how we would feels when someone makes us feel the same!!!!!!! don,t let a man make us turn against each other that same man will do you the same if not worse and turn around and leave you just as well , LISA you are a hard working woman keep your head up this too shall pass–ppl we need to stop worrying bout the nonsense in life and focus about how you can make your life more productive

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