Aneka 29 years old is not too old for you to go back and do a course and get a little job and mek a better life for you and your son eno …that’s how you plan on spending the rest of your life? from hand to mouth?…you just going to keep little boy whore you out???…you nuh waa know what it feels like to be independent?…..if them truly rate you they should help you become independent….. Mek him use him money weh him seh him av and open a little business place for you….stop mek dem bounce you around… Wise up now…stop live for the hype because clothes and shoes naah go cut it in the long run…ask your fren Milanfashion for little advice…stop f**k dem young boy yah weh tek woman fi door man…find a real man and mek him do some real investment in you…mek him send you back a school or open some business so you can get your own income


25 thoughts on “LISTEN UP MS 29

  1. Pure waste man love bring gal ah taboo, and pure waste gal love go deh sah. If a man bring you taboo, to look pon puzzy, done know sey him nuh rate yah and view you as a whore. Some gal need to learn some self respect and stop run down wanna be hype bwoys.

    1. Exactly! Is which man coulda look pon me a tell mi fi guh strip club wid him? I see celebs doing it and it’s the in thing, suh everyone tink it cute. If you man taking out on a date to a strip club for fact him cheating on you, or trying to work you down so you start having threesomes or tun u inna a swinger. No man wid good intentions for you future teck you to those places.

  2. I find it so hilarious how you guys are so concerned about her lifestyle. Why? Worry about y’all selfs!

  3. How someone choose to live their life is nobody’s business. Make sure you don’t live how she’s living though . BTW a lot of couples go to the strip clubs together

  4. Unnu too bloodclaat fast, lowe d gyal mek she do weh she feel please. True nuh man nah spen pon unnu?? Unnu badmind nuh f**k. Lowe ppl life alone and watch yours. I see her on social media all the time but cudda careless weh she wah fi du wid her life

  5. @need a name
    And I’m sure you know how puzzy taste. I thought Jamaica was a no gay zone?!?!?! how so much gal out here love look pon puzzy and shub dem tongue inna next gal crotches so?

  6. Taboo is not that wild comparing to some other strip clubs it actually have a nice laid back atmosphere for a Jamaican club

  7. And where is this house of ill repute located precisely? Juss awksin cause a don’t want to mek mistake and drive by there, nex ting di cyar bruk down an mi haffi push it offa di road inna di parking lot.

  8. Off topic, wah gwan fi shamiele n nino??? Both of them deleted pics of each other on their igs. Word on the street is dat jav come back fi nino. anyone can confirm?

  9. Mi see it clear inna mi crystal ball seh the person name “Anonymous nuh have no life. U could never have a stable or decent job. U obviously pree people business day and night. I bet if u had something constructive to do you wouldn’t be here making all those negative comments pan the people dem.
    U switch from one to another. Why you dont put your business on here? Who f**g you? How much man u f**k and how much gyal u suck? Your attitude is so unattractive.

    P.S PEOPLE LIKE U COMING LIKe johncrow. And no mi nuh knw the people personally mi jus like dem fashion taste. Your a hater!!! U need fi get stamp like some big cow.

  10. Whats with the Taboo shaming? Taboo to me is more of a night club than a strip club. I have never seen a naked stripper in Taboo. Only a few of them are topless and it’s obvious they are trying to get more tips. It’s not a f ck shop. Yes there is a champagne room but the club doesn’t have a sleazy vibe to it. I go with my girlfriends to party all the time.

  11. Its evident that person “Anonymous” dnt have anything constructive to do. Anonymous who a f**k u? Tlk up d tings dem bout your life. U are so into in peoples lives. I bet uz one big ugly bombo ole.

  12. Anonymous @11:21….den you nuh know what pusC taste like? Yu don’t taste your own? Nuh badda ansa wid nuh lie, cause if dat r di case den yu man as shortchange yu sexual horizons. Just saying. Have a wonderful evelin

  13. @DeadHoodWillie
    I’m a man you ediot and unlike you mi nuh Nyam ah place dat don’t have tables and chair yuh cobra tongue fool… Stop endorsing your puzzy tongue lifestyle on pink wall and go gargle yah rotten teeth dem wid some dettol mr lick-it-back.

  14. @anonymous she really that insecure fi mek gyal come back come tek back har man lol. Although them seh Jav is more wife materia than Sham imagine that eehh, plus she always emasculating him, box him up and dem sumn deh cuz him nah behave.

  15. Forgive me Ananymous….you are correct. I do indulge in oral sex with my woman, so I am guilty as charged.

  16. Do yal even kno who dis girl is Lol…smh Kno what to say before ya start dugustin ppl she has enuf money to go any where she wana go…ain’t ntn wrong if they decide to go taboo its entertaining to some ppl n I for one Dont av a prob n FYI d light in d bathroom bright nuh rass its d perfect place to snap a pic…that girl has everything going well for her…lo ppl mek dem live …uno guh live to n stop watch out ppl life like tv

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