8 thoughts on “LITTLE MISS WHO AND YOU?

  1. I think it’s her and frighten fi things Stacy Petite. She fuck Stacy babyfather or some mix up like so. But Stacy can’t keep man, she a crosses. She can just boast bout weh she have now lol because di gal nuh used to good life.

  2. She have that Lil Kim scary white woman with her face drawn too tight till her eye slant like di Chiney dem
    Big money mek you look like dat huh?

  3. Dem big ole woman yah nuh know sey a time dem find God and live respectable. Get up inna dance ah wine up dem stay bad twist up self and throw words is so played out

  4. Simone ruff, she and Brady nuh friend no more cause Brady nuh stop wear Little Miss things and dem friendship mash up. Big woman go sit down

  5. A little & di salamite one weh get deport from America name SOFIA a war. I heard that Little bounce r at the LAVISH POOL PARTY the other night. Stinking ole SOFIA fi go weh she a Judas she nam di woman food n wear r clothes n then turn round bite r. When SOFIA stuck a Jamaica few years ago Litlle Miss put a roof over her head. She was trying to go back to America VIa a boat n she get caught & her fren CHARMANA AKA PETAGAYE was sprading it yard & abroad seh LITTLE MISS A INFORMER a she set up SOFIA. The same CHARMANA said she warm SOFIA about LITTLE MISS cause she did pay police fi kill di lady from LONDON that she LITTLE Miss use to walk with. The SOFIA woman a trouble maker but she know she can’t size up the Little Miss no day no way.

  6. Sophia cant wear little clothes cause my friend Sophia use to give me clothes fi carry go give little miss that Sophia theif in a LA fi are facts me a talk. Unuuh a gwaan like little miss a god. Sophia nuh fraid a nuh gal that include little miss. The amount a clothes that Sophia send fi little miss I never know she would a tek theifing clothes and she rich.

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