A Turkish newspaper Monday reported that nine Trinidad and Tobago nationals were detained after the police nabbed a Syrian man suspected of attempting to smuggle them into southern Turkey to join the ISIS terrorist organisation.

The “Daily Sabah” reported that the police had stopped a car with a license plate from southern Mersin province when it entered south-central Adana province with 10 people, including the driver and nine Trinidad and Tobago citizens.

The paper reported that after an initial probe, police found the Syrian man, Asem H, was trying to take the Trinidad and Tobago nationals to the war-torn country, where they would have been recruited by ISIS.

The Syrian suspect was remanded in custody after an appearance at a local court, while the nine Trinidad and Tobago nationals were transferred to Adana Provincial Migration Management for deportation procedures, the report said.

This is not the first time that Trinidad and Tobago nationals associated with ISIS have been held by Turkish forces.

In January this year, Turkish newspaper Hurriyet reported that four Trinidad and Tobago nationals were among 961 foreign members of ISIS captured by Turkish forces.

The newspaper referred to a list published in December of people captured from 57 countries.

In April, the Trinidad and Tobago government said it was now “red-flagging” as potential threats to national security the families of men and women who went to Syria to fight for ISIS.

An opposition legislator also claimed earlier this year that 400 nationals had been indoctrinated, radicalised and trained by ISIS.

But National Security Minister Edmund Dillon said then that the blacklist contained 105 descriptions of men, women and children who have gone to Syria.


  1. But dem a spen dem time a block out Jamaicans. Watch weh the USA soon do to them dung deh. A dose a dem own medicine

  2. Way before this Isis terror, Trinidadians have traditionally relocated to places like the Middle East, Turkey, Syria, Africa etc because there is a HUGE population of Muslims traditionally long in Trinidad for Decades. Many have well off businesses and several wives in Trinidad and traveling, whether for trade , relocation etc is the norm .

    It is disturbing that Isis is recruiting from all over the world, not only Trinidad.

    Also sick of d jackass argument bout ” Trinidad blocking JAmaicans.” If Yardies were unhappy in Trinidad, tens of thousands, both legal and more illegal, would not be living in Trinidad .

    To the assholes that are unaware , ask any Jamaican artist, they make MOST of their money in d Caribbean from d island of Trinidad! It is because Trinidad SUPPORTS reggae since d conception .
    Stop fun wit d F***Y !

    1. On behalf of my fellow Jamaicans, We don’t care to know the history behind why YOU TRINIDADIANS feel the need to go join one of the biggest terrorist group in the world, We don’t care. SHAME ON YOU ALL. The government need to find out why you all running to that group and stop take set on my People like you all better than us. GWEY.

    2. What does Jamaicans have to do with this article. Jamaicans are not mentioned saying they will join isis. Sooooo?

  3. Seems they have a lot of problems to deal with other than My Fellow Jamaicans who they deem fit to turn back from their Island, What a Prekka and totally embarrassment. Unuh gwan go control unuh Isis people and Lowe we.

  4. Make most of their money in Trinidad?????? Ahh would this be on tour ??? Trinidad is a small island and well you go to the beach and you go to the beach again and their is nowhere really to go since u have Indian and negro beach entertainers get a pass

  5. Stop chat faaut bout artist makes most of their money in trini. Weh y’all get them nonsense deh from kmt

  6. Hurt? Far from love. Just sadden by d ” bedroom bully ” ignorant mentality and division among Caribbean people . Dat us all .
    This was NOT a history ass, I was making a Point that WAY before ” Terroeim” over FORTY and SIXTY years ago, Trinidad has taken in people from war torn countries especially SYRIA and Turkey etc … Thus d relationship why many travel to those nations .

    The wanna be terrorist I am glad they were caught , not supporting that .

    But Save yuh negative right down for d Chinee and White man that buy out sell out and pimp out Jamqica … Not even d BEACH d people own .
    Talk bout dat .

    And if Trinidad did not like Jamaica, reggae and dancehall would not be playing 365 a year.

    Show me a Jamaican man dat hates a Trinidad woman. Take d banner t shirt off d Trini local who represented Jamaica in d sexy red t shirt over two decades later… Did u see her complaining bout Jamaica ?

    U all need to grow to f**k up! Thank goodness d loving INTELLIGENT Jamaicans I am around daily, NOT IGNORANT like most of these DUMB comments here that deal with hate and division

    1. Fuss of all Jamaican men dislike Trini wen why?? All they want is “the bull” anal f**k dats all mi hear Jamaican men talk abt with disgust! Memba we r out of many one people so dem nuh affi stray far frm yawd to get a beauty!

  7. Jamaican are constantly looked at as warmongers; yet a de Trini dem ah jine ISIS fi bring more CRISIS pon God’s Land!

  8. the time you are sitting there talking go tell your government to MAKE the immigration services stop harrassing jamaicans because those very jamaicans that y’all are harrassing y’all better start EMBRACING them because y’all gonna need them to fire gun for you after ABU-BAKAR send HALF the trini population go train with ISIS and return to turn trinidad into an ISLAMIC STATE! :2thumbup by then the coward trini security forces gonna either defect or put their foot in their hands! :ngakak


  9. Keep in mind this website highlights a lot of Jamaicans and their bad behavior not to say there is not bad in every nation.We must stop denying that the lawlessness in Jamaica sometimes get exported to other countries.Accountability

  10. You miss trini, how is your economy doing remember oil is dirt cheap now and because your country is breeding terrorist America is going to devalue the oil even more, soon your country will be troding downwards and you are going to need the same white man and Chinese to stop your country from ending up like Venezuela where the people are starving and eating scraps.

  11. Lady galang go sidung cuz Trinidad ago end up worse than Venezuela watch and see if a lie mi a tell. Enjoy di likkle oil while it last my dear oh & di Colombians dem a pree unno a that unno fi know dem nuh trust not one of you trinis

  12. @Anon ‘ Bedroom bully mentality?’ a how dat drop een, do u even know what the term means? no sah, mi almost choke pan mi rice an peas.

  13. Trinidad is one of the most racist island in the Caribbean!.. They coolie them nasty and hate black ppl.

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