1. A lieeeeeee. U tappp predd propaganda pon di First Lady. Dwlllll. Wooiieeee. Unu hold mi deh. Unu hooooollllddd mi. Yuh know mi cyaan stop laugh. Did he say “granola bars”. Truh!!!! Shani say God know. Dwlll. Is a next Mariah Carey dis. Lmaoooo

  2. Uppity!! Wha fruit punch do har bout except fruit punch!?the $100milion dollar question is why does she need a full body length mirror??Based on her atrocious buttu track record in dressing, it is not as if she has any use of a mirror!

    She just fling on any Ole bruck she find a come pan man TV widout a care fi ppl’s eyes and sensibilities. Juliet go Siddung,YOU are NOT a DIVA and not in ur wildest dream can u emulate Michelle O’s shadow.Again I say go siddung cuz look like Andrew fraid fi tell yuh all ur get-ups n contraptions nah cut no dash.Too damn disgusting now mon remind me of Ms.shytty Piggy kmdt!

  3. Jamaican why unno love bash jamaican su?? What she ask for is what any celebrity would ask for and if she didn’t gave a list of what she need she would look fu*king stupid bcuz they send n ask her what she needed…I’m sorry our jamaican people who don’t know what’s going on in the world make themselves look like n ass all the time..

    1. I know US celebrities all have this list of requirements that is forwarded where ever they go. If you look up rihanna on the ellen show, ellen talks about some of the things rihanna has to have (one of them was noodles lol). I think people have a hard time accepting this mostly because it is a jamaican public figure

  4. I do not no why but mi HATE di way dem new Anchor and reporter dung a Jamaica read di news. Dem always sound like dem a fight di word dem and a talk up ina dem sinus cavity.. Half di time mi cah undastand a dyam thing dem a seh. Who are they trying to accomodate speaking like this? Di Farrina dem no undastand dem and worst di tourist. Mi feel sarrie fi di ghetto ppl with no brotopshy weh struggle fi ketch 2 a di word dem like myself yah. Dem chat too fast and dragg the word like dem think it sound good. Cho. Is hot soup dem a drink and chat meck dem affi gwan so?

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