12 thoughts on “LOOK ERE NUH

  1. Met in exceptional circumstances I would humbly request you allow us to cuss a good old fashioned BOMBOCLAARTTT!!TPC modders cunt!!

    Yea mon when it deservedly call for please and tonks. :hoax2 :batabig :jrb:

  2. oh god poor krissy him love we jamaican culture thou him dance and skin out and a bare skid mark inna chrissy draws them.u should check his ig out to see what am talking about

  3. This is allll that is needed to understand Sher’s level of nastiness and desperation. Memba seh ah diss NASTY CREATURE she guh ah Merka guh attach herself to FEH GET FAME AND FORTUNE, till him come out and say she supports the gays. SHER CHRISSY NEEDS A BUSS HIMSELF, him canh buss nuh baddy. :sorry :sorry :alay :batabig

  4. Mi know a me alone but mi tink di standup a di wickidis ting pan di pic. Di stand up need it own grammazone..di stand up need it own round up. Di stand up a seh baddie a collapse and di belly a seh kotch it up :nohope

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