16 thoughts on “LOOK PAN VAZ FACE

  1. *Shame*. Him skin up him face n run har off di bike. Later him a pose wid wifey Ann pon it.
    A dat onoo fi get when onoo too raas nuff

  2. He always has an oafish look on his face to me. Thank God for the women he chose to make his children with.

    1. Tanasha. A word to the wise is sufficient. Do not follow others in spreading rumours.

      Daryl wasn’t in Jamaica when that Immaculate schoolgirl, Diane Smith was raped and killed. The detective who was in charge of the case who later became Assistant Commissioner of Police, said at no time Daryl was a suspect and he was baffled as to how the rumour came about.

      It is three years after the incident that Vaz’s political foes from Grant’s Pen concocted such a vicious lie which had smeared Daryl badly because many persons are convinced that he actually did it.

      By the way the man that was charged in relation to the case. His alias is Shorty. It is said that after Shorty was acquitted, he was sent abroad, where he was killed shortly after and his body sent home to Jamaica in a barrel.

      Shorty is alive and was also interviewed in that Observer article and he disclosed that he had never travelled overseas.

      If you are interested in the truth surrounding this story, you can research it at the Jamaica Observer online. If you are only interested in perpetuating a lie, then neither I nor anyone will succeed in convincing you that’s it’s not true.

      If a lie is repeated often enough by several persons, then after a while it will appears to be factual.

  3. A dem green jlp yah a sell out we country. Dem need fi come outta power. Mi nuh seh pnp needa n portia bad tuh but innu worst. Innu sell out all di ppl dem an get rich. Unnu issa set a wicked dirty jancrow. Y’all give zero fucks about the ppl. I hate unnu! Dirty pol-lie-ticians an jcf a kill off di ppl dem unnu sell we out tuh all some freaking foreign country wah wuss nuh care omg! God a weh yuh deh. Slavery neva did dun, it did just a begin just on a different scale… This time without the shackles and much worst…now is mental an spiritual slavery atleast our ancestors could fight then…dem a turn inna dem grave we ancestors a grieve we land a bleed omg! Di killers are living better than the ppl. Dem turn out nuff inna dem freaking green lost souls. I hate y’all dirty system.

  4. A good, you should be ashamed, look how your candidate husband treated you with contempt. At that moment it was so sudden that he couldn’t even nice it up knowing it’s a supporter. All they care about is your vote, nothing else. Take his response as a future warning and take heed.

  5. Onelee Leeyan, nyam shit. Tanasha talk up the things because the whole Jamaica know that’s facts.
    Latty, just this week my colleagues and I had that discussion.The enslavement of the minds of Jamaicans is now at an all time high.Not even during slavery was it like this. Look at the people running behind these demi gods. Kmt. It’s a crying shame. Both sides of the political divide messy but JLP? Different kettle of fish that

  6. Propaganda is truly a bitch to contend with.

    Respect for that bit of clarification/historical facts.

  7. Omelette Leyan move yuh bloodclaat.Everybody know a him.It was a big coverup true dem have money.Dem mek Shorty trek the blame.

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