Hi Instagram friends and family I’m posting this asking for assistance in locating my mother.. My name is Sherifa walters otherwise call bupsiy I haven’t seen her in over 30 years.. She left me when I was 4 years old saying she was going away to work and I havent seen her since.. Her name is Monica Miller born February 29th do not know what year, she’s otherwise called Joy and is originally from St.Ann. A place call independent city, I was told at one point when I was younger it was Monica and her sister that left St.Ann to come to Kingston where she met my father. When living in Kingston Grants Pen and Papine area is where she resided. She met my dad Desmond Walters otherwise called Wailer who is now deceased. She left me and my little sister Abbie McKenzie with a very nice lady called Marcia Bailey In the Papine Kentyre area. Haven’t seen her since.. It’s been really hard grow up for so long not knowing or seeing a mother around sometimes my kids ask me about their grandmother and I
dont know what to tell them. Lately I’ve been having some dreams about her and I know she is out there.. Please anyone out there know the where about of this lady please comment below and I’ll dm you.. Thanks much


  1. Monica! If you alive come answer for you sins. Time come.

    Sender, it is possible your mom dead o locked away in a foreign prison. Matter of fact, have you tried the corrections in Jamaica to see if she there? You have to consider all aspects of what would cause her to abandon her kids.

    Good luck

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