10 thoughts on “LOOKING OUT -_-

  1. sender you boring boring boring you need to come off the people them now. the man dont want and that is the plain truth. you are sad you a try hard to put down the people them and it is not working. if the girl tek your man she look good and up dem and maybe you too ugly and have nothing to bring him off. look how them look good together. leave the man now and get over yourself bitch. we all know a you a send in the same things on the teamfantasy from the other day. you try off a maxine shi and it dont work dont you a try this the girl say she thief your man so what is wrong with that. if you cant thief and gal man you not saying nothing these days. p.s go look a life

  2. Yuh mek dat teef yuh man?. Har pussy mussi tight. A how you look? no sah!… naw say too much still she nuh look 100 inna di face

  3. If she thief your man too man go tell it to dear pastor. But if a blingas she thief she careless cause him a nobody to thief. Who want him surely not me.

  4. Kmt f***g teeth. Sender is good thing them thief him cause him will use you and leave you like it was nothing. If him talk to someone for three good and start to look at next girl and the one become just begin to fade away. So sender when she tek just start count from there for three months.

  5. This is fooliness and sense less, OK she thief him and soooooo. But make to tell you guys this all the war over this man not going to make you get him. I know him and see him at party all the time. And he is a man wore too much woman and u don’t know who a who. Cause him don’t show any of them any respect to say how a that a the real girl. So him a play everyone and everything. Please please tell this girl to leave his no for good ass. He means nothing to any woman. We should stand together and stop letting him win.

  6. Kmt this is boring the two a them lucky and the picture say nothing that they are together wait man and woman can’t take pictures again. And if them together and she thief him for real why compliant just go fix up yourself and Mek him man to leave you. But if it is because your pussy no tight sorry for you. But what him have for someone to thief him. Please I want to know so I can thief him too.

  7. why people just can bill the man have a lot a girls so who cares who thief him. him no have no woman that a say him full out. dont know if this one a say him full out. but we all know him get a lot. from all who dont know is about six girls and that one make seven. so who really cares and you sender must see make eight so you just a build him up more for more girls to tek him. so him is really a man bitch with a lot of bitches. you can come kill we now if talk the true.

  8. who is to thief mi f**k him already and it did not worth and send f**k so what else is there more then the hype in a dance him can’t even buy mi s top shell laqiour in a dance kmft. Thief him no gal dont have to do that cause him like likes

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