You get uglier by the second. God don’t like ugly, you mash up the girl marriage but you shall feel God’s wrath. You ugly like the sinful life you area living, you are curse with a curse. Every time bunny son cry the eye falls on you. With all the education you claim you have, you won’t amount to nothing because you’ve wreck a home. You’re demon shanice.


  1. I’ve grown to know that women who date married man will never truly fine a man that there’s. Dem life always unhappy. So leave to Krama.

  2. @ smh you are so right and this girl has no shame about it but there is a god who sits high an watch low her day is slowly approaching . she thinks it’s cute because her mom is up with it. No moral!

  3. if this is what she looks like when she’s made up, imagine what she must look like when she wakes up in the morning?
    same way you get him, is the same way you lose him. good luck.

  4. When we women will start being an advocate for each other and honour womanhood to the level that we do not have to step into a marriage. Is one thing when you honestly did not know, but when you knowingly enter into a relationship with a married man what do you expect to happen? And don’t come tell mi bout love and feelings, cause a nuff a wi out here get chat up to by married men and wi blast dem fi guh home to dem wife as soon as mi know dem status. Leave ppl marriage alone so dat you can have a good legacy fi look back pon in your old days and your children can walk wid dignity pon di land.

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