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  1. Met me see SALLY last night she ain’t in no damn jail dwllllll so part 2 should be on still lmfaooooo

  2. So why unnu sen in the girl now? Yes she have her baby and out again so what?. She look nice belly going in nicely. The END.

    About sally out a jail, yes its possible that’s she’s out but maybe she have court to attend.

  3. thats denise from newland portmore, fabian taylor sister i think, she used to play football for da national team (female)

  4. Lol that’s the infamous Dansa and him lady love Den’Den. She is not ugly @La-la maybe a how she screw up har face. And yes him is a regular bleacher, a progressive yute still so me a gi him a pass today. Nah say nothing bout what inna the pants

  5. Den den no look 2 bad, but u cyan just have baby a month ago & reach club already. No!!! dat no look good. Mi even see har a mi fren baby bday party 2 weeks ago & she have out her new born less than a month old already. Can’t have ppl in the baby face already. She need a book on being a mother.

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