Lord Jamar one of the first rappers in U.S history see Omar Epps ina skirt and talk up…Mrs Marlisha Winegood tek it up…Lord Jamar nuh back dung..read it read it a like it






















  1. Dunn dem mi say. Dem too nuff wid di ooman tings man. Dem gaan from eyeliner (talking about its goth) to skirt. A wha next? Dem soon put on pad and open dem legs so wi caan see it. Mi feel say dem just mek up dem mind say dem couldn’t kill wi off with slavery, aids, drugs, prison and extermination so dem decide sey they dem ago kill we off through the feminization of our black boys and men. Mi can’t talk fi anyboby but me nuh phuck man inna skirt or man wey want wear my skirt.

  2. p.s. and if man and ooman nah phuck nuff pickney caan come. Cause the other way (inna the test tube etc/surrogacy) very expensive.

  3. I agree with Lord Jamar on this…Him won this round.. Next ting yuh see dem dancehall man pick it up bout style… Man fi be manly not feminine. :2thumbup …. An to you Marlon mi di always thing sum’n fishy bout u :cool

  4. You see people are ignorant to what they don’t know. As far back as BC and AD men wore “skirts”. “dresses”. I am sure they were called a different name back then. Why aren’t women chastised for wearing heels? They weren’t made for us, the were actually made for men as far back as Ancient Egypt. A man wearing a “skirt” doesn’t make him a woman just as how a woman wearing “pants” does mot make her a man. Ignorance and lack of knowledge wen it comes to history makes people very narrow minded in their thinking.

    1. It is not our culture to wear skirts so what are u talking about? are we in bc or ad? are we irish? no man in egypt wore a skirt..long wrap yes not skirt

        1. a talk bout bc ..Lord Jamar is no fool he been in the game so please….omar epps doe have no reason ina di skirt

  5. We adopt everything else for every other culture. Why do you think that they would not adopt that? Have you ever been to Africa and see what the real tribal men there wear? I am sure the don’t wear pants and neither do their women. Wearing something without a crotch is actually in the African culture since everybody claiming to be African or of African decent.

  6. Look again. Look at more images of tribal dressing. The men in fact wore skirts. We are often chastised for not embracing our culture. These men are wearing skirts they might not be of traditional print, but they might be embracing the culture they have been told the have forsaken. Black men and black people on a whole have adopted all sorts of shit from other cultures, so if this is not them embracing their culture it’s just another shit from another culture. Either way I am sure it will phase our once the proper values are instilled in the up coming generation.

  7. Team Jamar. Wayans wants a buck in his farrid for implying that to wear a skirt is the epitome of being well read and travelled. What about all men who back pack around the world and don’t put themselves inna skirt? It would be better if Wayans just said he just likes the fashion and done.

    Black men look the strongest out of all the races, but boy, too many of them have the weakest constitution when it comes to being easily influenced…..and they hate when others can’t get with the foolishness.

  8. Hi Met & All

    This ‘plan in motion’ has been in motion for years, reaching fruition ya now.

    The Black family has always been the source of strength for Black culture. The family supports, teaches, protects,and holds its members accountable. To efficiently attack and destroy a people, this family structure must be undone.
    This has been accomplished by:
    Tearing husband from wife and children from parents during slavery
    Removing the man from the Black household with a new Jim Crow strategy
    Keeping the Black man out of the house with welfare strategies that reward single parent households
    Interracial dating
    Conditioning Black children using the public school system to accept the state as the sovereign of the household
    Using welfare to reinforce dependence on the state instead of self-determination
    Infiltrating Black culture to deliver subliminal psychological attacks.

  9. Marlon and his brothers were the first ones to put on dress and make up. They have no limit to what they will do for money. And his gay ass brother Shawn. Wth kinda career does Marlon have? Marlon never really had a mainstream career, he was always a clown in second rate black movies. All these bitch niggas that are prepared to trade their souls and masculining for a dime need to be ostracized.

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