National Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang has revealed that lottery scammers have been setting up call centres and employing persons to carry out illicit activities.

Dr. Chang made the disclosure on Tuesday as he explained the link between scamming and murders. He said the violence being seen in parishes like Westmoreland and Hanover is absent in areas like Manchester because the scammers in that parish are more orderly.

“It is not as impactful in Manchester where it is big because they are more organised. Some of the older scammers have gone there, and it is well known that they rent homes and employ individuals like a call centre, and therefore, it is well managed,” he purported.

He argued that violence is more prevalent in areas where scamming is a new phenomenon.

“When you go to a Hanover or a Westmoreland where scamming is fresh, the people who are entrapped don’t understand the rules literally, and therefore, they will take a $500 or a $100 out of a man’s $10,000 but they goin’ kill him. There’s no other rule, it’s you follow or you’ll be killed,” Minister Chang explained.


  1. This is a lie scamming a gwan in every parish for years, why sre these ministers so stupid, like seriously.

  2. Where did you read the minister saying scamming isnt happening in other parishes? If you who not getting paid to track crime can know what going on in every parish, what about him whose job it is to know?

  3. No where the man discount scamming in any parish. And No it wasn’t happening in the 14 parishes for years. St. James is where scamming began and remained for years.

  4. this has been happening for years and its in Kingston too… back in 2009 i applied for a for a call centre job online (splashjamaica), got the job and was trained to sell american government grants which is free to mostly elderly people.. the owner ails from montego bay and would lash out at us for not making him enough money, he would cuss us to say his workers in mobay are doing far better than us and that him have him big house and cars and doesnt need us to do this… i spent 2 months there and left and the call centre is no longer in operation… after explaining the job to a friend they too summed it up as a scamming call centre, it was just about 6 of us working in a “call centre”

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