A 46-year-old man has been charged with money laundering by the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) West following an operation in the swanky Ironshore community on Holy Thursday.

A large house, allegedly belonging to the accused, was also seized by the Financial Investigation Division (FID) during the operation under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA).

The man was charged shortly after he was held in the house by the law enforcers.

According to Corporal Kevin Watson, spokesperson for MOCA West, Thursday’s operation — which was a continuation of a local and international investigation of a major crime syndicate — was conducted by MOCA and FID.

Thursday’s seizure brings to three the number of houses confiscated by the FID under POCA as part of the major probe in the upscale Ironshore community.

“These houses are involved in a connected investigation being carried out by the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency,” Corporal Watson said.

“These investigations, I must remind you, are also a collaborative effort with our overseas law. The overseas partners have already done their part and MOCA West has already charged persons in connection with this investigation,” he added.

Corporal Watson warned that MOCA will be unrelenting in its fight against crime. He also warned that properties belonging to people convicted under the Law Reform (Fraudulent Transactions) (Special Provisions) Act, popularly known as the Lotto Scam Act, will also be forfeited under POCA.

“This is the same method which we will be using to [seize] houses owned by lotto scammers. We will be going after their assets just as what obtains here. MOCA is dedicated to the fight against offences of organised crime. MOCA will continue the fight, along with its partners and other agencies, to take the profit out of crime,” Corporal Watson warned.

More than 500 people have been arrested, and billions of dollars in assets seized under the country’s anti-lottery scamming law, since it was passed in 2013.

Some of the cases have already resulted in convictions.


  1. Interesting that he was charged with money laundering and NOT Lottery Scamming. Was he actually involved with the Lotto Scamming or was he a facilitator of hiding the proceeds or washing the money from Lotto Scammers?

    There were two Jamaican MPs that were “highlighted” (accused) in the WiKileaks documents for Laundering the Drug proceeds of an extradited Drug Kingpin, yet those two MPs are still active Politicians and no attempts have been made to arrest or confiscate their properties. Why?

    I wonder if MOCA will go after the big guys, including high ranking Police Officers who are equally involved in washing drug and Lotto money? I wonder if this operation is linked to the killing of the Son of a Prominent Montego Businessman a few weeks ago?

  2. Why is it that the name of this 46-year old man kept secret if he is already charged for a crime? I suspect that the Police won’t release his name, but why? I’m sure the people in Montego Bay know who he is, so why not release his name to the public.

  3. I know that house I’ve been in there before i even have pix of me and family in there. Be-u-tifulllll house thp. one man name shampoo food own it. Don’t know if him sell to someoneelse. Or is him the scammer but i know that dwelling

  4. When drug dealers actually go out and take risks, put themselves on the line and sell drugs to willing customers, these scammers target the old and gullible and that makes them scum in my eyes.
    I have a huge problem with them living lavishly and balling on people’s hard earned dime. Confiscate all the houses and cars yes.

  5. Couple good points there Anonymous….but memba seh it are Jamaica yu talkin. From yu link up politically every ting kriss.
    Look ow long Prezzi get visa an fly out, to this day the official declaration is “no assets found”. Choo we a big ed bud, mek Wi even figet di drugs and extortion money, Prezzi was awarded nearly $500 millions in government contracts, an him don’t own not even a sheet a zinc fi sleep under?? REALLY??? Him drive do biggest Bimmaz and Escalade and other vehicles…suh doze was rental? Barrow cyaar??? Cho Raas.

  6. What a heap a acronym in dis article, mi confused by MOCA and POCA. 46yr old you too blasted ole fi eena dese tings, u should sekkled aready and have a legitimate business a tend to. Fram mi a grow Ironshore and Bogue full a ganja man and all kinds a ppl wah meck dem money unda unscrupulous circumstances. Nice place, but you donts know who you neighbour will be.

  7. If the jamaican government should fight poverty as hard as they fight the lotto scam the country would be in a better position.

  8. He wasn’t a the same act it fall under as the scammer dem..a king midas house..Alison husband

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