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This story is related to the man tekking story. Loudy

Word in street is that chatty mout Loudy got rushed and box down days after putting up status for the girl everyone is talking about. The girl and 3 people guh fi him a him yawd n beat him all mek him run like dawg. Beat him till him shoulder pop out when he claim he was swinging at the girl afta she gi him right hook. Funniest ting is he reach hospital but Neva wan de gyal dem hear dat but it reach road right afta so de battyman start talk dat him wi call police pon de gyal dem. Nigga, police???? Afta de dike dem buss yuh head yuh still cyan defend dat den yuh wan status a gyal, she come fi yuh n beat yuh up n yuh wan tun Police Peggy. Yuh luv chat but figet de badness backa dat!!! Too much social media gangster then when real gangster come page yuh, yuh haffe tek gyal tump!!! Next time don’t chat yuh Fren dem business cause tump wudnt reach yuh needa!!!


  1. This is what I can’t tek wid people, nasty gal nana charged her ex man because he embarrassed her and then tun round and assaulted Loudy and still walking on road. I don’t care what anyone says Loudy should charge her ass, they could of killed him. The worst thing you can do is go to someone’s house to fight them, just because he laughed at the nasty gal, the world is laughing at her.

  2. They all where friends she knows where he lives, Nana is not a fighter, and she and her son and 2 girls went to his house, and assaulted him why, he is has only one hands working the other hand was already damage, and in bandage, she knew this before they all fall out when Nana ex post about everything and everyone Nana chat about, so they all drop her, but lousy drop her from last year when she f**k bumper baby father Oliver. Why she never attack then. Nana you lame and sad bad. Shit Pitt my girl no man shit pit. But people loudy hand was damage he been off work for a min now.

  3. Arent you guys tired of the drama? How old are the people involved. You act like children. Well one message to all you tired dancehall degenerates: GOD DOES NOT LIKE LUKEWARM. HOMOSEXUALS WILL NOT ESCAPE JUDGEMENT. Wake up hebrews.

  4. How did u rush Loudy when u box him n he box u back u ran into the car talking abt it’s not done so again how did in rush him Nana? Ur 16yr old son was in the car with the other girl son the girl stood by the car n u looked damn stupid cause of u did rush him u wouldn’t be talking abt it’s not done. What abt Bumper, Kay, G, Karisma, Aunti Mention etc that made comments? GO HAVE SEVERAL SEATS WITH UR SHITTY BREATH. U knw their addresses too. U claim have a list right lmfao

  5. Hear you ediots bout call the police. Even though Loudy is a fish he is still a man. The police officers muss dead wit laugh when u come inna di station to report say yuh mek gyal sen you go a hospital. Loudy jus gwan hol it bredda. Cause your just gonna bring shame to yourself even more by calling the police. Hol di dislocation yute and shut yuh mout. yuh chat too much.

  6. @knowitall aka Loudy a you she pick fi go after. Just live with it. How does it feel to be the weak fence??? And what are u trying to say really??? Nana didn’t do cause any harm to you??? So what were you the hospital for? Why did you have to take time off work??? Loudy go take several seats. Hopefully after this you will learn to shut your suck hood mouth. Yuh chat too rass much.

  7. Um no that IS the story. You guys are honestly full of shit. Talking on things you don’t know. Just shut up and read before jumping On band wagon because u all don’t like the man.

    And if Loudy had F**K UP NANA LIKE HE SHOULD OF SINCE SHE WENT ONTO HIS PROPERTY, you guys would’ve been saying he’s a bitch, he’s a mama man, he’s a pussy and him only have strength fi GYAL. So yes, charge har bloodclot! How the hell u roll up to house with a car full of people and everyone sits inside watching u box someone and u getting boxed back and No one even flinches to help you ? Smh. Nana I’m sorry for what happened to u with joker but you knew he was like this. You knew he beat up women cuz he used to beat YOUR COUSIN/BFF NADIA all the time. You knew he exposed women when their relationship was over and they get into an argument. And you knew he was on WORLD
    STAR CRYING LIKE A BITCH because his girlfriend or babymoms at the time left him. Karma is a bitch. Stop tekking people man and focus on building “your empire”. You’re an alpha female remember ?

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