1. Can Philly ppl send in real stories. This pic is about two weeks old with no story behind other than assumptions that they are not happy. U post a pic, ppl say Ur faking, u don’t post a pic they say dem lef or broke dem don’t go out.

    1. Kayann boasey and no have dry sh**t. She is one sneeky tecks also.She no betta than Kelly di only thing is she gwann lady like while doing her deeds. YOu cah live a Philly and man a call ur name a Nj Ny and Cali. Memeba di worl small so u be surprise is who knows who. It justy sad fi see she a float all ova and no have nuteen and ah mean nutten fi show fi all di slapments weh she dashout. Ah next thing to she is very nuff and friendly. All you affi do is wear couple brand ah clothes she feel like you hot. she wants to be friendly wid all the so called hot gal but throw out the “i’m quite and innocent image” . It funny how no baddie ina har fambily and Shakera a fren but she love Shakera.I hope she no think Shakera ago gi har no what leff and keep it calm.

  2. No man mi affi comment pon this. Are you f**king serious. What Kayon fi dash out now or fly go dash out. The girl just had a baby he is 2mths now plus her lil girl 2 yrs. Like really though she gonna leave them a daycare fi go cali fi days. Look here its said when hate dont work ppl tell lies. Shakera aka shinning star though yuh smart enuh i see right through you yuh want ppl fi bash Shakera now lo smh. Shakera clothes cant fit Kayon they two different size plus if Kayon ago wear ppl things Shakera wouldnt be an option. Philly ppl unnu just bitter then unnu see the ppl them and talk up to them omg. Your comment sounds so STUPID you had nothing to say so yuh just mek shit up

  3. @ Anony 12:35…..Boatee never specify wen she was creeping outta town,it could b before belly or during….One a my whoring man fren was still screwing his x while she was pregnant and married fi another man suh dat nuh seh nutten.Dont swear fi nobody

  4. Mi see di yute all di while by himself an never kno seh him av a ooman but ah so Philly mon stay. Nuff ah dem av dem ooman ah dem yaad weh dem neva carry guh pawty an a moggle wid a gyal dat look 10 times (sumtimes) betta den what dem sekkle wid evry nite tyad ah dem

  5. Dem philly ppl yah no ez enuh. Yesterday dem say dem wa stay relevant Today unuh put something abt kayan. f**king dunce a unuh mek dem feel n seems relevant

    1. ar eU SEERIOUS? TIA F**K EVERYBODY THEN MAN.. If Sample sleep wid Tia Kayann need fit cut off dat rotten hood deh.. BUt Unuh seh TIa cah read or write so how she managa send story when she cah open the box juss fi try send an email. Unuh fi stop it mind unuh set Kelly pon Tia unuh know Kelly come from di jungles of Africa and she love war. Is definately smaddy weh no like TIa write di above comment a bait are uo. Gangsta she no stop gi you headache eeh? Clarkely love Tia wine better we can rtell. lol

  6. let me tell unnu this 90% men who have dem good good gal a dem yard keep them girl out the spot light because dem want fi go home to a decent woman so dem just go inna the spotlight go whore out the gal dem so if unnu want give the man dem f**k fi dem fi dem bizniz dat who fi feel dog now not the wife…….a bayyyyy

  7. No man will eva own tia bout clarky want dwl if clarky did want tia why him Neva own her up? Tia will always be a f**k box no man want to own demnot even want she tell people she and dem f**k. She try talk to Dave inna public and him kick har dung

  8. senda is very jealous and want sample. Sample luv that girl and is a great dad. They make cute kids and senda is a hater!

  9. @ wonder girl my girl guh sleep my man affi can carry mi out n show mi up f**k u mean? wat would be the problem fi mi n my man inna the video if a me him seh n me seh him ?/mek mi no wah guh dance no man cyah park me!!!!!!!

  10. Met di ppl dem a Philly ah crucify Tia seh a she send een dem bizness. jusss because she go like 1 pic pon Shauna page from a year ago. Dat Is so dumb to say she guilty of that. Whoever throw up Tia name up top seh she a sleep wid kayann man a unuh a bait up di gal. If unuh no like har fine, but doh put di gal life pon di line like dat. If anybody fass wid di gal juss know seh You( ANon 3:16) will be juss as guilty too. TIa is such a clown and everybody weh hate har is because of a man. Kayann is Mark you fi hate if him went there, cause Tia is a downgrade. She can barely spell cat but unuh think a she send unuh biznees. Tell di Mafia man dem fi stop chat soo much like bitches then no baddie wouldn’t know unuh house biznees fi tell a fren who pass it to a fren. Jusst fi some front dem sidung a lap frock tail and no no she dem deh pon 3 way more time.

    1. This is clarkey to who write this comment bout me f**k off
      and please note that me and Tia don’t even talk for years
      Leave me and my woman Keisha name out ur mouth
      Why people always try to mix people up get a live of ur own

    2. This is clarkey to who write this comment bout me f**k off
      and please note that me and Tia don’t even talk for years
      Leave me and my woman Keisha name out ur mouth
      Why people always try to mix people up get a live of ur own

      1. Clarkey mi always seh u look like a battymon and u come confirm it.. Which man come write pon pink wall and den a own up every body public toilet Keisha.. You have a right fi ah own har up cause u look slow bad.juss chu she blow bubbles Ina bomboo wid straw u think u in heaven.. Why she run go meck video. Teck set pon di gal chu she know Tia nah go approach har.di whole a unuh wah role Ina one barrel cause fi adults unuh seems very irresponsible. Keisha stop it bout you have di whole package same way you get Confused clarkey a nex gal a plan ur downfall. WHen you did a mad ova Jim cause Steph tech him and u think seh everybaddie did fraid ah you how did that feel. Why Jim Neva want you miss “mi have di whol package” you claim seh you a di biggest freak and you failed several nd clarkey fi stay home and run unuh circus and leave di gal obivious she was a threat to you cause every chance you get u a pick pon di girl cause u know she a weak fence.To me it look like di gal never wah Clarkey she did Juss love him money.Chu man Dunn pon you know you glad fi own up di community rod and it bunn you cause Tia is always di topic in a unuh house..memba Gregg let you down when you least expect and a same way you di a loose ur marbles ova him.its full time you stop gwann like you untouchable.. Is nuff bad gal mi know deh prison or Ina grave ah wish dem coulda tech bad di badness. A next thing you fi go fix ur lean mouth cause ain’t nothing sexy about it. Di dentures dem lean and it a beat mi bad…………………………………..

  11. Dem business haffi deh a street cause Dem same one chat each other a road. Da moggela ladies a great pretenders. Leff kayann_hopeless and har man wid him only princess and son.

    1. Do glal weh a cuss Keisha sound so mad
      Are mayb she jus need sum dick to shut the f**k up
      Talkin all these tings and kno nothing leave di people dem alone

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