Dis is Lucky British main chick Dana and him friend on da left but da girl a tek him friend too n him Neva know…. Time fi him find out he can get played too…dis is true cause me n har was fren till I find out bout her n my man on da left Courtney.. She love tek people man undercover n try gwan like she’s a goodas so she want hype sah time fi har get expose


  1. The sender sounds like mickayle. Mickayle hope u remember ur video , laugh out loud. First anuh laugh. U seems jealous.

  2. Suh wait since dat ah lucky main ooman she can’t
    Tek him outta Di premier Inn hotel him live in ah Edmonton and put him up. Mickayle did a look a hype anyway she seh her daddy takes her shopping and wi nuh a nuh lucky cause him nuh mine ooman. BV= BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS

  3. Lol… Is dis him gone too now ???… Everybody know he’s jus playin wid dese hoes till he’s ready to go back to charlete.. Dis girl is a hoe long time trying to act like she’s somebody only cah she stay out da spotlight nobody don’t really Knoe bout her but den she wanna farse n try tek up Lucky from charlete but she can’t keep up so she try mek him jealous by tek him fren but dem skettle movements nah work…Now u prove your jus a hoe da man nah look pon u.. Everyone knows mickayle is number 1 for now till like I said he goes back to charlete… All dese girls r jus to pass time u all need to stop gwan like dis is da only man Deya … Lucky don’t want no one but charlete!!

  4. Really uno ah come gwan like Charlotte ah something special same way Di gyal ah whore charlette ah mumma whore. The only reason lucky look pon charlette ah true she ah mine him suh if him go back ah nuh love ah likes. Mickayle a which number one kmt pls she’s a whore like rest she ain’t nothing special… how she Fi be number one ah nuh lucky ah give har tings it’s her daddy she seh dat. Anyway more time ah dem ah buy dem self tings or thief or whatever and ah say man give dem. Yes lucky wah charlette cause she ah mine him and that’s that…

  5. Mickayle ah wah number who kmt di same way di gyal ah whore same suh mickayle ah whore too she nuh better dan any of di gyal dem lucky ah f**k. Nuh lucky same one tell her neesha yuh should ah lucky lucky man ah f**k yuh. As for charlette the only reason lucky pick up charlette ah true likes charlette haffi mine lucky fi keep him and wid all that him still did ah stray. Suh if him go back ah nuh sake ah love ah sake ah likes. Charlette ah di queen of all whores who nuh f**k charlette in ah dancehall ah who nuh want har

  6. Mickayle a wah number who she’s ah hoe like the rest she ain’t nothing special. Nuh lucky same one tell har neesha yuh shud ah lucky say lucky man a f… you. As for charlette the only reason lucky tek her up an true likes charlette did ah mine lucky hard. All the mine she mine him him still sleep wid her fren. Charlette ah Queen of the hoes who nuh get har inna dancehall ah who nuh want har.

  7. Dis Dana was Neva a main chick it was always charlete as she’s da only 1 that was brought to light in video etc.. Did girl has lost her place n is no main chick her time is done .. She get f**k n duck n tried to get attention by f**kin his fren but dat jus made it worse as now everyone knows your business dat u tried to keep undercover .. I jus feel sorry for her cah she thought she was da main chick not knowing he was always with charlete n would Neva leave charlete for her but she is still delusional to think she can even be number 1 cah you dun out ya self by sleeping wid his fren.. Oh well as u see his life moves on very quick cause he Neva has 1 girl.. Charlete will always b number 1 n he’s jus tryin to get bk at Charlette by f**kin even down to har fren n dis girl n even mikayle but seriously y do dese hoes think he wants dem if he loves Charlette so much n does dis to har den y will he treat dem any diff especially har ediat fren..y would u think he want u???’s so clear he’s just tryin to hurt his woman Charlette n your so dumb to c n mikayle u could Neva b in Charlette league so u must know a jus a f**k n suck ting cah your speciality dat n tru u can pass when two a unna out n Charlette fren na him type fi par wid dats y him will out n about wid u a dance but odder wise hoes pls fall bk!!!

  8. LOVE??? lucky british nuh wah name love… di big rass man cant even construct two sentence much less fi nuh him rass feelings as somebody else mention charlette a mine lucky so it nuh matter how much time him put her up inna video light she pay her dues to be in di video light. Charlette a nuh whore to she did a tek world boss fenton money fi mine lucky.

  9. @lol..yes you same one batty face Charlette open nose old gal yuh same one send in the post true yuh can’t pose wid lucky no more it bun yuh a bare hide and f**k yuh a get and still a pay fih cocky stupid ass smh yuh nuh fih talk bout f**k fren when yuh f**k off all a lucky friend them so yuh f**k more than the gal the only dancehall good as lucky did have was Sandy yuh used to watch and study sandy all when yuh see her yuh use to talk like she a some celebrity yuh shoulda glad the day when sandy put lucky out and don’t want to f**k him no more because none a whonuh a nuh good as

  10. @anonymous… couldn’t have said it better di one charlette gwan like she trick somebody wid har whoring self all lucky want yuh for is fi yuh mine him and suh him can run three some wid yuh.

  11. Main chick side chick, who gives a f**k. Lucky ole and dun out, you can deh back with somebody you diss pon social media? Bout trying to make jealous. No he don’t got no co*key principle. if this is what people at the age of Charlotte, neesha, lucky and who ever else are doing, What will the future hold.

  12. A tasha write this, true Courtney leff fi her rass, Dunn out tasha wid ur big ole face, Courtney too young fi ya, leff the boy true the whole a ya fren dem nah chat ya, dem gone and leff ur rass, all pinky see sense and stop chat to ya, y u don’t galang and go breed, dutty gal, ya idiot after u never notice say ur man a fuk ya fren, ya keep party and a invite ur man and matey to ur party. Galang cos we all know a u write this. Dutty big face tasha wid ya stay bad body, stop hate pon the gal cos she look good. U shudda take a leaf outer Dana book. Dwl

  13. Mickayle an lucky make a perfect couple but I must admit mickayle hotter than lucky lucky alook somebody fih hype him plus mickayle a top freak

  14. Curtney Taylor you big greasy peice of shit. Do u honestly think that you can do as you please an get away with it. You will always have me to contend with because the baby will be coming…

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