1. But lucky a f**k longhead woman now charlette she sneaking a nuh a the dance man dem f**k her me only hope lucky a use boots with her because she tell me people how longhead go f**k the white gal them and give her c——-a so lets hope lucky a use something wid har, she can’t even dress favar some country gal she think lucky want her lol,just a f**k an run she no stop pose up like she think its going any further me feel bad fih long head still.

  2. Yuh know the man inna di blue is a wicked f**ka..him see the man a dead caaant see and come dose him again with another a caaant stop lol.

  3. watch di Pagan dem ….oman deh a a jamaica a live wid ten pickney inna carton box and dem …pour out di money like a nuh nutten …ole wixid

      1. dem inna di middle a di barrel…thats all they want….from a man a chat u and a call u name inna dancehall…”u r famous” …duppy bat

        1. And dem cyah read and write like miself. One ting wid white people u si if dem a drink or wear anything even if a fi style dem know bout it and di history..ask dem bout di moet whey it come from wha mek it etc dem doe know ..all dem know a di price

  4. dem video yah fi hide especially weh da song deh come on weh seh no worry bout me …..and di three drapon dem run out inna di video light

      1. ahahhaa read him lips him dont know di song dem ahhaha mi a dead bare f**kery him a mumble kiss mi teeth. Lucky face tough baddddddddddddddddd

  5. Morning Met, one time mi go a wharf and mi see Lucky, him mother and a browning. Mi she MET, nuh a the man dem a wharf neva waan help nobaddie else a just im dem a feature. Buy the time mi a leave wid mi barrel the man weh did a help mi gi mi a paper and she, “Lucky said u fi call im.” All now mi look at the paper, cause mi a wonda why mi wuda waan go deh so, any oman deh wid im must unlucky if im a go see gal a look dem while im wid u.

      1. Mi nuh know dem ppl yah enuh, but she was a skinny browning, it look like she have money caw mi did hear the mother a tell har wen she go up she fi memba fi sen something or other. an mi did start laugh an a tell mi fren, “Yuh see how dem mother in law yah bad.”

  6. what was the theme of this party? Salvation army wear affair? I neva see so much old cheap tacky pop down clothes in my life yuck!

    1. U outaorda ehh, an mi love it, u know because a u mi watch the whole video, an most a di gal dem wrong fi true, all the one inna the school blouse and white shorts, weh a touch up har face, she need fi gweh man.

  7. Looking a girl is one but wanting them is a next thing, me feel like a girl left lucky weh him love and broke his heart,why he’s behaving like this but regardless of his age lets face it that man is bless and him still look good,sandy use to make pure problem fih the man but me nah lie since him left har him look more free and happy and she use to mek people think a fih har money him a spend and a she mek him wear good things, seet deh the man hotter than ever and him money still nuff,sometime you have to leave a situation if it naah work out,she use to gwan like him mother too much but that bwoy deh born bless, who god bless no man curse.

    1. hi mr lucky, or is it u r one of his many concubines???

      lucky no have no money fi spend, a ppl money him a spend and YES!! a sandy use to mek lucky luk good, since SHEEEEEE left him, him pop da f**k dung. clearly u don’t know mr “its not a dog or puppy ting, its a lucky ting”

  8. :malu :ngakak :malu ; I never see a real rich man act so dam fool dem .cho a who dah ugly woman dey har face hard much

  9. Lol the selector inna the pink a bad blood eno hear how him a talk the things them wah the people them did a say bout lucky can know him did a talk to cause him lick the nail pon the head! Lucky save you little you ago need it a rainy day

  10. Wissy wassy and him sister jackie flop out themself when dem ah teef the money meant for lucky proper hungry style dat

  11. Met one thing how lucky British n Buju a friend n u never see him in a the video light n a act suh?!
    Is it because him nuh like it or him just smart fi know seh dem things yah catch up pon people!
    Cause dem champagne ting yah nuh look good!

  12. People the slim gal in a the white short and white top with the yellow shoes who is she it look like a him work because every where him go she’s right there, loooord where is Lena British

  13. @bitch media she name suss travel all the way from birmigham left her a think five kids fih deh a lucky dance she is a skettel batta ears she breed fih a yute couple years ago but true lucky did a f**k her at the same time she tell him say a fih #jacket,if you know what a mean and yes she does all the dirty works for dem but them no rate her because is loose gal you get weh me say

  14. So Lou Lou who is lucky present main gal now because it look like him don’t have any since you know all a the suss, please and thanks.

  15. Look like ah Charlette the hairdresser gal from north. Ah she and him we ah see from wha day. Charlette look like she ah di main feature fi right now – hear wah mi sey fi right now, so Charlette you going have to do nuffffff tings fi grip Lucky tight as dat man cannot tame……


  17. Woooooie dirty say bad hairdresser Simone wah wa kill r self over skinner British wah nuh want r Simone u nuh shame me never c one gal fool so Simone get it inna ur big tick head d man nuh want u all a ur fren dem a laugh an a chat u

  18. No man skinner too rass wicked him no want di gyal an a tek her tings and go model wid other woman . Him fi stop it coz him have him money him too wicked . And pon top of it him promise di gyal fi Marry her. And a full up di gyal head a pure lie till di gyal nearly tek her own life . Simone ya need fi wake up him a tek u fi a big mug u too fool y don’t u go and find someone who wants u and stop waste ur money skinner

  19. So wait da wat appen to him brown pretty babymother wah have 2kids fi him so oh him fi marry Batty man Simone an mi here say di man live we’d di girl kmft di man don’t want dat women only r money him want everyone no dat she lucky she did too hype a dat she fi get too Nuff

  20. Mek me tell you this lucky don’t want charlette probably a true him waah hurt up long head head lol,plus charlette can’t dress and she f**k off all a the dancehall man them so please plus long head full up har p…y wid c……a so come again and charlette coming like a Likkle country gal yuh no see say this open nose gal no have no ambition you no see a who she did a f**k longhead look how him stay bad now nothing naah gwan fih him she run go tek lucky and him an lucky a good is not like she no know she know.

  21. @Anonymous thx for the info, but the girl in a the blue jumper look like she and lucky in something u see the way he look and smile at her, there’s something going on between them.

  22. Which one longhead woman you a talk @bitch of all media cause I can’t see any other in blue only longhead woman me see inna that stupid looking all in one a mussi tk max she get because she an longhead love shop inna tk max.

  23. @ bitch of all media if a she yes him a f**k har now but a him socal fren longhead woman but give it two then lucky on to the next one.

  24. Met that woman that lucky a send on the cocky to her dirty hole is not a hairdresser, a hairdresser cousin because she can not do hair a bloodclatt.

  25. @lou Lou that woman in the flowers dress that the skinny girl hold on to when Vanessa bling song a play me always see she stand up with lucky a think she do her breast, and chris bleachy and ingrid no deh again?

  26. Loooooool woiiiiii mi love this one yah, no chris bleachy and ever so faithful ingrid no deh again him leff har for him next woman but ingrid will still wait cause ah she name mi pussy dunnnnn !!!!

  27. hahaha…these ppl clearly nuh kno nutn bout lucky. unuh stay deh assume…u will neva c or kno lucky woman/babbymadda caz shi nuh go dance more than so and she nuh batta batta like dem gal weh unuh a chat bout, decent workin class gal weh hav har 1 pickney and nuh hype. him naww lef she no matta how much gal him a f** an duck.

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