Luda you need fi “STOP” make dance in Jamaica as wi nah rate you. your dance every empty LOL you a gwah like your hype somebody but your broke as f**k, no money LUDA all de time you a come Jamaica in de same old dutty clothes a you a come from big England, you wah come to jamaica and f**K out de jamaica girls and ask dam fi money and give dem (Edited) PLEASE STOP COMING TO JAMAICA UNTIL YOU HAVE NUFF MONEY IN YOUR POCKET.



  1. So the man must walk with the money for you all to rob and kill him, or you not running he pussy until you see the dollars as you call it.

  2. That’s what’s wrong unu love to much likes smh.y you watching the man pocket .bout don’t come Ja until u have money.wid unu broke asses lol.u sound dum so we nuffi come Ja unless we coming to feed ur hungry asses

  3. ole dog dem love you mind the ole family no matter how much clothes you geh dem want money and if you geh dem two times and next time you say you loo dem start dun you how you broke, but guess what me live a England, Canada,and Newyork and know it nuh easy period so low life ppl who never left the island and love sweet can go nyam shit dem wanna dun out your money and if you follow dem you geh dem everything kmft

  4. Lmaooooo. Only broke people watch other people’s pockets. I guess the sender is saying to Luda, “Don’t come down until you can afford to spend big money on our broke, lazy, unmotivated azzes” and even then they will still talk shyt about you, because it seems like most people in Jamaica are pessimistic by nature and love dwelling in negativity. Jamaica is the only place on planet earth where the begger will talk down to the person he/she is begging and try to twist the dynamics so that you feel like they’re doing you a favor by begging you for your money and things lol.. “Beg you a thousand dollar nah? Alright fine if you nuh have it den give me one 5 bills… If you can manage dat” —- Typical fesity begger in the island.

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