7 thoughts on “LUK ERE NUH MISS LADY A GUD

  1. Spice holding the humble pie. Where is the bell blinggg-ggiiii-ling? Spice would like us to believe that she is so hated. Let’s keep score, the same way Spice loves to keep score of every hood wey Angel tek.

    1. Spice said she was depressed. Collectively as a nation we supported her, hence the birth of her foundation.

    2. When Tommie on Love & Hip Hop came for her, collectively as a nation we stood with her.

    Braps, Spice diss Naro, we said Spice yu gone over the limit. STOP. She never listened. Waste Gal Spice run fi ‘receipt’ fi Angel, where is the receipt for Naro. She dissed Nikki-Z, again we said ‘hol onnnnnnn’ inna wi Ninja Man voice, and Spice still never listen. Braps, she went for Angel because as every one knows, Angel file nuh 100, suh Spice thought that was another easy bait. Spice never bargain sey a suh di people wudda stand up fi Angel.Spice three dancers trick har, si dem is nowhere when the war get drastic. The 4 a dem caan team up an tek on Shebada. Differently still ennu, a Shibby fold up Spice neatly mek shi dun

    Spice forgot about the story in the bible with David and Goliath. Well, Spice carry har basket guh well every day an seet dey, the bottom drop out. Spice where is the energy you had not so long ago. You dug this pit for yourself. Hope this is a learning lesson for you and others, might can never beat right.

  2. Spice ‘Mama used to tell’ you stop fellow people. The thing that is killing Spice is that she is trying so hard to be Nicky Minaj. Nicky had the ridiculous costumes, Spice with the horrid blue hair. Nicky started beef with Remy Ma and Cardi B just before she started the radio station. Spice started shit, and hoping that shit would have gotten people ‘talking’ saying yow Spice cold eehh. Alas, the stunt didnt work.

  3. Met, this remind me of a comment you made in another post about cursing. Mi cuss like a sailor when mi vex. Can you plz put up the post about cursing and what it does to us when we use those language?
    I know it nuh good, but we grow ruff so nuff a we mouth nah go nice, but what is the harm in speaking like this?

  4. Spice dem a duh yu bad ova Loop…Gwan guh look. Here is a snippet.

    ‘In 1999, Lady Saw had a major hit in the United States with “Smile”, recorded with Vitamin C, which peaked at number 18 on the Billboard Hot 100, also a major hit in New Zealand and Canada, and certified gold with over 500,000 sales. Spice, despite her ‘So Mi Like It’, boasting 81 million views, is yet to hit the Billboard Hot 100 charts’.

    Spice mek every body a dip up unnda har. Yu si wey people mean dem sey God nuh like ugly. What you meant for evil, the Lord turn it for good. A good fi yu.

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