meka you in denial. Shyrly a f**k delly while you a livin him a live out. Meka you man chat you say him send you go 3rd ave go do lie detector test. Tamika you chat Mitchell and Shanice like dog and still chat up with them. Meka ya the only b*tch war over man weh f**k you fren dem and gal weh you call you cousin. Tam go stop sleep pon carpet and air bed. Meka you mek Shantae call you mate thinking she woulda left u man but she bust a breed and a mad you. Word on the street dem married. Buggy beggy meka memba you man f**k and breed how much pin you . Tam you war fi lunchables with the man and disgrace him but tru him f**k Sheryl and give u a thing you ok. Tam you war over man and have you kids in a motel. Tamika if we did careless you man woulda f**k me cause him f**k everybody

4 thoughts on “LUNCHABLES WAR?

  1. Meka meka meka poor you. A dung a Action him send you fi do lie dector test and you know who you tell and dem buss it out. And you still run back a him. Meka is better you stop style the man cause you ok with all the BS. You see where you at now. Smh

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