13 thoughts on “MACKA A SHOW HICKEY …SMH

  1. Macka if mi never reach 50 years old I would believe that 50 years women get crazy . Cause your acting like a stalk mad woman on the internet. What happened seems like a the first man ever own you up from your born lady Mackrel . You head really looked like a salt mackerel ugly go sit down mon with your fry eggs breast .

  2. That ugly old woman need to have several seats ! She sick stomach now man (cho) , greasy and look like she need a hot bath.

  3. A wah wrong wide dis ya long time woman.. chu man….tek out some a the bass outa huh voice…chu

  4. Di elderly fi duh betta doe… choo dem a senior citizen dem tink dem can get away wid everyting.

  5. Is di man fly up in har head cause she never know she coulda get nice looking man. But don’t be fooled. Macka haffi pay dear for dat man company. Saw her post a video on Instagram in the supermarket shopping for organic vegetables and complaining of the price. When di man ask har why she watching di price when a she name Macka…..she mek him know is her money spending. Pls…. di 2 a dem fayva eediat.

  6. Macka yu fi di betta man.. you and Florizel Glasspole used to go school… and you were older than him

  7. And a lot of u show off with a basic mofuca u can do bettr than. She free to live in fantasy land and annoy the f**k out of us.

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