Macka Diamond feels “disrespected” by comments made by Sound System Selector Tony Matterhorn.
In an Instagram post last night, the Selector made reference to Macka Diamond in relation to being old while dating younger men. However, the Female Artiste says she was never offended until he sought to describe her private parts.


  1. Ole like u dutty nasty chakka-chakka teeth dem n u dutty brown finga nail dem. U have 2 places to make a urgent visit to before u style people: A DENTIST, AND A MANICURIST/PEDICURIST cu mi kno u toe nail dem suppose to full a fungus from mi look pon u
    Also take a stop at the homeless refugee office n see if dem can get u a place to live bout u a style people, dutty crebbe-crebbe bwoy

  2. Macka mi nuh certain if u serious say u vex because u voice nah reflect your proclaimed emotion. Matterhorn what you did was super disrespectful and u say u never call the woman name which u did. What you said was repulsive , not cute not nice and all you had to do in this instance was apologize and explain that you did not mean in in the way in which it came off. This goes back to what MamaGee was saying, the disrespect to women and other women are saluting it. Remember, you are an entertainer just as she is and knowing you,if she she said what you said and called your name you would take offense.

  3. I think this ‘thing’ here is gay. Him need to visit the Orthodontist and the dentist before him style people

  4. Morning Met…mi seh a just can’t stand dis big ole poison mouth bwoy..mi nuh know how women lid dung wid dis round a alane gal….mouth big lakka di Tri-state..mi believe seh im love disrespect women and dem front caz a backdoor u love…big mouth bwoy guh guh go singing in di ring…caz all u need is Ele skirt.

  5. This fag always tracing somebody. I’m starting to think he’s the gay one not Vegas.. Him trace to much for my liking

  6. a dem man yah woman run go skin out fah and all breed the man nuh respect him mother and sister plus him daughter dem what day when the table turn

  7. Very rude and outtahawda..a hope Bounty give it to him..By the way, a how Toni ann put up wid him fi so long man sasse crise

  8. MET me and you ago hold a reasoning you see if the little germs dem weh him a grine come to dem senses and say dis batty man nuh wah nuh woman and close dem leg make him go f**k a man or a animal a bet him change but not more until that happen him nah change bz be frank any woman in a dem right mind would want to sleep with a man that they know don’t respect woman much less go breed and a bragg bout pickney

      1. Yuh know whey day there was a post wid him baby madda and a same him go carry on and talk bout di people dem fi come up ina whatever part a mi..I did not even respond when di people dem send it in and tell mi because certain things I do not feed

  9. Met mi see it too eno mi just shake mi head cause one Matterhorn mouth a trump froth likka a $2 whore puxxy n him cuss like any gal dem kinda man deh shouldn’t even know whey draws fi go kmft

  10. him nuh fi get nuh pussy at all cause him too f**kcing gay…No woman ouldnt lay dung with him unless dem a lesbian..Can one man chat so f**king much…NOT CUTE

  11. Blessed morning jmg….from wah day few ppl a bun out dis mouth a massi but mi feel good fi si my ppl dem a dash a well deserve fyah unda him rass loll

  12. 97 me in my house in the Bronx and 7 0 clock miss Matty call my house, cause a certain girl was there weh she did a claim she like, and ma! Her mouth did a run mile a minute, who she nuh chat never exist, mi haffi turn to my friend and ask her if she is a sodamite or a lesbian because miss Matterhorn is nothing short of a gal, fi her bombo nuh have no bottom.

  13. s mi neva like Faggothorn from long time. Him always ah dis up ooman calling them all sort of digrading names. And some ah de ooman dem fool-fool like cheering him on. How can him (faggothorn) mother feel about her son dissing women to the tenth degree! Matterhorn mouth big like cow punny and labba like. Him fe gweh now man…cho kmt

  14. well him might nuh have no shame so unuh haffi cuss the idiot dem web a cheer him on bz him swear him a the biggest star


  16. Good Afternoon Met & Metters,
    Met a swear I am not a Matterhorn fan but mi haffi gi him credit whe credit is due, him funny bad. Mi caan stop laaff “Ruth and Naomi” No sah. Mi nuh tink Matterhorn can help it, him is a trouble mekker comedic style.

  17. I went abt this backwards, went straight to the video, commented then proceeded to read the other comments, then i realized hmmn i must have missed something, went to the subtitle and said ah ah. Well Matterhorn was very disrespectful talking abt the woman’s private part. She is owed an apology.

  18. BATTYMAN!!!!!! You sellout fi duttywine now the devil a ride you like a Dick…. anything fi some spotlight huh? The only thing lef now a fi see the video weh him batty get buss up

  19. Mek materno pesan sprawl him ignorance all over andado soon give him a well deserve hospital stay wish him much luck with that

  20. He is gay.. anyone can see it in his face.. their is a certain look batty man have and matterhorn fit it with a capital T

  21. This rass phone u see man.. mek matterhorn gwaan smaddy soon give him a well deserve hospital stay.. wish him much luck with that

  22. Him pass him place with the lady there is certain thing u should not utter about a female pubic area as a man he’s always disrespecting ppls mother about chuck in the deepest part of what ever I find it very disrespectful I just can’t ppl someone mouth so filthy come from a woman/human being.He always throwing shades & can’t take it Met it’s really bad

  23. I am convinced that Tony Matterhorn wears Always overnight sanitary napkins when d month come.
    How disgusting d way he minds oman business like a likkle BITCH. No real man sit up ponsocial media all day chatting and scratching dem big ole saggy NUTS.
    If matterhorn was d last man pon d earth,
    Mi nuh want him.
    He can diss big oman cuz only likkle underage gyal go want him.
    One hit wonda and wit no f**king sense.
    We are Alll God’s children yes, but Tony not too cute and always ah diss people wit he big ole dutty charcoal lips. I want dem lips no where near my mouth or between my legs.
    He is absolutely disgusting.
    Big FAIL as a comedian and sites like this make him feel relevant. Yaard gyal UP unno standards fi d type of dutty men unno make feel dem important and famous

  24. I really wonder if you all see this ugly f**ker lately, I saw him in Florida recently and he look like a f**king retard…he seriously look like a drunky…his mouth was as black as coal and nasty looking, he is so skinny and look hungry….he is too rude and disrespectful. For a battyman he surely love to talk about women pussy, I know he wish he have a pussy too…look at the way he round up his mouth when speaking, straight batty boy..

  25. Met yu kno seh a only women alone battyhorn have strength fa…because every day mi guh pon him page fi see if him ago respond to bounty and all now him can’t answer because him kno seh a true bounty a talk seh him nuh live nuh weh a him mumma house him kotch up inna…mek him can chat suh,..him need fi low macca because macca have up har house..him nuh own shit… Mi still a wait pon him fi show weh him live…him fi gweh man, man must a him…plus nuh baddy nuh fi cuss bout old because once yu nuh dead yu must get old,dat f**ka just a try stay relevant but people a get fi dislike him now a days.. Dem fi shut dung him ig page again..

  26. It is better to remain silent and be called a fool. Than to open your mouth an confirm it. Every-time this bwoy open him mouth ah pure foolishness come out ah it, I don’t even know why people follow him on social media.
    Fi him madda mus shame. Sigh!

  27. Look like when him got those motor tyre lips it was for a reason. What a man mout can run? Not even di Daytona 500 to rass. And di lowlifes wah siddung pon him social media a boost him before dem entreat him to higher livity.

  28. Mek macka diamond move har ugly rass self she too sensitive. Mi glad matterhorn dun har nasty..mek she gu wey.

  29. Jheezam no sah faggotry is alive and well inside of Toni Matterhorn (yes I spelt it the girls way for a reason)

  30. what a disrespectful little bitch name tony matterhorn. I despise people who will do and say anything jus fi get a FAWUD. Outta noweh u jus dig up macka name & disrespect her like dat. Jus fi get a lew likes and laughs on instagram.. sickening.

  31. This funny bad… Spice call her donkey, Lady saw say she slow and Matterhorn say she a Dust dwl… dye dye dye… grey hair a dey dey dey

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