0 thoughts on “MACKA YUH IS A COWARD!!

  1. Macka yuh bitta! Instead of humbling herself after the clash, she running off her mouth with lyrics that should have been said on stage. Ah real idiot!

  2. Macka is a real mongrel no matta how u feed dem dem will tun round bite u she ago say di woman neva want do whey she do fi har the bottom line is she DO IT Macka u is a bitchhhhhhhhhhhh ungrateful mongrel she need fi leave di woman alone Macka caaaa deny say she a walk n fuxx dung town n country n claim say a fi career wat career ??????
    Wat a beat har is the fact say when she haffi do 10 show fi see a money Saw do 1 n siddung nice Macka u worth di time not one line real waste

  3. Every animal f=ck with them specie you would never see a lion try f-cking a tiger ….. Looking pon her face it really make sense why she got f-cked by a predator …..she look like one

  4. floppa macka really doesn’t have anything to say Lady Saw done r and “mi nuh really response” in her very own words. thats all she was saying in the interview

      1. Met oooo ano dat sweet mi u no see say Macka admit say she a walk a fuxx with dubplate bout she about har career
        Macka di mount a dubplate u fuxx fa u should have more record sale than Beyoncé go suck out u mouttttttttttt u stinking mouttttttt

  5. Yo a nuff a unu a chat f**kery…Unu low Macka a true she a talk say a nuff fight she get…Lady Saw man/husband nu stop f**k pin har a dat she need if a meddi…

  6. Met, u nuh easy. Mi nuh hear nutten weh macka a say, caw mi a watch di interviewer like hawk. Mi nuh see weh she a whole har breath at all. Round ere nuh good again….dwl.
    (brucking out to dye dye)

    1. okkkkkkkkk den mi know a nuh me alone see dat..she was holding har bret till u see sinting a jump a di side a har mouth smh

  7. Mi neva know Maka cuds disgrace herself more than she did pn da stage den, more ova d same night. Yuh prove mi wrung mack a mongrel. What a gyal nut have nuh shame!! Macka yuh nut humble, yuh neva win, yuh eye get jook out, an yuh still a hype. Mbka fi go war anon web bun dung had shame tree!!! M NUH RESPONSE- she fi right dat pin a shirt and start sell it to had fans den web did up a d front aid di pot cova den LOL

  8. everything people talk bout john john a f**k pon the lady.why the lady must leave her man give dem.they all know john john is lady saw man and them take him that a fe dem business.ownue same one say after 25 you should not be f**king for fun.she ago lef john john take a next man.him cheat,she take a next one.99,9% a dem man here cheat cause nuff a ownue wah a chat love go take people man and when the woman dem stay with them man.ownue write in bout dem .cause ownue cah boast say ownue take wah the man from the woman.none of us know about the people dem relationship more than him cheat.allthe people them wah stay married fe 30/40 think none dem never cheat.lady saw stick to the evil you know,cause dem man out dah worst ago come look something fe nyam out

    1. She no need fi buss no FOH she is a DJ not a music producer unnu low fi woman Macka fren di woman fi find out har secrets n then come a run off har stinking mout Macka inna di business just as long who she buss??? Damn leeches kmt

  9. haha macka right bout some a wah she say,atleast she do what no other female artist have the heart fi do…And the reason why ppl a talk bout john john and how he f**k east west north is because lady saw mek it bada her, look how she did lose ratings wah day a gwan like a mad woman pon social network….one idiot dont excuse the next

  10. Listen all whey Lady Saw a gwaa wid, she caa hold har man..John John all a f**k gal inna har bed..Dis a come..Dis a come from somebody who know di two dem..So all Lady Saw a gwaan she need to meds pon dat…What kind of woman mek dem HUSBAND f**k a next gal inna har bed and she know and still da wid him…Listen Lady Saw is ome idiot….

    1. The same kind whey meck di man fuxx pon di bed without she knowing unnu is really a pack of mongrel
      Mi know say if a di splice the clash woulda really go betta Macka is a walk n fuxx fi nothing nasty granny NO MAN NEVA OWN MACKA YET NOT EVEN PREDATOR SHE SHOULDA BLOODCLAAAAAT SHAME HER FRONT NO HAVE NO OWNERS RIGHTS TO IT

    2. Di John John ting old now. Nuff a oonu tek bun til oonu pink, and still deh wid di man. Saw career speaks for itself. John John response fi him own action. Maybe she did a get bun five time a week and it cut dung to 3. Who cares!!!

  11. morning babyyyyyy! dutty macka is a big big coward ! speice dun har last year ! saw finish har this year ! end of story

  12. Lowh macka ,give har some credit , lady saw likkle more popular ,so that’s why huh nuw ah tek are side,well done macka! Not a lot of female artist so do you thing ,some will love and some will hate! Saw go they find trace! Cause macka song hurt her!

  13. @Anonymous you correct that because of popularity Lady Saw won di clash…I am not a Macka Diamond or Lady Saw fan but sometimes dem mek a song whey mi like..People might see mi a mek certain statement bout Lady Saw and think sey mi a hate or mi is a Maka fan, but mi just digusted wid how dem a dis Macka yea I agree that Lady Saw won di clash..But come people unu give Mack some credit she try, but most a di bloggers here just a throw pure disrespect at Macka, so dat is why mi haffi a mek dem know sey Lady Saw life is not all glitters if anything it is more messed than Macka..So before unu throw stone kick back and think..

    1. hef wi fi kick bak n tink anymore a worsarah diss macka a guh get…suh run guh tel har seh fi tek a book n she tink cazzen seh dem vocabulary deh weh she hav up :alay

  14. @Observer yu sound like yu a Bloodclaat Lady Saw PR….Whey Vocabulary have fi do wid dis..Unu luv challenge people intellect remember say school is not fi everybody, so if one’s intellect is higher than another it’s ok..We a talk bout di Bombocloth clash..Mi see say most a di blogger here is for Lady Saw which is fine..But at the same time unu style up Macka a way and mi nu like dat..all di TAWKCHUET nu stop style of Macka and source a tell mi say a Crokus Bag face f**k dat..So mi nuh how dat a style people…

      1. mi nuh know why u tek it up a come cuss people fi macka and she nuh need no help a cuss fi harself she feva constipation

    1. Lmaooooooooo yes yes woooooooiiiiiiieeeee this crokus face nah walk n dish out pussy fi zilch zero n nothing thank u very much mi nah go dung da road deh wit u bout who mi is or not but try know u nor Macka pussy reputation caaaaa naaaaaa n neva can good like mine NOOOOOOOOOO MANNNNNNNNN NEVA OWN MACKA YETTTTTTTTTTTTT ALL PREDATOR A DISOWN MACKA FUXX
      Macka u no see say all the bodysuit whey u put on fi clash stay far n wideeeeeeee from u crotchesss GO SUCK OUT U TINKING MOUT MACKA

  15. I don’t know Macka nor do I know Lady Sag..But unu no stop style Macka, so somebody haffi speak up fi har…Mi just a sey why unu a style Macka and a praise Lady Sag it just seems unfair…

  16. Macka all clothes a run from u crotchesss lollllllllllll it come like the big ole ride ova Coney Island went u come off u nauseous n sick Macka n har fren dem pusC waaa learn fi grow up bout she a fuxx fi fun kmt Macka u a prostitute from when di pirate dem just land a port royal till now n NO MAN NAAAA OWN U ALL NOWWWWWW

  17. @Tawkchuet why yu no go choke yu self pon a cock…Mi tired a yu now man…No man no want yu Pussy cause it’s like flee market cheap and no good…..

    1. Hairy tongue Macka if u n fren dem no choke pon unnu trecth out clit whey u teck turns a suck down den cocky have all rights fi choke mi cause mi rate cocky but Macka a bare buck ups cocky u get
      My flea market pusC still a kallect one one coco full basket but ur pusC no hab no price pon it BARE FREE FUXX u run all now Macka a hope n pray say she can see a profit off har prostituting
      All now predator caaa get a hit cause him drap inna Macka football field hole GTFOH

  18. After Macka suck predator cocky him sing say mad sick head no good mongrel Macka THAT WAS NOT A COMPLIMENT GO SUCK OUT U TINKING MOUTH

  19. Capleton say him smoke off the whole a di weed pon bombo hills fi build a vibes fi fuxx u Macka n him koki would not n could not movveeeeee

  20. TAWKWELL Yu need seela fi tighten yu ole….Cause yo ole come in like NASCAR TRACK…Man nu stop run pon it di mileage high no bloodcloth..Nastines go sid dung now……Go dye dye now…

    1. NASCAR a expensive track a no any n any car can drive pon dat u n Macka mongrel hole come like back road man only go round deh fi $30 dolla fuxx n suck unnu full a pothole n him di man Eva bad n lean to the side a ocean him drap inna MACKA U F**K FI DUBPLATE N NEVA WIN A CLASH YETTTTTTTTU A WASTE FUXX

    1. bloodclawt a really you dis macka??? caw di onli werd you learn inna class besides “tek man” was “rispants” :ngakak


  21. I really don’t understand this site!! Most of you are the same bloggers who dun Lady Saw in recent times yet here you are praising her for the disgraceful behaviour she exhibited at STING 2013. A woman of Lady Saw calibre should not have condescended to that level!! If two grown woman over forty can behave in such a despicable and disgraceful manner- then the question is how do you expect the younger generation to behave any better!!???!!!

    1. a saw dat she can do no rong fi wi wi caw dun har todeh an a mawnin a wi gal sed way oh yesss but unnuh caw try dat dats is all

  22. Macka u a di fuss prostitute Capt Morgan buck up when him land a port royal Macka u give Christopher Columbus him fuss blowjob when him land a JA n u still a look fi Saw buss u ole wretch ole crab louse ole chink bed bug

  23. Macka u caaaa argue wid me memba dat Macka u hole the World Trade Center everyday dem find more bones, Macka sunshine lef 2 gallon a pusC juice pon u tongue weight it dunggg GO SUCK OUT U MOUTHHHHHH

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