An elderly woman was beheaded this morning in front of the Falmouth Post Office.

Unofficial reports are that she was standing awaiting the opening of the Post Office in order to collect her pension. A man of unsound mind reportedly attacked her and chopped her to the face and neck in front of several onlookers.

As of writing, we are not certain of her identity nor the identity of her attacker. The woman is said to be known as “Joycelyn” of a Wakeland drive, Falmouth address. Her attacker is also said to be of a Falmouth address and is known by his Christian name: Ryan. He is said to be about 24 years old.

Ironically, the previous beheading in Hague (Falmouth) on October 9, also has as its suspect a man of unsound mind, also by the name of Ryan.

It is reported that he had earlier attacked a school girl, but was thwarted by a ‘back-up man’ (bus loader). He got angry and walked down to the post office, where he took out his rage on the hapless woman.

Graphic photos and videos can be seen floating around social media, but these will not be posted here.

We will post updates as more information becomes available.

Here is a picture of the suspect in custody.


    1. Dem lock dung every asylum everywhere and ppl now have to be dealing wid deze folks. Asylums need fi reopen and di mentally unstable stay in dem. Did poor woman probably just was thinking bout her Christmas preparations and she just dead such. I feel it for her ppl.

      Yes to machete control, but 99% of households already have one, so how?

  1. Sad. Mental Illness is a very serious issue that needs to be addressed in the Caribbean and abroad . A large majority of the population continues to go undiagnosed or ignored.
    We need to stop the mentality of ” dem head Nuh good,” and get these people real help, treatment, accommodation and counseling.
    A lot of these individuals are ticking time bombs.

    We need to rid the stigma attached to mental disease and disorders especially in the Black community.

    So wait, what cowards .He stood slaughtering her and no one intervenes ? Two or three people could not tackle him down ? Let me guess, some were busy taping on their cellphones.


  2. I want to know why they didn’t disarm him after the first attempt. Jamaica need prevention means. I always want to know how. How this 24 year old who more than likely never born mad end up in this state ? Jamaica have no laws because their is no government. Those two gangsters need to give up their roles in parliament and start up a social economy. All this lead that they dump around the island cause some of this mental retardation but Seaga never care when he was selling. Jamaica is resilient that’s the only reason they survive.

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