Blind Magnum contestant detained – Picked up by cops after show

One of the contestants who appeared on Saturday night’s Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall competition was picked up by the police for questioning following the show’s live staging, .

“The police wanted to speak to one of the contestants, but we don’t know why. He hasn’t been arrested, and he hasn’t been charged. They’re just speaking to him on a matter, but we don’t know what it is and the police wouldn’t tell us,” the show’s executive producer, Mark Kenny, told THE STAR.

The contestant, Blinds, who derived his stage name from the fact that he is visually challenged, was eliminated from the talent competition on Saturday, after he was voted off by the judges.

Reports reaching THE STAR are that a multitude of police swooped down on him at the show’s venue, D’Entrance, on Constant Spring Road, St Andrew.

“To how much police come fi him, you wudda think say a Dudus dem come fah,” an eyewitness said. “I just saw a bunch of police come in the venue and go backstage. I continued watching the show, then after a while I saw them coming out from backstage with him.”


When our news team queried whether Blinds, a St Andrew native, was deliberately eliminated because of his apparent run in with the law, the show’s executive producer, Kenny said, “absolutely not.”

However, remaining contestant are encouraged to stay on the right side of the law, as Kenny said an arrest or charge laid against them while in the competition might lead to their immediate elimination. “I imagine they would be [eliminated], but it hasn’t happened to us, so I don’t know,” Kenny said.

Recently, the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall show was embroiled in controversy on account of what is widely described as the ‘diva saga’, in which judge, Khadine ‘Miss Kitty’ Hylton and host, Yanique Barrett engaged in a verbal confrontation during a live episode.

That, coupled with Saturday’s ordeal, has spelled more controversy for the show. THE STAR asked Kenny if these controversial incidents have helped or hindered the show.

He said, “The diva saga is over and we don’t know what this [the Blinds incident] is so we have no comment.”

The police’s Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) said checks so far have not revealed any formal charges laid against the entertainer.


  1. Dem seh saltnizz like errything come inna threes.. Magnum look out fi di next one, hope it is less fortunate.. try tun it roun and mek di next be something positive..pray!!

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