1. First and foremost, kudos to the dj. The song is catchy, he sounded great and he’s bloody brave… I’m not a fan of Foota Hype, but he was the bigger person based on the feedback chats. Skatta needs to get a sense of humor and also, he could have simply said that Ishawna was single… No need to say when they ‘smashed’… Framkly, I don’t care if this lad wins or not, that song needs to be on the airwaves… It sounds better than a lot of what I hear playing…

  2. Listen to how Skatta a distance himself from Ishawna him sey ‘big up Ishawna downtown artist’ not my woman, girlfriend or wifey or nothing with a personal connection’. Then he went onto make the ‘we smashed’ statement, absolutely no respect there whatsoever.

    Ishawna provides the entertainment in the bedroom but in public she is not to be owned – as Foota said from a wife to a ……..

  3. I needed a good laugh and I got one. Di yute bad! Ah di bes mi si Foota look!!! Poor Ishawna di man come pan national TV an seh smash!! Wow!!! Him nah bawl glory!

  4. Skatta nuh used to pum pum how him a chat so! Foota did wrong when interview did a gwan but Mi give him ratings pon magnum on saturday because him come a di man show and gi we entertainment!

  5. MET!!!! MI SEH!!! dis sweet mi!!! How skatta touches suh! mi nuh really rate none a dem, but Foota handle him properly. Bwoy Ishawna, si wah happen when u mess wid God. Gone leggo f**k song pon gospel music, and now u world turn upside down, inside out. Yuh betta mek a song haffa dis LOL

  6. Mi muh know how Skatta neva have a heart attack on the stage–the man got hit with a left hook. People see wit him, he was barely able to compose himself enough to comment…

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