18 thoughts on “MAMPALA 2016

    1. Me say she met no easy.. She know how fi mek ppl laugh.. Can u imagine the smirk on her face while she pan these hilarious things done lmao..

  1. Wah mess mi up wid di voting mi Nuh know an memba everyone story di names sound familiar but not di story.

  2. met sorry but me a try emailu and it ain’t sending met the girl that got lock up outta jfk smuggling feds send her out to inform nyc better be careful

  3. Lol I don’t know the rest but I have showa Chris on my fb and lawd him can run him mouth and throw word like him wear the biggest party dem Inna VS..HIM A QUEENPALA lol

  4. Serious question tho, how comes Kareem nuh up deh so? Then again him manhood nuh suppose to in question cuz we all know he likes it up the a$$.

  5. Can you be more descriptive about or provide a picture of bath and body works teef Rohan. We hear he is very handsome.

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