A man who reportedly broke his sister’s hand and cracked his two-year-old nephew’s skull following a dispute over a roof-top was taken into custody for psychiatric evaluation when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last week.

Jimmy Wray of Kintyre in St Andrew, who is also accused of hitting his nephew on his hand during the domestic dispute at their family home last December was remanded by Parish Judge Vaughn Smith on Thursday.

The accused appeared in court on two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm, but when the matter was mentioned the mother of the toddler told the court that her son was also injured by Wray in the incident.

However, when questioned by the judge she said she did not report the matter and, as a result, was instructed to report it.

The mother, however, told the court that her son was hospitalised but has since been released and was doing okay.

The judge then asked her how her son came to be injured, and she said she was not at home when the dispute occurred.

Wray’s sister, whose hand was broken and who was present, then told the court that on the day of the incident she was home with three children when Wray came into the room demanding that she give him one of the children, one of whom was in her hand.

“He just came and say gimme one a the baby. And he started pulling me and then he hit me in my side and then he hit me with a piece of board on my hand, and then hit at my head — and it caught the baby who was in my arm,” the complainant explained.

The other complainant then told the court that prior to the incident, Wray took off the roof of his room and they had an argument.

However, he said later in night when he heard the commotion with Wray and his mother he went to his mother’s assistance. He said he hit Wray and Wray retaliated and used a piece of board to hit him on his hand.

The judge then asked Wray, “What you have to say for yourself?”

“Her next son say him a don in the area and dem say dem want me come out a the house and all of them team up with him; and I am a Christian, so me say mi naa report it to no police, I going call upon Jesus. Dem say dem want the room but me say me going fix my side of the house,” he said.

But Judge Smith asked him to explain how the baby’s skull got cracked and his sister’s hand got broken.

“Fi har son fire shot after me,” he answered.

The judge then asked him again to explain how the complainants were injured.

“Dem come in fi kill me,” Wray said.

“She sir, with the baby?” the judge asked.

Wray then told him that his sister’s son and four men attacked him with a gun and he had to jump through a window to escape, and that his sister during the incident threw stones at him.

“So they came with gunmen and decide to throw stones at you at the same time?” the judge asked.

Wray, however, insisted that he had to jump through a window to escape.

Consequently, the judge told him that he is going to remand him so that the doctor can speak with him.

The matter was then set for mention on February 22.


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