A male resident of Cassava Piece Road in Kingston 8 was this morning shot, chopped and set on fire by attackers during a home invasion.

The police say 23-year-old Lorenza Thomas, otherwise called ‘Israel’ or ‘Trulups’, was at home when about 3:30 armed men allegedly kicked opened the door to his house.

The gunmen reportedly opened fire hitting Thomas then used a machete to chop him several times and afterwards set him on fire.

He died at the scene.


  1. Suh first dem shot him, then dem chop him up, and then dem set him on fire. So a 3 different ways dem torture him before him dead. Den a wah him coulda do suh why dem punish him like dat suh?

  2. These men are heartless………….. who or wat gives them this right to take another human life?

    Let me tell you how these Jamaican gun man are dead ass heartless and cruel; Just thinking of the ways they tortured this man has my blood boiling. Jesus take the wheel. Movado is gonna learn today; just the way Vybz Kartel got his ass in prison over badness. Put down the badness it dont pen out in the end…

    Jesus protect and keep this young man family and friends.

  3. Wat a piece a dutyness inna Jamaica with these low life gun men!!!!

    Badness has never and will never pen out… MOVADO sent his goons to take revenge for his recent altercation/s.

    This is hard core torture…. only in movie i see these things…….

    JESUS!!!! Calling on you today, today this can not go on… IT must stop.

  4. This is not torture this is f*king overkill! Anyway, continue to kill off each other maybe eventually decent people can have a chance to live in peace

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