So jigga damage you nuh plan fi pay me fren fi her food them wey yuh trust from Inna easter when Yuh come Jamaica her cook out? And Yuh gwan like yah the hypest thing Inna farin and really come Jamaican come trust food? Yuh sad nuh f**k


6 thoughts on “MAN DOWN….HELP

  1. Girl that’s your fault you didn’t know he sleeps on Razor floor in the projects. They all lived cramped up in that Lil as apartment barely paying $400. Then go to Jamaica every 5 min showing off like they’re paying real bills. Do the math 10รท400…….lol Make this be a lesson to everyone out there these people only show off!!!!!

  2. Finally expose all of them…… Jiga sleeps on Razor damage couch in the projects where he pays $450 a month 10 people split that rent. That’s why you shouldn’t believe the hype!!!!!!

  3. No sah!! A wah dis? den a wah him could a say fi chus food? a wah him Neva have no change fi di us 1000 Dolla bill

  4. A real talk tho they have roach til they all a crawl on you. It’s 5 years now u sleeping on the floor on blow up bed. It’s time to get pride and dignity and step up u r game.

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