Man creates spreadsheet of wife’s excuses for not having sex with him
A sexually-frustrated husband compiled a spreadsheet charting a whole month’s worth of his wife’s excuses for refusing to have sex with him, including “I might be getting sick” and “I still don’t feel 100%”.
For a whole month the amorous husband jotted down every response from his other half when he asked her for intimacy, which elicited replies such as “I feel gross” and “I’m watching the show”, which he claims was a re-run of a Friends episode.
The unnamed man then collated the information and put it into an excel document before emailing it to his wife as she arrived at an airport ahead of a 10-day business trip.
Excuses also include “I’m exhausted”, “I need a shower” (didn’t shower until next morning), “I’m trying to watch the movie” (fell asleep 15 min later) along with a few cases of not feeling too well and a number of ‘non-verbals’.
Shocked at the email, the anonymous lady tried to get in touch with her husband but found he had cut contact with her.
In the end, she decided to share her husband’s endeavour with users of social networking site Reddit by uploading the spreadsheet.
Spreadsheet that the sexually-frustated husband made
She then wrote: “Yesterday morning, while in a taxi on the way to the airport, husband sends a message to my work email which is connected to my phone.
“He’s never done this, we always communicate in person or by text. I open it up, and it’s a sarcastic diatribe basically saying he won’t miss me for the 10 days I’m gone.
“Attached is a spreadsheet of all the times he has tried to initiate sex since June 1st, with a column for my “excuses”, using verbatim quotes of why I didn’t feel like having sex at that very moment.”
The spreadsheet, which has since been deleted, quickly went viral with people taking both sides in the debate.
Most people criticised the husband’s “immaturity” and said he should have gone about it in a different way.
One Reddit user wrote: “There are so many ways this could have been communicated better, but instead he came up with some bizarre hit and run with a spreadsheet method which I’d say is actually going to be really hard to come back to a normal relationship from.”
Another user said: “Your husband is expressing legitimate concerns in an extremely immature and passive aggressive way. Clearly, the communication style in your relationship is shit. Fix it or don’t, it’s your marriage.”
But another user added: “Maybe her husband has got sick and tired of being totally and utterly ignored for months on end, has had enough and wants resolution to the issue. This time, after all attempts, he has got her attention.”


  1. DWMFL!!! I truly empathize with the man…str8 laziness and nastiness on her part for telling the man she need fe guh bade and all now she still nuh wash ar front…she has obviously lost interest within her husband and felt the need to bullshit him..and this right here, is a prime example of why some men will cheat on their women

      1. met yuh a wicked just like de duty woman the man only ask every night because him him hope to bingo one of de time, if she did a give de man even once a week him would a pressure so much.

        1. I am a woman and I agree with you. This is the type of behavior why some men cheat. When I was reading the spreadsheet i saidtomyself this woman is not going to no gym. I thought shewascheating on her husband.

  2. Fi a month an a half she sleep wid him 3 time? Im sure he wouldn’t feel the need to ask so many times if he was getting it.

  3. No man this lady wrong pon all accounts imagine the man a document for 1 whole month and a 3 times him get it and one of the excuse she use was she still sore from last night smh if she did a fling it up even 2x a week him would have been happy and you wonder why the side piece dem can get them come up smh

  4. Most Ppl siding with the woman and saying husband immature must have not read that the wife was the one who put it on social media. At least husband created a presentation for her only. He did nothing wrong.

  5. Its a problem many men go through when you start shacking up. This probably is the usually BUN thing, or she’s out of love. Many women don’t understand the sex drive that men have, and usually u will get the regular servicing in the early days when she is happy. But when that happiness stops, the sex goes with it.
    The problem could also be with the dude, and he hardly realizes that she’s already checked out of the relationship. Sometimes this documenting of things become necessary because either party will usually not remember things that they did.

  6. If he was good in bed and knew that ejaculation doesn’t necessarily equate to satisfaction, he would be too tired to ask her for that amount of sex, because he would be satisfied (as a true born lover) with seeing his woman satisfied.
    2) He should ask himself if his sex game is of the sensual type or Jooking kind which is boring, but seems to be what too many men think is “good”.
    This man requires a lot of sex because he just isn’t good at it. She’s tired of that and I do not blame her. He needs a side piece, because they, traditionally are expert at talking up what is ten percent into one hundred percent in order to make themselves feel good – and that is what I am sure that this man can provide. Lol!

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